Sunday, July 31, 2005

HIV Bareback

By Kazz Falcon

I posted an ad on Craig’s list
I didn’t hide my HIV status
I put it in the subject line
Few guys sent me an email
They wanted to hook up
I checked the ads again
I noticed someone responses to my ad
I clicked on the ad
Boy, I couldn’t believe it
That Negro personally attacked me
He mentioned I was ashamed of myself
For what?
I had no reason to be ashamed
I was proud to be HIV +
He doesn’t know anything about me
We have NEVER ever met
He was one stupid black person
He had no right to attack me
I did nothing wrong
I was being honest with my HIV status
He accused me of keeping AIDS alive
Say what?
I will leave you with this thought
People are having bareback sex whether we are negative or not
That was the reality of things
Why are they complaining about HIV/AIDS?

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hit Man


Tonight, I checked my email. He read my Hit Man 4 Hire entry in my journal. He is interested of meeting me this week at a disclosed location.

I may take him up on his offer. Why not? I have nothing to lose.

This week, I will send him an email the date and time.

I can't wait to meet him. Soon, my troubles will be over.

Friday, July 29, 2005



All I did today was picked up my bus pass for next month. It was too hot to do anything else.

I watched my soaps..........the usual things I do.

Later on, I watched Y&R on tape. During the soap, there was an ad for Y&R.

I was quite impressed with the ad. The Return Of Sheila will be fagulous to watch, starting next week.

Sheila Carter Forrester is my all time favourite villian.

Michael Alig


Thursday 07/28/2005 8:40:39am

Name: Lisa from Orange County/ USA

Comments: hey there!i thought this was an interesting site. your life stories are a little disorganized, but interesting none the less. i read your comments on michael alig. i cant help but to agree with an earlier entry. i really truely hope that you dont try to mess him up on drugs or something of that sort. the guy is trying to sober up as you can see from his club kids website. i really hope michael stays strong and can find a way to live without the trouble. i hope you will not be a bad influence if you do get together with him.

That was from my Guestbook...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Accused

By Kazz Falcon

Everyone knows I am an artist
I posted my art in some forums
It was a good way to be recognized
Who knows?
Maybe, an agent can get in contact with me
I could get a book deal
I wasn’t in any rush at all
Sometimes, I ran into some trouble
Some people took my art serious
They accused me of drugging people
They accused me of raping people
They accused me of spreading HIV
They accused me of putting a baby in the dumpster
They accused me about anything
Where do they have the nerves?
They hardly know me
They have no right to judge me
I wasn’t hurting anyone with my art
Yet, they felt like I was doing the dirty deed
I was guilty in their eyes
They didn’t care I was innocence or not
They really believed I was one sick individual
One of these days, they will go too damn far
Perhaps, the police may arrest me for my art
They were hostile with me too
I could end up in the hospital or DEAD
Man, I didn’t do anything wrong
They must stop assuming the worst things in me
I wasn't a bad guy at all
I was the accused

Wednesday, July 27, 2005



Micky told me about the Desperate Housewives party last night at the restaurant he works at.

He is a waiter. He was quite impressed by them.

We are both fans of that show.

I watched ET and The Insider. They showed the party.

Micky believed he saw himself on The Insider. I didn't see it. I was smoking up a storm! LOL

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You keep signing in and giving your entry a subject title but do not write in the space for comment. Often I wonder why. Write me at and my journal is Wishing and Hoping. I know a MICKY too. MM

Comment from nelishianatl - 7/28/05 6:19 AM

My Time Has Come

By Kazz Falcon

For Angel Of Death to take me away
I was at my death bed
I will be happier in the afterlife
My friends/family won't have to cry
I will see them again
I don't know when
Who knows when we go to the great beyond?
I left good memories behind
They can hold on to the memories
Everyone will missed me dearly
The memories will keep them company
Here I laid in the bed
Some friends surrounded me
The pastor gave me the last rites
I can go peacefully in death
I won't have any more pain
I was grateful I had a wonderful life
I said my goodbyes to everyone
I died in my sleep

Copyright ©2005 Kazz Falcon

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Vacuum Cleaner


I finally put the new vacuum cleaner together in the evening; I brought it last Saturday at Best Buy. My so called neighbor ruined my old one. I really like my old one. I really hate giving things to people. I won't do that ever again. The black vacuum is good enough for me.

