Sunday, September 28, 2003

Mike Crouch

New Order - True faith

This afternoon, I played Warcraft 2 on the computer. Warcraft 2 is my favourite game, but I was getting tire of that game like always. I had few others. I noticed in the mirror that someone was at the door. Ahh, it was my good friend, Mike! I invited him in. He wondered how I knew it was him, the mirror! It was a good thing I had that mirror; it was an watchful eye!

I was so happy to see him. I haven't seen him in a long time. I noticed a big differance in him; he was so happy and ALIVE!! He really living his life. I felt bad; I wished I was like that. I was dead from the world. I really need an awakening! I haven't live since I got my own place in Silverlake.

He still goes out to the clubs, meeting men and dance at latino gay clubs. He has unsafe sex. He knows he shouldn't do that; I didn't preached to him! He knows the danger and the risks! It was his life! He mentioned he got in trouble at a club; he was so drunk that he sipped a stranger's beer. That guy was in the restroom and the bartender saw Mike do the deed! LOL

I asked him about his spanish. He said some words in spanish. Damn, he was getting good. Two months ago, he told me that he will learn spanish to meet latino men. He came a long way since then. By the end of the year, he will probably know the whole spanish language by heart. My ex, Miguel, wanted me to learn few years back, I never did. It was too hard to speak spanish! I may take up spanish, which I doubt! I was Mr. Procrastination! If I do spanish, nobody will understand me like NOW!

Mike wants a sugar daddy from Numbers! I told him that he will make it! He was still young to have one. I wanted one long time ago too, but I wasn't that goodlooking. No sugar daddy will want me. Hey, sex for money was up my alley! Then again, I always give it away for free! I was a average slut back then! LOL

Angelus Temple

Sunday, September 28, 2003

New Order - Blue Monday

I left home for church at 9:10 AM. I decided to walk; it was a short distance. I was way too early. I took pics at Echo Park. I walked around the duck pond till church time. I went upstairs to the second level. There was hardly any seats. I walked up to the seat. I couldn't hardly see where I was going; they turned of the lights. I got to the top; I couldn't see anything down below. I went down to look for a seat.

This one black man was kind enough to show me a seat by two very old ladies. Damn, I didn't want to sit there. I might as well sit down, there may not be another seat close by. I stood for a while, then I sat down. I was sweating from the walk at the pond. The seats was uncomfortable. There wasn't enough space for my legs. Next time, I will sit down below.

I felt like I was at a rock concert. The stage look like a rock stage. The drummers was behind some glass windows. They had big screens everywhere; a big one in the middle and two small ones on the sides. The people on top couldn't see a thing; they watched the screens. I can watch the middle screen, but I watched the pastor from below.

I got a visitor card. I pondered what name to use. I might as well be known by another name at that church, "Tom". I used the po box. The service was nice. The Pastor's sermon was procrastination. I know that quite well; I was Mr Procrastination! I put my life on hold for too long. It was time to do something with my life! I need an active life.

After church, I hung around for a little bit. Damn, nobody talk to me or introduce themselves. I was a completely ghost. I couldn't find the pastor. I saw the head security guy from TBN on Friday night. I went to the first floor. Those seats have lots of space unlike the balcony! I saw the music guy. I just kept to myself. I saw the pastor from afar, but he didn't have time. At least, they have my visitor card. They will get in touch with me, hopefully for volunteer work. I went home.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Dream Bus

Queen - We Are The Champions

So badly, I wanted to tape The Adventures of Priscilla:The Queen Of The Desert on Showtime at 8:30 AM. I haven't watch that movie since Dallas. I completely forget I can't tape from some cable channels like Showtime. I need a cable box! I want to get all gay movies to my collection. There was some pretty good ones - Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss, Kiss Me Guido, Trick, and others.

I went to the dentist one hour early; Gameboy kept me company. It was a good way to pass up time while you wait! Yesterday, they thought I had the wrong insurance; I explained my name will show up after they scanned! They didn't send me a new one.

I took 340 straight home. I was on the way to the Dream Center. I waited to cross the street. A bus was heading there too. There was some peeps on the bus. I saw Dream Center on the side of the bus. Hmm, who ever thought I will cross path with their bus? Not me! It was meant to be.

I walked down the street. Yes, I saw the Dream Center on the corner. It was, indeed, the place. I thought I was there few months ago. I went to the end of the street. That place was big. I wondered why I was drawn to that place. Maybe, it was just the name, Dream Center. I need something to do with my time. Hey, I could volunteer on the weekdays; it was very close to home.

I went home and relax. For sure, I will go to their church by Echo Park at 10 AM. I need to get up early, take a shower and catch the bus. I think I used another name at that church. I have no clue about their beliefs of gays. I won't tell them at all. I will keep everything under wraps; they need to gain my trust. I want no hassles from them concerning my sexuality. Hey, we still need to protect ourselves from anyone no matter who they are.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Dream Center

All 4 One - I Swear

Tonight, I watched TBN, the popular Christian network; there was nothing else on. I came upon The Dream Center at 10 PM. I saw the words of West Hollywood in the background. I decided to watch the whole program. I still considered Weho as home.

The Dream Center was mostly about testimonies. One guy had a criminal record; he turned his life over to Jesus Christ. Now, he is the head security of The Dream Center! Another one was about a blond lady; she worked in the mailroom and answered the phones.

I was curious where The Dream Center was locate. I looked on the web, would you believe it was down the street from me? Few months ago, I decided to take a walk at night. I heard loud music down the street. I checked out the noise. There was few people outside and lots inside. I wanted to go inside. I figured it was something else. So, I went straight home. Now, I realized it was the same place that I "visited" that certain night. God does work in mysterious ways. I was about to trek out to the same place tonight. It was getting late. I will go tomorrow.

The Dream Center is part of Angelus Temple in Echo Park. I checked their address too. I used to live from that church from Echo Park in the late 90's about two months. We lived in a beautiful house on the hill. The roomie changed about every month. The last guy wanted his deposit back; he found a new place with his lover. We had to move out of the house; we had trouble paying the rent on time.

I haven't been to church in a long time; I used to attend MCC in Weho. I went back for a Sunday after Nancy retired. It wasn't the same at all. I hardly know anybody at all; I missed alot of church. Since then, I haven't went back. Lately, I wanted to find a new church, but I keep on putting it off. It wasn't that interesting to me anymore.

This Sunday, I might as well attend the service at Angelus Temple, but I want to check out the Dream Center tomorrow. Maybe, someone may be working. I could get some infor about the church. I wished I talk to someone that certain night when I heard the loud noises. For sure, I could already be a member. Oh well, it is never too late to attend church!

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1) Congratulations on making the editor's top 5 picks today. I enjoyed visiting your journal. If you'd like to visit mine, it is at:

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2) you made the top five journal picks of the day. great job on that. great read in these journals. keep up the good work...

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Neighborly Death

The Eagles - Hotel California

This evening, I found out from Yolando that a neighbor died last Sunday at the hospital. I didn't know that he was that sick and moved from the apartments. I figured someone else took his place. I noticed a lady keep on going to his old place. What do I know? Nothing at all. LOL

Yolano also told me that another neighbor died few months ago, which was news to me. I was in the dark on both deaths! Really, I mostly kept to myself. I hardly chat with the neighbors. I really don't know what is going on in the apartment, let alone, the world! I just don't want to be bother with the neighbors.

A neighbor upstairs sometimes comes down to talk. That is about the only neighbor I talk to. A few times, he uses my microwave. This past week, he cooked some meat. His roomie offered me some food, which I gladly accepted. They cooked quite fagulous. That guy was an odd bird; he nevers says "Goodbye" when he leaves. He just walk out without saying a word! On the way to the store, he always asked "What do I want frm the store?" I said, "Nothing." I really don't need anythng at all. He was a nice guy.

Few days ago, he told me something JUICY about our neighbor, Alex; he was nude in the pics. I knew that for some time. I believed that Alex IM/email to look at his pics; he looked so damn sexy in the nude - Latininla. I couldn't believe it was him at first. I was about to ask him in person or post the pics around the building! The upstairs neighbor confirmed it was, indeed, him! To me, nude pics is ART!