I vacuumed my apartment after a few monthes. It was about time too. The carpet was filty. The vacuum cleaner did a excellant job.

Car Chase

there was another car chase this morning.......boy, it was something I NEVER ever saw before.

I didn't see it was on the news.

a white car made a right turn at the corner.

this one police car didn't have control and crashed into a BUILDING!

the police officer was all right.

yes, they caught the driver in the white car.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

More Movies

I woke up after 5 AM from the heat. I couldn't go back to sleep. I looked at Best Buy web site for some movies. I ate breakfast. I watched the last Planet of the Apes movies. It was a good movie. I made up my mind. I have to return the Planet Of The Apes set box. Two movies was lose from the base; the tab were broken off. I didn't like that.

I went to the bank first. I knew I have to put some money in. I had a feeling I will buy more movies at Best Buy. I walked down Vine to Santa Monica. I called Brian. I got no ring tones. I called again. Nothing happened. I looked at the phone. Now, it won't turn itself off and on. It was stuck. So, I walked back up to Verizon. I waited in line about 15 minutes. The worker saw me. I explained my situation. It will be a while. I checked out the phones. Hmm, some of them couldn't turn on. I found some did by the wall. I played with them. I saw a Qix game on a phone. I played that game for a while. I haven't played Qix since I was a small kid. I loved that game. It's bad I can't get that game for my phone. It must be that time. She was with another customer. She gave me my phone. I went outside. I looked at the time; 11 AM. Boy, I was there for an hour!

I walked to the bus stop on Vine and Santa Monica. I called Brian; I left a message "on the way to Best Buy." Damn, it was extremely hot. Bus 4 came soon. I went to the movies. I ended up getting lots of movies. I returned the box set for a new one. Peter called me as I got in line. It was my turn. I hung up the phone. Man, oh, man! I spent over $350 for the movies. The last time I spent that kind of money for the movies was at Blockbuster few years ago. I only spent over $100 for 8 movies.

I called Brian back. He mentioned he need to go back to Best Buy for a phone call. He forgot to buy one yesterday. I mentioned I just left the store; I was on my way home. They can come over after Best Buy. I got home about 2. I watched the Planet Of The Apes documentary. Peter called me. They weren't coming over; it was getting late. Peter wanted to come over Tuesday to watch some movies. Sure, that's fine. I watched more movies. Few times, I fell asleep during Sinbad. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Don't get me wrong. Sinbad wasn't a boring movie! I was tired and sleepy. Good night.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Best Buy

Early this morning, I went to the post office....I finally got my SOD magazine - two of them! I looked at the watch, 8:30 AM I didn't want to go home. It was too early to go home and call my friends. . I stayed at the bus stop for an hour. I called Brian/Peter on the phone. I left a message on the machine.

15 minutes later, Peter called me. He wondered if I want to join them for breakfest at Carl's. You betcha! I didn't eat breakfast yet. I just got dressed and left quickly before the heat hits us. I mentioned I already picked up my mail; I was on my way to Carl's.

I got off bus 4. I went to Carl's. There was no Peter and Brian. I was the first one to arrived. I waited outside. Shortly, Peter arrived; Brian forget his Best Buy card. We went inside and ordered food. We sat by the window. Here's comes Brian. We ate breakfast.

They wanted to go to Best Buy first. That was a bad ideal. We will be at Best Buy for a long time. Instead, we went to Target. We couldn't find the bald stuff for my hair. Brian mentioned we can go to next door; they may have the stuff. They brought some things. I mentioned I need a new vacuum cleaner. Brian and I looked at them; nothing excites me. They didn't have the brand I want.

We went to Best Buy. I looked at the movies/TV. So much, I wanted some tv shows. None of them was on sale. Therefore, I got some movies - Planet Of The Apes, The Bad News Bears and Pirates Of The Carribean. I haven't watch Planet Of The Apes in ages. Peter got him a cell phone cover.

We went to the beauty shop upstairs. We asked for the bald stuff. The lady worker took us to the section. There was some hair remover for the women, not the guys. We looked at the perfumes. I noticed a new one called Obsession Night by Calvin Klien. I tried some one. EIW! I didn't like it. I loved the original better.

We found Peter outside, sitting on the beach. Peter was trying the cell phone cover. Oops, it was too small. We went back to Best Buy. Brian and I waited for him in line. A while passed, we looked for Peter. He was still looking. Brian mentioned the vacuum cleaner is by the wall. I checked them out. I came upon my brand, the Dirt Devil! It was on sale. I went back to them; I missed them. They were already in line. I told me that I found one I like. Peter exchanged the covers. We checked the vacuum cleaner. Brian mentioned I should get it; today was the last day of the sale. I grabbed one. We went to the checkout counter.

They want to go to Jambo Juice and Circuit City. I wanted to, but the vacuum cleaner was too much to carry around everywhere. I took bus 304. I didn't want to take 304 all the way to Alavardo. The vacuum cleaner was too much for the long walk. I got off at Silverlake and took bus 2 home! I just went home, turned on the fan and watched The Planet Of The Apes movies, except the last one. It was getting late. I went to sleep.

Friday, July 22, 2005

My Defense


I posted a response on Craig's List....

Reply to:
Date: 2005-07-28, 8:03AM PDT

Why are you doing BAREBACK while complaining about AIDS?

That means one thing - u are a damn hypocrite!

Bareback sex is encouraging the spread of AIDS and other STDs whether we are negative or not.

You are the blame too!

PLEASE......PRETTY PLEASE......Practice what u preach.

At least, I am MAN ENOUGH to put HIV in the subject line!

Now, my response to his TWO posts.....

because it's like this guy who post HIV sex 35 that keeps AIDS alive in the world.

that is the most dumb thing I ever hear!

He ACCUSED me of keeping AIDS alive.

What about the OTHER people who have bareback sex too?

I was being honest with my HIV status in the post.

Honesty goes a long way.

I am leting everyone know watch out for the White male who is ashmed who he is.

Another dumb statement.

He hardly knows me........he is JUDGING me and ATTACKING me!

I am not ashamed of myself. I am proud to be HIV +.

At least, I am not HIDING my HIV status!

I cannot belive there are people like this that exist in the world and think so nasty

he is getting dumber by the minute!

How can it be nasty that I posted my HIV status on the web?

My life is a open book.

I have nothing to hide.

I think CG SHOULD ban people who post such nasty and trashy things on men seeking men THERE had to be some type of ban

I think they should BAN him from the web for PERSONAL ATTACKING ME!

that was pretty low of him.

My post wasn't even that nasty.

This guy would not post a face pic of himself.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I don't have to post a face pic.

There are HATRED like him that will ATTACK me.

He didn't post a face pic either.

He shouldn't complain about the damn pic.

He needs to PRACTICE what he preach!

HIV Bareback Sex


I posted an HIV Bareback Sex on Craig's List.

Gay Top
185 lbs
7" x 0" Cut

your stats and pics in a EMAIL......PLEASE.

Looking for a smooth bottom for THIS MORNING.

This BLACK guy ATTACKED me for no reason at all. I have the right to defend myself. Here is a lowlife response from this guy

Reply to:
Date: 2005-07-22, 8:23AM PDT

This guy is so sad Iam 23 yrs old and you would think an 35 yr old American Male would pay attention to such disease I cannot belive there are people like this that exist in the world and think so nasty and no care about Aids think what you are doing when you go to Cg i think CG SHOULD ban people who post such nasty and trashy things on men seeking men THERE has to be some type of ban it is 2005 and this world just dont get it. I also belive that everyone that comes to this site should be ready to face Aids and other disease when you click on Cg just be ready to face it why? beacuse its like this guy who post HIV sex 35 that keeps Aids alive in the world dont say Africa has a problem of Aids I think America has a problem of Aids 1st So If you are reading this today or next week please click to another human being that respect clean sex and safe sex you can take this advise from an 23 year old african american instead of an 35 yr old WHITE american thank you be safe guys.