The upstairs neighbor mentioned that Alex dated his old boss AND....I am going to hear from the both of them.....AND he spread some rumors about the upstairs neighbor, but I wasn't paying much attention to him. The moment he told me, I automaticly TUNED him out. It was between them; I don't want to get involved whatsoever. I want no part of any troubles at all.

I emailed the favourite nude neighbor. Maybe, Alex will email me back! He wants to be noticed for his modeling! Why don't give him a shot? He does have the looks to be a model!

Heather Tom

The Cars - Drive

As previously reported on TV Guide Emmy award-winner Heather Tom, who has played Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless for more than a decade, will depart the show at the end of the year. According to an official statement from the actress's rep, the decision is a mutual one between the show and Tom, who is exiting her role due to creative differences. "I want to thank all of my fans in daytime for making these 13 years such a joy for me," says Tom in an official statement. "A big thank you must go to [Y&R creator] Bill Bell for creating such a rich, complex character that I loved sinking my teeth into." Tom will seek other opportunities in the entertainment medium.

Heather is leaving the show again; assuming a big pay cut. She deserves every penny for playing such a rich character like Victoria Newman, the daughter of Victor & Nikki Newman. Her recast didn't last that long; Y&R brought her back to the soap.

Her younger brother, David Tom, was Billy Abbott till he left last year. I didn't like his recast either. For some, David was the only Billy as much as Heather was the only Vickie. Some parts shouldn't be recast. A thought occurred - another actress could play Vicky; Vicky and Billy in love, despite of their fueding families. That reminds of Romeo and Juliet in a way!

I had many opportunites to meet her thoughout the years.

1)1997 - A friend told me that Heather was at Trunks, a gay club, with her girlfriends. I got her autograph. She was in a lovely pink dress.

2) I saw her sat on the Santa Monica/La Cienega corner at the Weho Halloween festivals with her friends. She thought I was crazy! LOL

3) 1997 - Grek and I ran into her at Thrifty (Santa Monica/La Brea) one night; she had some trouble with her credit card. (Great tabloid news.) That was a huge shock! Her boyfriend was with her too. I saw them took off in a black pick up truck. I wanted to get her autograph. Then again, I wished I pay for her things! I was homeless back then.

4) Summer 2002 - she was the guest speaker for Paws LA beneifit at Weho Park. She was beauitful, good personality, and friendly. Her two dogs were there too. David was supposed to be there; I wanted to meet him.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Bette Midler - Who's Gay In Hollywood

I dug up some old web sites at Archive, where you may find your old ones too. I was mostly interest of the journal I had on Gay two years ago. Last year during my homeless days, I didn't know that Gay got rid of the free homepages on their sites. I was disappointed I was late of saving my site.

I was quite proud of the journal; it was my healing! One time, a guy blasted me for putting my ex lover's problems on the web! Hello, it wasn't his problems. It was my problem too. I lived with him at that time! I have an right to express myself on the web. I don't have hard feelings toward Miguel. It belongs in the past.

I came upon Cruize4Luv. My God! I can't believed how many pages I got from Archive. I will say "80%." I will put it on a new web site again. There were some things I forget about! I was supposed to hang out with Ken. I figured Miguel will be at work. I thought I sent Ken an email; "not to come over." Oops, wrong similiar screen name! Ken came over; Miguel answered the door in the nude. Of course, I lied to him that I have no ideal who Ken was.

Later today, I thought that my life was full of excitement back then; never a dull moment! A crazy thought entered in my mind - I wouldn't mind living that time again. Maybe, I should move back to Miguel's. At least, I will have someone in my life. Living alone is boring! I will never move in with Miguel again. I don't love him any more. That love is gone forever. We had our fun times, mostly the bad.

With Miguel, life was trouble but fun at iffy best. Now, I told you so many times that my life is so boring! I had something to look forward with my life - leave him and get my own place. I accomplished that within nine months from Miguel to homeless to Miguel to my own place! Now, there was nothing I look forward to. Why couldn't my life be exciting once again?

I hate my life very much. It wasn't fulfilling at all. Maybe, I should stay with him last year and never move out. For sure, I will do my best to remain happy, despite the troubles with him. Even at his new place, I still wasn't happy at all. I loved our old apartment on Gramercy. It was a nice neighborhood. Then again, we can't go home again!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


Aha - Take On Me

This past week, I met an wonderful guy who was so much into this alien! He really likes me alot, vise versa. We basically talked about every day. We were getting to know each other much better. He has a good attitude about life. He loves to bike ride and run. I was quite the opposite of him. I was never ever in sports; just an average alien.

It's ironic cos we spend so much of our waking hours at work...may ever have somethng to do with the fact that he is a very happy person and always look for the positive and best things. Like I said, "I am quite opposite of him." In a sense, I was negative about life, itself. I mostly see gray areas in my life; I came from an hard life. Life will always be hard for me no matter what.

Last night, I mentioned that I wished I was like that (positive upbeat attitude) but I don't see myself like that. I finally admitted I wasn't happy with my life. I haven't grown; I was at the same place. I basicly do nothing. I am an artist, not famous, but someday I will be. He offered to take me to SanFran, but I passed. Yes, I need to get away, but not at somebody's expense. A trip may energized my outlook on life. I just can't get pass the gray areas in life.

Earlier today, I made a decision about that special guy. Tonight, it was time to be upfront with him. The sooner, the better. Then he can look elsewhere for an relationship. We can always be friends. I sent him an email.

There was no sense of putting it off any longer. It was best to clear things before it goes any further beyond friendship. I won't except him to ever talk to me again. Life is taking chances. He still can meet someone else special. I told him many times that "no one understands me at all. I had that effect on peeps." That was the absolutely truth. It doesn't matter how long I was postitive. I was going quite well - healthwise. There will be others for us. I won't hold him for anything. That was probably the last time we will ever talk/email. He don't have to email me back. I will understand.

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This is a very interesting Glow/blog. I can't tell if you are Gay or even
your gender.... And I have read most of it. Well, keep on writing---it will be fascinating. [glows should be like this]

Comment from slacbacmac - 9/27/03 5:26 PM

Star's Address

Garbage - Stupid Girl

This evening, I found a star's email/home address on a forum by accident. I couldn't believed it. A certain lady named Jennie posted it on the web. I knew that no stars will put their personal email and home address on the web. Come on, there are stalkers on the web, let alone offline!

Today's stars need to be careful at all costs. I don't want the same thing happened to Rebecca Schaeffer (My Sister Sam) happens to them. There were many stalker cases concerning the stars from Rebecca to David Letterman to Ashley Judd to Madonna to Brad Pitt to many other famous stars.

A deranged fan, Robert Bardo, began writing letters and stalking the young woman, Rebecca Schaeffer. Bardo, who had also targeted other fresh-faced young entertainers, tracked Schaeffer to her apartment, rang her door and shot her to death.

I think Rebecca's death was the first major stalker case ever. It had the most effect on the Hollywood community. I remembered watching the sad news on Entertainment Tonight. She was an upcoming star. On the morning of her murder, she was scheduled to audition for The Godfather: Part III.

I wrote to the star's email. I wasn't sure if she was indeed the star! Much to my suprised, she wrote me back. She did a fabulous pilot for Kelsey Grammer (Frasier), but the network was into cheap and cheesy! That's truly sucks! I will love to see her on a weekly show once again! She hasn't work in Hollywood that much; thanx to the reallity tv. She wished me luck on the alien thing. She is so nice. I will keep the email forever!

Finally, I emailed her back about her email/home address; I wanted to warn her about the post by Jennie. Anyone may have her personal email/address. I gave her the forum's address too. She need to get in contact with the webmaster to take off that post! No one have the right to know any stars personal stuff. All stars needs their privacy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Cable TV

Del Shannon - The Wandered

The cable guy.....sans Jim Carrey....finally came yesterday in the evening time. The whole apartment building was waiting since last Friday. He supposed to come in the morning, then the evening time! We didn't expect him to show up on Saturday.

He hooked me up the cable. I haven't watch that much TV lately. There was nothing much on to watch on regular TV. Cable gave up more shows to watch. There have been a few I have been wanting to watch such as The Golden Girls, Designing Women, Three's Company and more.