Here's another ATTACK by that negro!

Reply to:
Date: 2005-07-22, 10:00AM PDT

Hello guys I'm the guy who posted today african american 23 yrs old Hollywood California. I am leting everyone know watch out for the White male who is ashmed who he is. This guy would not post a face pic of himself only hisHIV + D___. Yes only you would see his d___, but you dont know when you s___ it there will be trouble in your mouth, ass & all over take advise from a 23 year old who is safe. There are to many discrepancies with this guy I wish he would just j___ off by himself HAHAHAHAH

My response.........that negro have lots of nerves to ATTACK me. I did nothing WRONG. I am being honest about my HIV status.

He has no right to COMPLAIN and ATTACK me about HIV Bareback sex.

I will leave with u this thought........Since people are having BAREBACK SEX, why are they complaining about HIV/AIDS?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


This morning, I picked up my mail at the post office. I finally got SOD magazine. They haven't sent the other issues I missed. I took the rapid bus to Beverly Center. I went across the street to Beverly Connection. I went up to the movies. I noticed the movies was closed. Man, I realized I was at the wrong theater. I went inside some store. I asked a black worker about the theater. He mentioned it was closed for a long time.

I went to Beverly Center. I was one hour earlier. I read SOD magazine to kill some time. 15 till, the theater was opened. I got one ticket for Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge Of The Sith. It was, by far, the best prequel movie ever. The other movies sucks.

I got hungry. I haven't eat lunch. I went to Ralphs for a while. They didn't have anything at all; no special on candy. I looked around the drug store; no candy either. I waited to eat when I get home. I took 105 to Santa Monica, then I took 105 home. I noticed that Ronald was still waiting for the bus this morning! LOL. I crossed the street and told him that! He mentioned he was already went home and take a nap. He showed me the Jury letter. Boy, he didn't want to serve the jury, but who does? I sure don't.

I went home and eat a pot pie. I watched One Life To Live on tape. We learned one of the Killing Club killers - it was Marcia's book agent! There wasn't a real surprise. Everyone knew that he was a killer for the longest. It was writing on the wall. The twist is.......there are two killers. I didn't see that one coming. John figured there was two last week or so. I guessed tomorrow, we will find out who is the other killer.

That was the funfilled day. I supposed to have sex with this guy in the evening. I was too tired from my day. Oh well.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Time

Peter called me in the morning. It was about time he called. Last week, I invited him to go to the Hollywood Bowl with me. We haven't talk since then. He loves classical music. He made a quite stop at the bank, then he came over. I cooked us some speggetti. We watched The Avaitor with Leonardo DiCaprio. It was a interesting movie. Leo did a wonderful job.

After the movie, I took a quick shower. After 6 PM, we took bus 4 to Rite Aid. Peter brought us some drinks and candy. Peter was too busy, putting the stuff away that he gave me the phone to talk to Brian. Brian mentioned he got off at the subway at Vermont/Santa Monica. I didn't tell Peter at all. I gave back the phone. We crossed the parking lot. We saw each other across the street. I tried to call Brian, but he won't pick up. He knows better! LOL

Bus 4 came. Nah, we didn't take that bus. I mentioned we can take the same bus, 156. Brian got off the bus. We continued to the Hollywood Bowl. We were one hour earlier. The Hollywood Bowl was beautiful. Jack finally arrived 30 minutes later. Jack sat behind us. Peter & Jack got along fabulous. Peter can't remember him from the old days.

We pulled a trick on Jack during the intermission. We moved up a roll; I felt crowded - three latino men sat next to me. Jack was back. He didn't notice we moved up a roll. He sat behind us! LOL.

The concert lasted after 10 PM. I had a nice time. The weather was cool. The music was beautiful. We went home - Jack got off at Hollywood, Peter got off at Gower and I got off at Vermount. I started to bite my nails again! I took bus 4 home. I got home after 11 PM.

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I found your journal and I like it. I'm a straight pos woman who lives with two Gay guys, a long term relationship, 10 years. I battle with depression. I understand you. Our interests in life are similar too. I'm also a writer who gets distracted. lol Write me. Check out my journal too. Called Wishing and Hoping. Thanks. Nelishia

Comment from nelishianatl - 7/20/05 8:46 AM

Hollywood Bowl


I am going to HOLLYWOOD BOWL for the first time in my life tonight at 8 PM.

I am really excited about it.

I am taking my good friend with me.

He loves classical music.

It will be "ALL BEETHOVEN" with the LA Philharmonic.

Sunday, July 17, 2005



Today was Disneyland's 50th Anniversary.

Happy Birthday!

I lived in LA over ten years. I have never been to Disneyland.

The only theme parks I went to was Universal Studios park with my ex, Miguel, in January 2000. We had a nice time.

I went to Knot Berry Farm with his family in the summer. I rode my FIRST ever rollercoaster.

Man, I won't ride one again. The rollercoaster was too much for me! LOL

One of these days, I will go to Disneyland!



I just stayed home today. I was planning to go to church, but I didn't feel like it. I haven't been to church in a very long time.

I watched The Mummy Returns; love that movie.

I shaved my head again!

That is about it.

Saturday, July 16, 2005



This morning, I went to the post office....only Entertainment Weekly was there.

There was no Soap Opera Digest magazine. That really sucks. I should get them weekly. Yet, I haven't recieve a new one over two weeks.

SOD was NEVER EVER like this before. I always get it on time.

I went to Best Buy for over an hour. I wanted to get The Jeffersons Season 1/2. There was none, except one copy of season 3. I already had it. I haven't watch season 3. I want to start from the beginning.

I looked at the movies. Some were $10. I got three movies - The Mummy Returns, The Scoripon King and Ever After.

I went home.....I checked my SOD subsciption online. I still have 11 months of SOD. I ordered the magazine two months ago.

I completely forgot to watch Big Brother 6 on CBS. I listened to disco music on KBIG. I have to see my VCR for Saturday nights.

DVD TV shows list

Happy Disco

All In The Family season 1 - 4

Boy Meets Boy season 1

Diff'rent Strokes season 1

The Fresh Prince season 1

Good Times season 1 - 4

Green Acres season 1

The Jeffersons season 3

The Osbournes season 1

Soap season 1

South Park season 2

Speed Racer Volume 2

Three's Company season 1 - 3

227 season 1

What's Happening season 1 - 2

Friday, July 15, 2005

Big Rig chase

There is a LIVE big rig chase on the highway right now on UPN 13 in Los Angeles.

It started after 10 PM. There are three armed suspects and the driver.

They are holding the driver at gun point.



Timmy sent me an email at yahoo about my ad on Craig's List.

dude - does that mean you're poz?

This was my response.......

I did put HIV in the title.
I am not hiding nothing.
Earlier this evening, a guy came over
we had sex......he was merely a bottom.
after we sex, i mentioned i was HIV +
man, the look on his face was priceless.
it dawned on him that I may infected him with HIV.
He was upset - he didn't know that I was HIV +.
He was ready to kick my ass.
I told him that I will call the police on him
I didn't do anything wrong.
What can i say?
He wanted me to have bareback sex.
I don't see any problem at all.
Oh well, life goes on.
He can't blame me for giving him HIV.