I don't have all the channels yet; the cable guy said we will get them later. Right now, Lifetime is main channel for me. I loved The Golden Girls. I missed the reunion special few months ago. I hope they will show it soon. They need to show the Designing Women special too. I will watch The Golden Girls every day.

I missed watching the British comedies on PBS - Are You Being Served, Keeping Up Appearances, Waiting For God, As Time Goes By and others. I can't get PBS on the regular TV, it doesn't come in at all. I watched the british comedies since the late 80's. I hoped BBC America is part of the cable deal!

I came upon Dinner For Five on IFC at 5 PM. It was very interesting to watch. Actor-filmmaker Jon Favreau created and hosts this casual gathering of friends and fellow filmmakers who talk off-the-cuff about their experiences both on and off the set. Fran Drescher, John Landis and more was on last night. I enjoyed the show very much.

Oops, I forgot...some cable channels - IFC, AMC, Lifetime - I have are three hours ahead of us, NYC time! I have no ideal what times the shows/movies come on! I really don't know what movies I was watching either.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Blog Spot

Gareth Gates - Sunshine

I just realized that I started my own online journal last October 2002. I completely forgotten about it. If I knew I started one long time ago, I will be like a hog in a pig pen! Oink, oink! You can start your own online journal at Blog Spot.

A journal is great healing. It will heal your heart in the process. No matter how hard life is, it is fabulous to do one. You may not have no one to turn to, except the journal.

The journal is your comfort through the rough times that you are facing. Your most dark secrets you ever kept, the most heartfelts time you ever had, the most sorrows you ever want to leave behind, the most worse enemies you ever face, the most dear friends that ever grace in your life, it's all in the journal!

The online journal changed the way we look at the journals. We all keep the book journal under lock and key. On the web, everything is out on the open, even your best kept secrets. Of course, my secrets wouldn't be left under the rock. Everyone will be shock! For sure, no one will ever look at me at the same way again.

Always remember - the journal will show how much you grow as a person and learn from life! You will appreciate your life that much more.

I will go back to ScareyKATT and keep doing this Earth Journal!

Friday, September 19, 2003

Illegal Web Music

Katalina - DJ Girl

Have you heard about the true story of the 12 year old girl, Brianna Laharra? She was fine $2,000 for illegal copying music from the web. Her mother, Sylvia Torres, paid for the fine. Brianna is sorry for what she have done. She love music and don't want to hurt the artists she love.

Okay, guys! My opinion is the music industry was quite hard on the girl. There was no way that a little girl have that kind of money. Yes, we all copy music from the web, even me. I mostly use WinMX to download the music. I have over 300 songs.

I welcome a lawsuit from the music industry. It has no merit whatsoever. Who cares if the music is copyright! I will fight the lawsuit. Also, I won't pay the damn fine either. Everyone is guilty of copying something. The music industry is making a big deal out of nothing. I really don't see what the fuss is about.

Like I said, "everyone is guilty of copying something." That's the truth. What about VCRs? We have VCR to tape shows, soaps, news, cartoons, sports and others. All the shows/movies on TV are COPYRIGHT! Yet, Hollywood is not COMPLAINING about it. We all guilty for taping the shows, mostly the SOAPS!

the tv shows/movies are COPYRIGHT as much as the music is.

Before the age of the internet, people use blank tapes to copy music from the radio/friend's collection. Back then, the music industry didn't complain at all. We use blank tapes to copy tv shows. Still, no one ever complains.

For some ODD reason, the internet changed the unspoken rule. We all know that the music and the tv shows are COPYRIGHT. Today, the music industry are coming for our asses unlike Hollywood.

I won't stop copying music or the tv shows like anybody else. They can't stop us from doing so. People will continue copying music AND the tv shows. The manufactures of the VCR and the blank tapes should be the ones who gets the lawsuits, not the innosence people! The manufactures are the ones to blame.


Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do

I realized I got an IM; most times, my away message was on. It was my good friend, Ron. I haven't talk to him since he moved to Ventura County last weekend. As luck will have it, he wasn't online anymore, nor he was on the buddy list. I just added him! I wrote him a email.

"I missed talking to you alot. I have been wondering about your new place. I know what you are going to say, "My God! Ventura is so much fun and relaxing. It gave me new energy."

Ron signed up again; I immediately IM him.

Me: Hello

Ron: :O) Why are you in the Ventrua room?

Me: Waiting to see you! That is the place to meet you.

Ron: You could have email me or call me, silly.

Me: Since you moved, I had nothing to lose.

Me: I know. I have been doing research. Ohhh.

Ron: It was really weird. I was just thinking I haven't seen you online in a while amd I saw this screen name in this room.

Me: I had that effect on peeps. They knew it was me without asking.

Ron: LOL. As soon as I read your profile I knew it was you.

Me: Hey, you should look at the profile. Man, it is very interesting.

Ron: Maybe when I'm not so tired, ready for bed here.

Me: Okay, I don't want to keep you from your beauty sleep. Good night. We can talk tomorrow.

Ron: Thanx. :O) night.

Ron signed off at 11:12 PM

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I have a coupla interesting IM 'talks'--is this a true transcript? People will probly tell me it's 'super=easy' but until then, thanks for sharing. zzzzzzzzz

Comment from slacbacmac - 9/27/03 5:16 PM


David Byrne - Like Humans Do

Last night about 4 AM, someone called me. I didn't answer the phone; I was pretty out of it from sleeping. I thought it was a dream! Who wants to wake up from a dream? Not me! I was too tired to talk. I picked up the phone. I don't recognized the number.

I listened to the message - "It's me, Michael. Sorry, I called you at 4 AM in the morning. I couldn't sleep. I thought you will be up. I need someone to talk to. I'm watching the news; Hurrican Isabella and the political mess that california is in. I had trouble sleeping. I thought you will be up. Have a good night. Sorry, I disturbed you. Bye."

I went to the restroom, then back to bed. I waited till the evening time to call him. He will sleep in the daytime. I called and woke up him! Oops. He will call me later when he wakes up. I found a interesting web site, Biblical Errors, about, you guessed it, the bible's mistakes. LOL. I was shocked; they listed over 50 mistakes. I checked some out in the bible; some of them was right on the money! I thought some errors was probably at different time in the bible.

7:20 PM - I noticed I got another message; I checked his message, "This is Michael. I will call you soon. I will come over to bring the key. I still have your key. I need to go back to work. I have too much time on my hands. I'm tired of staying up all night. I need to get my schedule back around. I should come over. Hopefully, we meet up somewhere."

Another phone interupted the message. I didn't heard all of it. Yes, it was dear old Michael! We chatted for a while. He "has too much time on his hands." I can relate to that! I have been at my place a year and two days, absolutely doing nothing! BORING! He went to mexico two week ago; he wouldn't mind living there. Damn, I won't. It's a poor country, it doesn't have lots of going for their peeps. That's the main reason they became ALIENS in another country.

He really digs latino men. If they like you, they will let you know! He won't go back to the whites! So, I heard! I like variety of men, not all men, just the men I like. He will go out tonight at Tempo, the latino gay club on Santa Monica. I hoped he is still learning spanish! I will never go to a latino place alone; I can't speak spanish at all. We said, "Goodbye," and hang up the phone.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Seven Days

Color Me Badd - I Adore Me Amor

Seven Days of God's creation

Day 1 - Heavens, Earth and the light. The earth was formless and empty. Darkness was over the surface of the deep. The Spirit of God hovering over the waters. God separated the light from the darkness; the light is day and the darkness is night.

Day 2 - The sky. There was an expanse to separate water from water. God separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. God called the expanse "sky."

Day 3 - Land, I see Land! LOL. God called the dry ground "land" and the gathered waters he called "seas." The land produced vegation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruits with a seed in it according to their kind.

Day 4 - Lights again. Huh? Yes, God made the lights on day one. These lights were different from them. He made two great lights - the greater light (sun) to govern the day and the lessen light (moon) to govern the night. They will serves as signs to mark the seasons and the days and years.

He also made the stars. God set them in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth, to govern the day and the night, and to separate the light from darkness.

Day 5 - Sea/sky creatures. Let the waters teem with living creatures, and let the birds fly about the earth across the expanse of the sky.

Day 6 - Land creatures and man. God made LAND produced creatures, then he made man in our image and in our likeness.

Day 7 - Rested holy day. God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because on it he rested of creating that he had done.

The thing about dinosaurs - Hey, some people need to read the bible again or this "Seven Days" I just did. The dinos have NEVER ever came before a man or kill either. In other words, the dino didn't appeared on earth 225 million years ago....and 65 million years ago all the dinos died. Only 2 million years ago the first human appeared. That doesn't add up for a second!

From the bible, I did sort out the seven days of God's creation.

Seed-bearing Plants

Marc Anthony - I Need You

From the Holy Bible, New King James Version.

Genesis 1:29 - And God said, "See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be food.

Hmm, I am getting hungry for those Seed-bearing plants. I haven't had breakfest yet. LOL. It was bad that we couldn't eat meat back then!

1:30 - "Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everthing that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food," and it was so.

OMG! Even the land creatures can't have any meat either, just the seed-bearing plants for food. Thank God the animals didn't turn on man for lunch. If they did, the man ends right then and there.

Here's another reminder - at the end of each day that God made, from day one to day six, it always mentioned in an bible "It was good."

Hmm, that was good! LOL. It was good told us alot about the beginning of the earth. What's is my point?

The point is there was no evil or death at all. In God's words, "it was good." It was a good thing that there wasn't evil or death.

God wouldn't say "it was good" if there was evil and death. God made a PERFECT world for man and the creatures, living in peace with each other. In God's words, "it was good."

It lead us to the dinosaurs! The dinos? Yes, the dinos! Back then, they existed with the other creatures and man in peace, no killings whatsoever. The dinos was another God's creatures that it was hardly mentioned in the bible for some reason.

The dinos wasn't meat eating creatures like most people believed; just like they lived before man come in the picture. Every living thing ate Seed-bearing plants and tree bearing fruits; they was vegetarains.

Something bad happened to change the good relationship between man and creatures; and the relationship between God and man.

5th & 6th Day

Madonna - Ray Of Light

From the Holy Bible, New King James Version.

Genesis 1:21 - So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw what it was good.

1:22 - And God blessed them, saying, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas and let birds multiply on the earth.

1:23 - So the evening and day were the fifth day.

Okay, that verses told us that God hasn't made any humans or land creatures. God ONLY made the sea creatures and the winged creatures on the FIFTH DAY.

Genesis 1:24 - Then God said, "Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind" cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth, each according to its kind;" and it was so.

1:25 - And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

That told us that God made LAND creatures. Like the day before, God made winged birds and sea creatures. The birds wasn't part of the LAND creatures. God made the birds for the skies to fly as much he made the sea cretures for the sea to swim.

1:26 Then God said, "Let Us makes man in Our image, according to our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish in the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creepings thing that creeps on the earth."

1:27 - So God created man in His own image; in the image of God. He created him; male and female He created them.

1:31 Then God saw everthing that He made, and indeed it was very good, So the evening and the day were the sixth day.

That was the SIXTH DAY, God made land creatures and man. Man have dominion over the fishes in the sea, over the birds in the air, and over every living thing that movies on the earth. Man was in control of the sea, the land & the air creatures.

Here's a reminder for you, our earth CONTAINS three things - sea, sky and land.

Golds IM

JJ Fad - Supersonic

This morning I got a IM from Golds. I shortened his screen name to protect the innocense; sounding too Dragnet! He wasn't that innosence since he was so nasty to me. hehe

Golds: are you in the DC area? IM me if interested

I was away from the computer. I sent him a very short and sweet email, "Only On AOL."

In return, I recieved a very NASTY email from the loser.

In a message dated 9/18/2003 8:22:45 AM Pacific Standard Time, Golds writes:Stop sending me this crap then!

My email...Huh? Look, dude! You asked "Are you in the DC area? IM me if interested." I just answered your FREAKING question with ONLY ON AOL! Please stop giving me ATTITUDE! Have a nice life!

I tried to send him a response; he already block me off. I wanted to do the same thing after I send the email. I blocked him too! Thanks, God!

I got to warn you, some earthings can be such LOW CLASS JERKS on the internet! I was being nice to him in first email.

Sometimes, being a nice guy doesn't do you any good. Some people will be jerks no matter how nice you are to them.

So much, I wanted to go to the chat room he was in. I was about to let him to have it! Really, I was going to tell everyone, including the loser, to read Earth Journal to get his attention. Hey, he blocked my email. I was sure he did the same thing to the IMs. I need some way to response to his ATTITUDE in the email.

Being nice doesn't mean people have to be nasty to us!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Only On AOL

Colour Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up

You wondered what Only On AOL was about. Child, I will tell you. It really got nothing to do with AOL, itself. Here is a IM from this morning. I changed the names to protect the innocense! LOL.

Being in your chat room doesn't mean I was visiting. I lived in Hollywood, so damn cheap to travel! I like chatting with peeps from all over the world. If they ask, I will reply - "Only On AOL."

My commentary is in THE BOLD!

Cutie: Hi

Me: Morning

Cutie: What's up

Me: The day at Barnes & Noble and you?

Cutie: hanging out bored. Downtown here.

Me: I hate downtown. Uptown is much my liking. (True. I was homeless in downtown LA in the first few months I moved there. I didn't like what I saw; still don't! Uptown was my peace away from the horrible trouble.)

Cutie: I am not right downtown, but by Southern Lights.

Me: I have never heard of southern lights. I am not around there. It's still a brand new world for me. (True. I wasn't around. I was never been!) You know how it goes.

Cutie: You know how it goes? I wasn't sure of the question, that's why I asked. (Huh? A question? It was a figure of speech)

Me: Of course. When someone moves, the surroundings are brand new. Therefore, they need to seek out what is there.

Cutie: Are you asking me to show you around, would glad to. (I didn't claim I move or visiting. He just assumed I was. It was Orlando M4M.)

Me: Not today. I need to do some research at the book store. It may take all day. Have a nice day. Bye

Alien God Believer

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me

Tonight, I checked out the Soap Forums on Delphi. I signed up few months ago, but I didn't post anything till last night. One post was about Sheila Carter Forrester from Bold & Beauitful. She is coming back to stir up some trouble. I mentioned that it wasn't the same without Laura Fernmore, her first enemy on Y&R. Hey, Sheila needs to go back to Y&R, Lauren really needs a good storyline. Lauren being the mother hen to the Y&R teens wasn't working out for some viewers!

I noticed I have two responses in the forum. I was quite taken by Sandy's comment, "I just wanted to tell you that I am glad that I am not the only one with alien god theroy ! Thank you ."

Who will ever thought? She put a smile on my face! I will like to heard her theory about Alien God. The bible isn't true as it should be. The things I read in the bible and elsewhere doesn't add up at all.

Since last week, I have been RESEARCHING about the aliens, dinosaurs and God. I am gaining lots of knowledge with the FACTS! The research will not be ready for some time; I still need to gather ASSUMING facts on the web.

I tried the bookstore today; it doesn't have enough 411 about the aliens, dinosaurs and God. Most of the books was in Sci Fi/Fantasy section; i can't find any real proof there. I ended up reading the Bible at the book store! Of course, I brought a small bible too! LOL

I really believed we are ALIENS in this world, but some peeps doesn't want to face the truth!

I just hope to Alien God that more like us come forth in this world. It was time for the public to hear the truth from the aliens. I just can't wait anymore. We can't hide from the earthlings any longer.


Research, so far

Celine Dion - Power Of Love

I was on the way to the bookstore this morning. Since I left the apartment, the bible was heavily on my mind. I can't want to do my research. The bible isn't true as it should be. That's the Alien God's honest truth! If God supposed to wrote the bible; how come no one believes his words - ALL OF THEM?

1) What is meat? It is the flesh of the humans and the animals. Plants are not FLESH. I will personally tell you about the "Meat-eating" dinosaurs soon!

2) Where did God come from? Not the heavens, that's for sure! God created the heavens and the earth in ONE DAY. We really don't know of where he came from. As a matter of fact, I do know! In the beginning, nothing was there, just space. That brings us to the Aliens.

3) Today, we called Space: Outer Space or the Universe. God came from space. Really, did I say that? Of course, I did! Who else is from space? The aliens. Since there was no heavens and earth in the beginning; God is a alien.