Hit Man 4 Hire

By Kazz Falcon

I don’t believe in suicide
I won’t dare to kill myself
Suicide was the farthest thing from my mind
I was unhappy with my life
I was stuck in life
I just can’t go up in life
I want to make something out of my life
I don’t want to be on SSI forever
No one was willing to give me a shot
I felt like a failure
I was miserable
There must be a way to end my life besides suicide
I won’t go there
I got an excellent ideal
Why don’t I hire a hit man?
They will get a job done for a price
I had enough money, $3,000
I must keep a low profile
I don't want to get in trouble with the police
Damn! It was hard to find one in person
I searched on the web
I posted an ad on Craig’s List
Is anyone interest of being a hit man for hire?

This entry has 1 comments:

Wow, what pain and yet such clarity of purpose at the same time. Please email me at if you'd like to talk further about this. Thank you.

Comment from makoshrike - 7/21/05 8:33 AM

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Me, A Flake?


I was supposed to have sex with this guy, Edward, in the morning. He lives in my neighborhood, two blocks from me.

I took a shower, then he could come over. I was all ready, it took more than a shower to be refresh.

We didn't have sex.

This morning, a friend showed up unexpectedly. Last night, he crashed his car. He didn't have the money to fix the car. He came to me for some money. I didn''t have any cash on me. We went to the bank. I am getting tired of bailing him out of everything all the time. He needs to take responsiable for his own actions.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Old Friend, Jack

I ran into an old friend, Jack, on the bus. He mentioned I can get free concert tickets for Hollywood Bowl for next Tuesday, July 19. I went to the post office first, then I picked up the tickets. I am pretty excited about the concert. It will be my first time to go to Hollywood Bowl.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

BALD again!


This afternoon, I decided to be BALD again! I looked awesome with a bald head. My head is very natural round.

I will take pics of my bald head tomorrow.

I cut me a few times. No biggie thou.

With all the heat, it was a good ideal.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Nasty Message


This early morning, I checked my messages.

Man, oh man!

Michael Crouch left the most nasty message EVER!

Some friend he turned out to be.

He is such a low life alcoholic!

Sunday, July 10, 2005



All I did today was watch movies all day long with a friend. Miguel had the day off from work.

Lord Of The Rings, Saturday Night Fever, and The Mummy.

Michael Crouch left a message during Saturday Night Fever. I didn't answer the phone. I knew what the phone call was about - his yahoo email account!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Michael Crouch


This early morning, Michael Crouch called me about his problems at his apartment building. His downstair neighbors played the music loud all the time. He told his "two faced" manager about it. She won't do anything about it. The two faced was Mike's exact words, not mine. He even let her to hear the noice from his place. When he is LOUD, the neighbors complained about him. The manager told him to keep it down.

He don't like the mexicans any more. He thinks that they are ganging up on him in the building. He wants to move to a new place, maybe leave LA altogether. He have been wating to leave LA for the longest time not because of the mexicans. He was tired of LA; he wants something new in his life.

Mike wants me to hold his things when he move. I mentioned I can't. I really don't have enough space in my place. He needs to find somewhere else.

Mike asked "Did the people ever gang up on you?" I told him that no one ever did. Why should people gang up on me? I am the nicest person you ever meet. Of course, with a dark side! LOL.
Few hours later, Mike leave me a NASTY MESSAGE on my phone. He had one more final thing to say. He felt like I was being dishonest; I was very deceptive. He called me a DAMN LIAR! Say what? He felt like I lied to him about people ganging up on me. Not all people get gang up on. He never ever wants to be friends with me. He don't want it. He outgrown our friendship; he got his own place. He have other resources for the internet. He wished he never mentioned about his problems in the building; I was not the one to talk to about it. He believed I was never honest about who I am.

Well, Mike was at it AGAIN!

Few monthes ago, Mike claimed that Brian tried to rape him. Say what? Come on now! Brian will never ever do such a thing. I was there when the so called rape happened. I was sick. Mike was leaving. Brian was nice enough to give him a goodbye hug.

For some reason, Mike loves to start trouble with me. He have some screws lose! I bet his alcohol problem FINALLY sunk into his tiny brain.

Yes, I say it!