4) God is a ALIEN. God created man in his image. Hmm, his image? That's makes us aliens too!

I came from the post office, then the book store. I went straight up to the 3rd floor. I looked at the cheap books, nothing to my liking. I searched for the alien/dinosaurs books. There wasn't any, even in the Sci Fi/Fantasy section. I did the next best thing - read the bible! Holy cow, that alien does read the bible! ROFL. Yesterday, I want to get a small bible; mine was too big. I found the perfect bible, A KJV. I preferred NIV bible. This small one will do.

I stayed there for a few hours. I was comparing the bible scriptures to the next. That was tiresome fun! I mostly checked the real deal for the homosexuals! A thought came to me about Sodom. It will change the way we look at Sodom! I will give you that much. No doubt about it; hate mail will be coming to me!

What's In The Pic?

Brooks & Dunn - Boot Scootin' Boogie

What's In The Pic?

For some, it is different things. On the web, it's a completely different ball game.

It would be nice to see who is on the other end of the computer screen. I really don't care.

I'm more interest of being friends. Friends comes in all shapes, sizes, types and color!

Does it really matter what the person look like.? If it does, you won't have many friends to begin with.

I'm constantly tired of people for asking for a pic of mine!

Since the web is out of this world, I'm an alien!

Just like my phone number, I won't give it out.

If you don't like it, it is YOUR PROBLEM!

If you're looking for something else, namely sex!

Bye, bye!

Take it or leave it!

Thanx for seeing the alien in me!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

No Show

Alanis Morisette - You Outta Know

It is now 10 PM, Taylor hasn't show up at my place this evening to scan his pics. Hmm, should I be mad? I could, but I wouldn't. I was about to spend the day at the book store at the Grove. Then again, I woke up late; 10:30. I normally wake up about 8.

I was pretty tired the night before. My loud neighbor upstairs played his music loud in the wee hours of the morning. I couldn't sleep at all. It was a good thing that I didn't watch my soaps on Friday. I put the tape in and watched them to drown out the noise. At least, I had something to do during the loud music. He had some company too.I will have to call the police; I didn't know the damn number! I can't call 911; it wasn't an life threatening situation.

Hello, 911, I need to police here at once. I can't seem to go to sleep. No, ma'am, I wasn't on drugs. What's that? A shooting. I don't have a gun yet! What was the reason I called? Well, ma'am, you will probably yell at me. I can't get to sleep. No, I don't need sleeping pills. My neighbor was disturbing the peace. Fighting? Please! I won't be able to beat him up. I am not a fighter, I am a lover! OMG! Did you heard that? You need to send someone over. What's that? I can't hear you. Speak up, damn lady, speak up! The police must stop the loud music. It was keeping me from my beauty sleep. Ma'am, are you there? Hello, hello! Damn, she hung up the phone!

The neighbor finally went to bed. Of course, I didn't! This time, I played my music loud! hehe. Wait till he comes down, I will sock him one! Really, I finished watching the soaps, the web, then I went to sleep at 6:30 AM.I was suprise that I didn't got tire throughout the day. Then again, I wasn't really that tire. The short sleep was fine. I was refresh for the day ahead!

I checked the clock; it was about 12:30 PM. It was getting late; I might as well stay home today. The book store can wait till Tomorrow. I was in no hurry at all. My life's research will be there. I returned Taylor's call. I didn't waste my day, nor Taylor either. Something must came up for him. I can't call him; I was block on his phone line! Well, Taylor need to wait a little while longer for his pics! I have plans for tomorrow!

Phone Block

Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart

I checked my phone messages this afternoon. My phone was turned off last night. One was from Taylor, wanting a big favor from me - he need some pics to be scan for his business site. I didn't know he had one. We talked about it few months ago; we didn't went through with it. He wanted to put his art on the web; his art was that good.

I called him on his home phone. For some odd reason, my number was block. It was so unlike Taylor. He has no reason to block me at all. I had a feeling that it must be his so called friends. I called him on his cell phone; he can't come over that moment - he has some things to do. He will come over later.

I hope that Taylor will come alone. I don't want to deal with his loser friends. I just don't trust them. I wasn't judging them; it was my first impression. Opinions speak louder than judging. It was my opinion; that's saying alot about them. I really don't care that much for his friends, not counting Peter. Sometimes, when someone judge, they let their personal feelings to get in the way.

I don't have time to play childest games with anyone. I had interesting things like research to do with my time; I will continued to research life as we assuming know it. Some things doesn't add up concerning life at all. I will let you know this much - the more research I do about life, it will change the way that people thinks about life itself!

Yesterday was a new beginning for me. Believed me, I wasn't a scientist at all; I was just an average guy with too much time on my hands! Man, that was another entry for this journal! LOL

Seek My God

The Police - Every Breath You Take

Tonight, my away message was on for the IMs. I was too busy with catching up on some sites. A stranger, Ben, sent me an im - "You can be forgiven by God! Turn from your offenses and believe in Jesus as the risen savior!"

Hello, what's up with that? I have never talk to him before. Yet, Ben wants to judge me. Why on God's green earth? He upsets me big time. I told him off in a email.

"Who gives you the right to JUDGE me? You are not GOD. It is between God and me, he is the true judge for everyone. Good night." Ben has some nerve to judge me. I didn't do anything to him at all.

Matthew 7:1 - Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

Well, Ben, since you judged me, others will judge for being the creep you are!

James 4:12 - There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you - who are you to judge your neighbors?

Isaiah 33:22 - for the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is he who will save us.

Read the last verse very closely, Ben - For the Lord is our judge! Therefore, it is between God and me, not the whole world! Please stop judging other people! Amen!

Furthermore, I already have a relationship with the almighty one! He will always loves me no matter how much sins I did in the past or the future! I am a christian with my own moral values, learning from my mistakes to grow into a much better person.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Strangely Connection

George Michael - Too Funky

I went to Unexplainable site. I wasn't there over a month since I posted Alien God. After I replied to someone's post, I noticed there was a new post by Mike. He responded to someone's post about Dinosaurs & death. Mike caught my attention - "The Dinosaurs could not of died before Adam and Eve came because there was no death till Adam took the Apple, Thus the Bible is once again proved wrong."

This wasn't about the bible. We can't believe everything we read in the bible or elsewhere. Enough about that! I was curious about dino's existance in the world. I came upon some theories.

1) 225 million years ago dinosaurs appeared.....and 65 million years ago All the dinosaurs died. Only 2 million years ago the first human appeared. - Dinosaurs

2) The humans/dinos lived together at the same time.

3) There was no killings at all; Vegetarians.

4) They was mentioned in the bible as "Behemoth." - Are Dinosaurs in the Bible?

I mentioned in Alien God that there was no dinos since Adam/Eve. Really, the dino facts was really out of this world like yours truly. Yes, there was dino bones that people dug up from the ground. Since there was dinosaurs, why can't there be aliens too? We had no ideal of where God came from. Somehow, the humans, the aliens, the animals, dinosaurrs and God were strangely connection.

There was no death till Adam ate the apple. The humans and the animals were Vegetarians, noted in Genesis 3:19 - 3:21. We lived peacefully with each other in the Garden Of Eden.

You should take a peek at Jesus Dinosaurs and More. It a very interesting site!

Alien Truth

The Cure - Friday, I'm In Love

I came upon another nothing to do day. That really sums up my life every day! Ooooh, it was so exciting that my boredom took over my life many moons ago. Being an earthling isn't what it crack up to be. I had more fun with my own kind than with the humans.

It is such a low shame that we can't show our faces to the humans. We need to hide behind the human skin and act like the earthlings. The government covered up the UFO in Rosewell; but we was here on Earth many centuries before that.

What was the government afraid of? We had more right to be here. How could they stop us from coming to Earth? Throughout the decades, the earthlings saw the UFOs in the skies whereas they are fascinated by us. They want to learn from us, aliens.

Yet, the government was truly afraid of us. I felt sorry for the humans; their government can't be trusted - they was hiding stuff from them. What kind of government is that? They supposed to protect them - not at any cost, of course! The humans doesn't have that much freedom in USA.

Since the government hid the UFO's landing, they will do about anything, even murder. Yes, you heard what i said. Murder! That goes what length they will do at any cost. They can't stop us from coming to earth. They even can't stop wars or diseases. Look at how long it is taking to find Osama Bin Laden or stopping Sadam Hussan. With Sadam, it is taking over ten long years to stop him!

I will rather be worry more about diseases, wars, crimes, drugs, murders and such than aliens, homosexuals and others. The government wants to waste the tax payer's money on aliens and not the important stuff.

I just can't want to shed the human skin; I was too adapted to the human skin that it will be an hard time to revert back to the alien form. Maybe, I need to find the answers in Rosewell.

Hmm, a thought just occurred. I think the real reason the government hid Rosewell from the people, they found the link between the humans and the aliens. That's why some earthlings like myself truly felt we are aliens from space. The government don't want the people to know the truth!

Sunday, September 14, 2003

One Year Anniversary

Eminem - I'm Back

I know this week is my one year annversary of my new apartment, but I forgot the exact date that I moved from my ex lover, Miguel. I thought it was a Monday. I just looked at my old receipts. I moved on Monday, September 16, 2002.

September 11, the apartment manager called me to come over with the Security Deposit the next day. Prior to that, I was already packing for a couple of days/weeks. Miguel didn't like that one bit; he didn't want me to leave him! Oh well, life goes on.

Hey, what can I say? We drifted apart for a long time. Things got in the way; we had different priorities, concerning our life. We wasn't that happy at all. I know I wasn't. Our love wasn't the same anymore.

I was so happy to be away from my ex lover! I couldn't wait to move! It was a new beginning for the both of us. Yes, Miguel was hurt. Hey, what can I do? The longer i stay with him, the more i will be unhappy frustrated with him. I know I will do something awful to him. It was best to get away from him. I couldn't handle his love any more! Hey, what the hell I was talking about him? That life was over with but........

I remembered the day I moved; it was a gruesome sight! LOL. I enlisted Robert and Taylor to help me. We rented out a U Haul truck in Hollywood. We were going to rent it over the phone, but I didn't have a credit card. So, we went to the bank for cash. Robert was the driver. I wouldn't dare to drive a BIG truck! I know I will crash into some cars, trees and such!

We got to Miguel's place. I figured he wasn't home. Boy, I was wrong. He was passed out drunk on the bed! He didn't came home that night; it wasn't his first time either! Hey, I woke him up and told him the good news!! He wasn't that pleased! Oh well, I didn't care how he felt.

I got to admit that I will have to take everything and leave him nothing at all. Since I was a kind person, I let him to have the TV, bed and TV stand. I took everything else! He can afford to buy brand new things, I don't have that kind of money.

I gave him the keys. I still remembered what he said, "I never ever want to see you again." He wanted no part of me! Hey, that's fine by me! We need to get over the hurt then be friends. I can lived with it. We haven't seen each other till.....

No Entries

Daft Punk - Daft Punk

Yeah, I know I haven't post any entries in this journal lately. Some days, there is nothing to talk about. I thought I will, at least, put one entry a day. My life wasn't that exciting at all. It was fill with boredom and tears. It was really driving me star crazy with nothing to do at all. I have nothing to look forward to. My life was not fullfilling at all; just emptyiness and sadness.

I had noticed that I will buy stuffs to make me happy. Last week, I brought lots of games at Target. I figured it will bring me some happiness. It did for a while. I was so bored with the games already. I was so bored with life itself!

Playing games was another reason I don't do the Journal. Some games takes up most of my time on a day. I see myself as I will keep on spending money on anything for some happiness. That was bad right there. Even Dr Phil will say the same thing! I really don't have the money to spend every day. I was that damn cheap!

If something doesn't come along soon, I had a feeling I will do something very stupid. I need something to occupy my time and to fullfill my life. Then, i will be happy once again. I don't see that happening anytime soon. The sadness will bring more misables or a mad buying spree on things I don't need or I want!

I have so many problems that I can't deal with the boredom. You think you had problems! I should be happy. I got a my own place, few friends, CDs, games, online and such. I just don't care anymore. What is the purpose on living if you are not happy?

Every morning, I woke up with nothing to look forward to. There was no point of waking up. I wished I had some sleeping pills. I will sleep forever. Some life I had. I woke up and do nothing. The sad thing is I hardly don't keep in touch with the world any more. There was nothing for me. Life was one bore feast that it makes my stir crazy doing nothing at all.

Another thing thou, if nothing seems fit well at all, I will easiely get mad. I do get mad about anything these days. I was never like that before. The world was crashing down around me. Life does sux for this alien! Where is the mothership when I need it?

Richard Chamberlain

Chris Issak - Wicked Game

Last night, I learned from a good friend, Liz, in England that Richard will be at Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood at 6 PM on Sept 23, 2003, Monday to sign copies of Shogun DVDs and his book, Shattered Love.

Liz is a very big fan of Richard's. We meet on his web site last month. She came upon my wonderful poem, Time for An Awakening, dedicated to Richard Chamberlain. She sent me an email to talk mostly about Richard. Since then, we became email buddies.

Liz really does keep track of Richard. She emailed me about his appearance on ET, Larry King and such. I mostly get my 411 from Liz! She does know more about him than me. I sent Liz the Larry King transcript; she enjoyed it very much.

I hardly keep up with the stars. Since I moved to Hollywood 8 CRAZY years ago, they aren't stars at all; they are regular peeps like us. I may get star struck once in a while and that's about it! lol

This morning, I looked up the time for Virgin Megastore on Seeing Stars, another fabulous Hollywood web site. The correct time was 7 PM.

Richard Chamberlain will be at Virgin Megastore (8000 Sunset Blvd.) in West Hollywood at 7 PM on September 23, 2003, Monday to sign copies of Shogun DVDs and his book, Shattered Love!

Liz want a signed copy of Shogun. Hopefully, I will try my best to get one for her. Of course, I will get his book for me and.....

And I will give Richard Chamberlain a signed copy of my Time for An Awakening poem. Someday, I will be a famous artist. You guys heard it first! LOL


Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

Yesterday, I finally read the email from DWP. I got it few days before. I didn't want to read it. I had a icky feeling that it was BAD NEWS! Boy, I was right!

I was so mad at DWP. They told me in the email that they won't give me CREDIT for paying high price bills this past few months.

I can't afford to pay high price bills at all.

I signed up for Lifeline Discount in September 2002. The first application was, somehow, lost in the mail. They sent another application in March 2003. God, that is SEVEN months right there. I deserves credit for those months.

Then, I had to deal with the so called doctors. They didn't believed I deserved the lifeline discount. I went back to the same clinic, hoping I wouldn't ran into the same doctor, who first declined me for the service.

Luck was on my side, I saw another doctor. He noticed the first doctor's report. At least, he didn't confirmed it with the damn doctor! He gave me the notication for the lifeline discount . Finally, I was on the way for the discount.

My friend supposed to help me with the application. He was too busy. So, I did the application myself. I got to admit, I am not that good with applications. I was a slow learner.

Few week later, DWP sent back the application. They wanted the ACCOUNT number! They were such fools. Hello, they can look up in their own computer for my account number! They know my address and phone number!

Hopefully, my friend, Robert, can straighten out the mess with DWP. I derseved the credit. No questions about it!

I send an email to DWP.....

"You will not recieve the discount back to 2002. We just issued the application to you on 3/5/03."

That does not make sence. My water/power account started in September 2002.

I did asked for the lifeline discount in September 2002.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Bus Craziness

Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon

9/7/03, Sunday morning - Peter called me. He invited me to eat lunch with them at Denny's on Sunset by the 101 Highway. I mentioned I need to pay my bills and I may go to the Latino Gay Festivals at McArthur Park. I checked the exact time for the festivals. It was at 1PM. Well, they didn't have the price at all. I was looking forward to it. I called the number. Damn, it cost $10. That was too much for my blood. I was too cheap!

I told him that I need to take a shower first, then I will met them there.

I played with Joe for a while, not in a gay sence. Shhh! Just me and the killer hand! I took a shower, got ready and left. I caught the bus by 7/11. I went to Denny's. They weren't there at all. Since I was in the area, I might as well pay the bills. They will call me no less. I searched out for a billing place.