In the past, he mentioned a FEW times that he needs to stop drinking; he claimed to be a alcoholic. He spends lots of moneyon alcohol, mostly at the gay clubs.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Last Email


Hello, Chris

Once you read this LAST email, never ever contact me again and come to my place either!

I said what I need to say in the letter you got from my door yesterday.

You will never get your clothes back.

I don't ole you NOTHING, not even your clothes.

I promised u won't get your clothes.

Please don't show up at my place again or I will call the police on your sorry ass.

Have a nice life.

Messages from Chris


I got three messages from that lowlife on Friendster.

Message 1


My this less.

I don't have to give anything back to him. I don't want to know him any more. He treated me like trash since the day I met him.

Message 2


My response...

That's too bad. Oh well! He is gonna to miss work. He have to get a new alien ID.

"Sorry if I disrepect you..."

IF? What the hell? There is no IF about it. He really did disrespect me.

Message 3


My response...

Oooohhhh, too, too bad! He will never ever get his clothes back.

July 6

After 2 PM, I smoked during Cosby. Ken came down with his dogs to walk them. He mentioned that Chris was there for two hours, waiting for me last night. Ken told Chris that the police could settle the mess; he wants his clothes back. Also, Ken called the police; Chris wasn’t invited at my place last night. Chris left the property. Ken mentioned that Chris was around for two days. I went in and ate a salad.

4 PM – The phone rang. I peaked through the door. Man, oh man, it was Chris. I quickly turned off the TV. I don’t want any noise in my place. He will think I wasn’t home. I peaked through the window with him. Now, two of his friends were with him – a female and a male. I was scared for my life. I wasn’t safe at all. He brought a gang with him. Chris left a message on the phone, “Where’s my clothes?” I patiently waited for him to leave. Few minutes later, they drove off.

I waited till 5:20 PM for a smoke break. I heard some voices in the street. It was Ken and his friend. I sat down on the stairs. Ken walked up. He asked, “Have your friend show up?” I said, “Yes. I didn’t talk to him. He was with his two of his friends.” Ken mentioned I better watch out for him. I said, “Thanks.” Ken and his friend went to his place. I continued to smoke. I finished smoking and went inside.

I still have his red cap. I forgotten to cut it up yesterday. I took it to the dumpster. I went back inside.

I checked his messages on be continued in the next post.

The Sign


This morning, I took some pictures of the sign. I was wrong. It didn't say DO NOT ENTER like I said yesterday.

The sign...

"This property. Closed to the public. No entry without permission."

Well, you know what that means.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Chris' Letter


The latest...

I watched Entertainment Tonight Celebrity Weddings Unveiled. Nikki from Y&R, my favourite soap, remarried her hubby of 20 years. Melody looked drop dead gorgous in her wedding grown. Her husband wasn't that all bad.

Wouldn't you know it? Chris showed up during the TV special. I was eating supper, an pot pie. I heard the letter ripped from the door. About 20 minutes, Chris went back and forth to the door and the window, trying his best to get my attention. I pay no mind to him. I didn't want to do anything with that lowlife any more. I just wanted to see Melody's wedding.

By now, I believed, Chris is gone for now! I bet Chris will show up again. I might as well stay in tomorrow. I don't want to see him ever again.

If Chris does show up, I will call the police for trespassing. I lived on private property. I am glad that Chuck, the apartment manager, put up the "Do Not Enter" sign last month!

Good night. Sweet dreams!

Chris' Clothes


In a previous post, I mentioned I cut up all his clothes. It's too bad I didn't take any pictures! I wished I did.

I left home after 10:30 AM with his cut up clothes. I waited for the bus. I took 4 to the Civic Center. I crossed the street to the subway entrance. I found a trash can near some seats. I put the bag on the seat. I unzipped the bag. I took his plastic bag out of my bag. I dumped his clothes in the trash can. Then, I caught the subway to Santa Monica/Vermont. I saw 304 right away. I caught the bus to Alavardo, then I got home before noon. I turned on the TV for Y&R. I laid down on the couch and watched the soap.