Today, I had luck paying my bills unlike Saturday morning. I went to the Gay Company in Loz Felix. Damn, the place wasn't open on the weekends. I wasted my morning. I took the cool dash bus to Hollywood for the movies. I didn't want to get off the bus!

I noticed a message on the phone. Peter reminded me of the bus schedules. The bikeathon messed up the bus routes for Sunday. I think he said something about Alvaroda - catch the bus there to Denny's.

Huh? Denny's? I was already at Denny's. I realized I was at the wrong Denny's. He meant the one on Vermont by the highway. I was late. I know I can't make it at all, thanx to the bikeathon. It will take me a while. I didn't want to risk it; I was still tired from yesterday. They can go ahead eat without me. Why fight Today's Bus Craziness?

I went to Staples on Santa Monica/Vermont. They didn't have Diablo 2. So, I tried my luck at Circuit City on Sunset. I had no luck either. I waited for the bus over 30 minutes. It was too hot to do anything else. I went straight home and played Starcraft 2.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Jimmy's check

Donna Summer - The Last Dance

In a earlier entry, I mentioned I ole Jimmy a check, but I want to clear the air right now!

Here is the deal - the honest truth of the low down of the alien! Shhh! I have never recieve his check! Honest to God, I didn't!

Thursday evening, someone knocked on the door. I didn't answer it. I thought it was the apartment manager. The next day, I opened the door. A letter was on the knob. It was from Jimmy.

He wanted to pick up his check on Saturday at 1 PM! Of course, I already made plans - the movies and, hopefully, a friend's house. I didn't want to stick around for Jimmy. He expected the check from me.

Saturday came, I took a shower and went to the movies! Oops, some friend I turned out to be! LOL I spent the afternoon with Peter/Brian.

Hello, it wasn't my problem at all. He could have make other plans few months ago, then he wouldn't be in this pickle! Really, folks, I wasn't responsiable for his check at all.

If Jimmy pester me, I will tell him that I want no part of him any more. I just don't need any nonsense from anyone and I mean anyone!

One thing thou - a lie detector is good as the truth. Jimmy can take that to the bank and cash it! Oops, I already cash the check! Sorry, Jimmy! Better luck next time!


DJ Encore - I See Right Through To You

We arrived at Target, barely brand new. I like this Target; it was in a nice area. We looked at the ads on the wall. Wowsie! The yahtzee game was on sale! It was a good thing we went to Target, not Getty. I gave him my yahtzee gam. It was meant to be! We ate at Pizza Hut; then off to the toys and games at Target! I couldn't believed we stayed over three hours; I know what Gilligan felt like! We mostly played the games most of the time. The last thirty minutes, we looked at the bikes. Peter rode the bikes in the stores. I played my games! He finally made up his mind; he will get a bike after all.

I brought some games for myself. Starcraft grabbed my attention! I saw that game since my Warcraft 2 days. I was tired of playing Warcraft all the time. I want a new game to play. I also got the new Classic Football 2; I didn't know that game was out. I already have Football and Baseball. Battleship, Yahtzee and Connect Four were the other games!

The bus was coming; we came out on time. The bus didn't have a bike rack. The bus driver let him to bring the bike in. We waited for the Rapid bus. I just realized we took four freaking buses to Target! Damn, is that crazy!! I have never take four buses to anywhere! I mostly take two buses. We caught the regular bus to the subway. We parted ways - they took 156 home. I caught the subway on time! Home sweet home!

I tried Starcraft that evening, despite being tired. I didn't hear the phone rang. Brian left a message - they were too tired to spend the ngiht with me. That was kewl! I continued playing Starcraft till 2 AM! I went to sleep in the nude!

Bus Stop

Del Shannon - The Wanderer

We waited for the bus in the shade. Guess who was on his way home with his asian friend! It was Taylor! I knew I will ran into him. We waved at each other. They walked by. I saw Taylor whispered something to her. It didn't look pretty at all and that was that! lol

Dear old Peter was trying to kill me! He wanted to catch Bus 4 on the other side of the street, heading to the red line. Brian and I didn't want to, the shade was perfect under the trees. Once we across the street, Peter didn't stop trying to kill me! Now, he wanted to catch 304 on Vine/Santa Monica. I didn't want to at all. We was still in the shade. Let's just stay there for bus 4. Peter persauded me. Murderous thoughts crept into my mind! Just kidding, folks! hehe

We caught 304, Red Line, Rapid bus, and finally another bus. After we got off the red line, Peter realized he fogot his keys! I didn't want to go back! He could go back. Brian and I will wait somewhere for him! Nah, he mentioned he wouldn't buy the bike today. We rode on the rapid bus; Peter now want to see The Getty Musuem. I was against it. Target was the plan! He still can buy the bike!

Yahtzee For Peter

Daft Punk - Around The World

9/6/03, Saturday - After I saw T3 at Mann's in Hollywood, I called Peter/Brian for Today's plans. I didn't want to go home at all. A friend, Jimmy, supposed to pick up his check from me. I didn't have his check at all; he expected the check from me! More later on Jimmy!

As luck will have it, I can hang out with Brian/Peter for a while! Peter boosted that he got a new high score on Yahtzee. It looked like I can't tear my game away from him at all. He can't stop playing the game. So, I gave him the game. See, I am a nice alien after all! LOL

I can buy me another Yahtzee at Target. They wanted me to meet them at their place. I hoped they could come to Highland/Hollywood instead. It will save us some time. The 156 was coming; I almost missed it! I ran up to the next stop and caught it! I had trouble with the gate code. It didn't work for a reason. I didn't thought that Brian was on the phone. D'oh! A black guy came in. I went in after him to Brian's. We hang out for a while; they need to get ready! Hello, they could get ready before I got there!

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Macaulay Culkin/Michael Alig

Boy George - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

Tonight on 20/20, the 25th Season Premiere, was an fascinated interview with Mac about his new movie, based on Michael Alig's Club Kid years and the murder of Angel. Party Monster comes out today in the theaters.

20/20 showed a clip of Michael being on Geraldo show. That was the first time I ever heard of Michael and his Club Kids. Their costumes and futuristic names was pure genious. I felt belong to Michael's life, it was an life I want.

I had a strong connection to the Club Kids, it was something I had a need for. Everyone seached for themselves some place, and that place for me was with The Club Kids. I knew I can fit in with them, partying and having fun.

I used to have a screen name with Club Kid on AOL in the late 90's. I wanted so much to be one of them. I didn't have the courage to be a club kid, nor the right connections or the money to move to New York.

It was disappointing that I didn't have a real chance for New York. I know I will be happy being a Club Kid. Instead, I took a chance elsewhere and moved to Hollywierd, the land of the freaks in 1995. It wasn't the same for me. I longed to be a Club Kid. I was drawn to Hollywood all my life.

To this day, I am still searching for my true self. Seeing Michael on 20/20 again after all these years, I still have the need to be a Club Kid. I just want an escape for happiness in the Club Kids World. It was my idealistic perfect world for me.

The Club Kids and other freaks are the ones I was attracted to the most; they have the most exciting life I want to live! The normals peeps wouldn't do a thing for me.

Tomorrow, I will see Party Monster and, perhaps, buy the book at The Grove too! I know that Mac will be excellant as Michael Alig.

I considered Boy George to be one of the first Club Kids ever. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Here is to all the Club Kids, in (hopefully) Michael Alig's own words, "Keep on partying, who know what tomrrow brings." I am not sure they are his exact words, but close ot it. It was a quote from his appearance on Geraldo.

Friday, September 05, 2003

My FIRST 6 Degrees

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire

Here is something very INTERESTING to know about Kirk Cameron & Chelsea Noble, the "growing pains" marriage couple . It just came to me on 12/3/02! It is a very small world of the connection between of Chelsea Nobel, Andrea Barber and Days, yeah, that DAYS again!!!

Would u believe that the small world is much smaller? LOL Here it goes anyway - Chelsa was on Days (1988) then she was on Growing Pains to be Mike's girlfriend (1989-92).

Full House, the olsen twins sitcom, came on in 1987 starring KIRK CAMERON's sister, Candace. Full House has a former days star on it's cast, the talented Andrea Barber. She was on Days as Carrie Brady. I think the first Carrie, but I am not sure.

Andrea and Chelsea got their start on DAYS and rounded up on the CAMERON's tv sitcoms - Andrea on Full House and Chelsea on Growing Pains!

Nadia Bjorlin

Barry Manilow - Copacabana

Nadia Bjorlin

12/9/02, Monday, I went to Nadia's web site this evening and found out something very interesting about Chloe Lane, the character she played on Days Of Our Lives.

And, yes, I am a big fan of Days!

I just realized Nadia started on days ON MY BIRTHDAY!!

"Nadia's first appearance on Days of Our Lives: November 24, 1999 - the 8,680th episode of Days of Our Lives. However, her face was not actually shown until December 6, 1999" - from her web site.

To me, Holidays and birthdays are ANOTHER DAY for me; they are no big deal for me! You might wonder what is my horoscope! I would tell you, I am a sag fag! LOL

Sad news: Well, Nadia is no longer on Days Of Our Lives; her last day was Friday The 13th, June 2003. Isn't that spooky? Jason killed her! lol

Rosie & RJ

Vitamin C - Graduation Song

Rosie O'Donnell & RJ Helton at the Grove

Ocober 2002 - Rosie O'Donnel was signing her autograph at The Grove, the new mall on 3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles. I didn't know she was going to be there at the book store. So, I stuck around to get a glimse at Rosie. I didn't buy her book thou, no money on me! Anyway, She looked awesome with her new hair do.

Top it all, I saw someone going up the esclator and low and behold, it was RJ Helton (American Idol) and his boyfriend. They were on the way to see Rosie. Of course, I followed them, they had their pic taken with Rosie. Seeing Rosie and RJ made my day!!! I wished I talked to them both! I didn't have the courage to talk to them.

I called my friend on the cell phone and tell him I saw RJ and Rosie. RJ was heading my way, he was leaving. I finally got the nerve and asked "what's your name?" He said "RJ" and went on his way. That's a wonderful experience!!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Joe Millionaire

En Vogue - Free Your Mind

I spoke too damn soon about Joe Millionaire, but I still stand firmly on The OC being on Tuesdays at 8 PM!

I went to Zap2it for more details about Joe!

"The show will premiere as scheduled Eat 8 p.m. ET Monday, Oct. 20. Beginning the following week, it will air at 8 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays for four weeks, leading up to a two-hour finale on Monday, Nov. 24. Viewers will see 10 episodes in all."

The two hour final is FAGULOUS NEWS! It is the best birthday present I could ever recieve from FOX! Thanx, Fox!

Michael Ausiello

Amanda Ghost - Filthy Mind

I always enjoyed Michael's tv column, Entertainment News, on TV Guide's web site. He always have something funny to say.

I mostly get my entertainment news from him and Zap2it. I go there every day to read his funny juicy news. His column is worth reading.

I just learned from him that Joe Millionaire will be on two nights a week, Mondays/Tuesdays. As much I loved Joe Millionaire, I will rather watch The OC on Tuesday nights instead. The OC have been picking up steam since its debut on (get this!) TUESDAY NIGHTS at 9PM.

One hour earlier on Tuesdays for The OC wouldn't hurt the show. It will hurt the show on Thursdays against NBC and CBS. Top it all, nobody likes time changes on a new night at all.

If I was FOX, I will put The OC at 8PM on Tuesdays in American Juniors' place.

I also get my soap news on TV Guide web site. I loved reading Ask Soaps and the latest news!

Closed Doors

Loreena McKennitt - Mystic's Dream

Closed doors, what do we do with them? Should they remain closed? It just depends on the situation.

I like closed doors for privancy. Then again, I just don't want to deal with the problems. I knew the problems wouldn't go away at all. I can't handle problems sometimes. They was too much to handle.

I mostly use the closed door to escape the problem. I will lock myself up in the place for a few days till the smoke clears, then I will leave the door open.

It have been like this these past two days. The apartment manager is lurking behind the bushes somewhere! LOL. I may open the door and deal with the problem. I will tell him to talk to the busniness owner. I already said what I want to say in the letter I gave him a few nights back. There was no point of talking.

If I got to be rude, then I will be rude or, perhaps, use the closed door instead.

I hate being coup up in the apartment; it is so damn boring and TOO DAMN HOT behind the closed doors. I like the fresh air coming through my door. I didn't buy a door screen for nothing! I loved the open space. The neighbors will know that I am still ALIVE! hehe

The best thing to do is face the problem heads on. Don't hide behind the closed doors, it doesn't solved anything if you do.

Taylor's Friend

REM - Losing My Relgion

I haven't hear from Taylor in two weeks. We supposed to see Pirates Of The Carribean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl on 8/20/03. I didn't show up; I wasn't feeling well. I already saw that movie the day before with Peter and Brian. The next day, I got so tired that I want to stay home. Taylor and I can go to the movies some other time.

The coming Sunday, I was well rested that the movies sounded wonderful. I took a shower in the morning. I called Taylor. Some other guy picked up. I asked for Taylor. He just didn't understand me at all. I heard him calling for Peter. I said, "Bye" and hung up the phone.

He 69ed me back; he chewed me out for "being rude." Me, rude? Hello, I said "Goodbye." His friend have some freaking nerve.

The point is alot of people can't understand me; I was quite different - it's the alien in me! ROFL. He was the one who was being RUDE. That damn fool know my situation. I met him the day I went to the movies with Peter/Brian.

It was Taylor's friend's FAULT, not me. I did the best I could on the telephone. Since my best wasn't the best, his so called friend was being a low class jerk!

If people doesn't understand me at all, why talk on the phone to them? I was being POLITE; I did said, "Goodbye."

I got to admit, it gets frustrating for me on the phone. It wasn't my fault that I was in the situation all my life. God wanted me to be that way; I have to deal with it on a daily basics. I learned to accept the person I am, which is a alien! hehe

Furthermore, I haven't call Taylor back at all. I don't think I ever will again. Taylor must make the next step! I doubt that Taylor will call, thanx to his so called friends!

Who knows? We may find our way back together again like our homeless days last year. I will tell you this much, if Taylor is still friends with that certain person, I want no part of Taylor! It's Taylor's lost, not mine!

Tuesday, September 02, 2003


Planet Soul - Set U Free

I am so bored as of right now. I hated being coup up in the apartment. There was nothing to do. I was so bored with my life that THE MOTHERSHIP got to take me back now!

I must do something with my time. Lately, it have been too hot to do anything. I want to take pictures. I still want pictures of Santa Monica, Venice, the mountains, the palm trees, the beaches, and elsewhere. It gives me something to do with my time.

At least, I will be on the run alot. Oops, I didn't mean that. I wasn't hiding anything from nobody, counting the police. I can't slip up concerning my murderous past. It is such a aweful crime! LOL I better shut my trap now. Why get caught after so long and many years of freedom? hehe

I need somethng to do with my time. I can't stay home and do nothing. I really was going stir crazy. This wasn't the life I dream of. I could do so much, but I couldn't find the key to the door at all. I was at a standstill.

Something must be within my reach. I was so tired of being bore about every day. My life have been boring ever since I became an adult. I felt like there was nothing for me. It was boring me to tears.

Life is what u make it. I didn't came to Hollywood for nothing. I have dreams I want to live out. I just want to have fun and just be busy with my life. I want to work, but nobody seems willing to give me a try.

Is that too much to ask?

Furthermore, I hardly do anything that much. I am bored with life itself! Even my boredom is bored with me! That's how boring my life is!

Since I am boring you with my boredom, I might as well end it.......

September Rent

We Groove ft Gay Joy- Sex Girl

Tonight, I decided to give the apartment manager and Yolando a letter concerning my rent. My rent was supposed to be pay on the first, but I think nobody work in the office today.

It was on my mind all day long even when I woke up this morning. I just don't want to lose my place. I just can't. My well being really depends on the apartment. I can't handle going one place to the next any more. It is too much to take.

Like they said, "home is where the heart is."

I don't want to be bother with the rent at all. I know I already paid this month's rent. I wouldn't be worry about it.

I gave them a copy of the rent reciepts with the letter. They can't say anything about the rent. They have to deal with it and do the math! I won't give them another freaking cent till October's rent.

I had a icky feeling that it wouldn't be the last I hear of it. If they do pester me, I will send the letter to the building owner.

Only time will tell........