The next step - I will leave a letter on the door for him. Once he get the letter, he have to leave the property immediately! Hopefully, I will never see his sorry ass again.

This is the letter.........

Dear Chris Bobadilla

Once you get the letter, you have to leave the property immediately!

You will never get your clothes because Edward Scissorhands says so!

I want you to stay out of my life FOREVER.

I never ever want to see you again.

I don’t want you to come to my place either.

You are no longer welcome to my place.

You didn’t show me any RESPECT.

Respect goes a long way.

I washed my hands CLEAN OF YOU!

Please stay out of my life FOREVER!

July 5


I woke up after 7 AM. I heard some racket in the kitchen. I heard that he was fixing himself a burrito for breakfast. Right then and there, I made up my mind. He got to go NOW! I promised myself that once he was awake, we will leave. I went out for a quick smoke with connect 4. I finished my fag and noticed that Chris was under the covers on the couch. Forget breakfast, I brushed my teeth and got dressed. I mentioned I have things to do. Chris said, "I'm sleepy." Well, that wasn't my freaking fault! I told Chris to get up. He said, "five more minutes." Fine! That will be the last favor I ever do for that lowlife.

I looked at the clock. It was 5 till 8. I decided to finished my journal entry from last night, then I went to this entry before I forget something about today! LOL. It is NOW 8:42 AM. Since the entry is finished, it is time to wake up Chris. I gave him more than five minutes to rest up. I gave him 50 more minutes. See that, I was too damn kind for my own good!

We left after 9 AM. He didn't want to get up at all. I don't give a damn about him. He asked about the plans again. I mentioned I need to pay some bills and do some other things. We left my place. He wondered how tall I was, 6'. He was 5'8. I hardly speak to him walking. I just want to get rid of him FOREVER! He was a lowlife son of a bitch! I sat at the bus stop. He mentioned that he will be seeing me later. Well, wait till he get a BIG surprise from me - an bomb! It will explode up on his face, then I won't see his ugly face again! LOL.

Really, the bomb is very exploded. I thought about the bomb last night. It will be my REVENGE against him! All I need was a pair of scissors for some slashing! Hmm, I got chills thinking about that! I felt like Jason and Freddie all roll up in one.

I waited till I can't see him any more, then I went straight home to set off the bomb! I dumped all his clothes on the floor. I went through his pants pockets. I found his ALIEN ID. I set the bomb in motion. I cut up all his clothes and put them back in the bag. How sweet the revenge was! Now, he has nothing at all, nothing at all.

The next step - take his ruined clothes to a trash can somewhere far away from my place. I thought about going to Downtown LA; I don't think he will ever go down there to look for his clothes. Then again, I won't tell him what I did at all. He deserves no pity from me. I was all set ready to go. Why not? Downtown was a perfect place for his clothes. After all, skid row was there. Chris belongs in skid row, not my place!


Monday, July 04, 2005



The nightmare was back. I opened the door after 1 PM. Low and behold, Chris sat on the steps, waiting for me. I just played it off. I pretended I didn't know he was here. I smoked in my usual spot, playing connect 4. He just walked into my place without asking. I was sick and tired of the lowlife freeloader. If the firecrackers was legal in california, I will blow up his sorry ass in more ways than one. Hey, I am being honest with my feelings. There's nothing wrong with that. Are you listening, LAPD? Chris did me WRONG many times since the day I met that creep.

Like always, he made himself at home. He fell alseep on the red couch. Throughout the day, same old crap happened. He ate my food without asking. He is really a lowlife. Like I said before, no friend never ever treated like trash. He asked me a few times, "what's wrong?" Like a fool, I kept my mouth shut with the response, "nothing."

I wished I went to the picnic with Peter and Brian at Plummer Park in West Hollywood. I will never saw Chris today. Peter left two messages on the phone; I quickly called him back. I just want to stay home and relax. Earlier I sent him a text. Boy, staying home was a mistake. Once again, I was stuck with the lowlife. Peter begged me to go, but I didn't want to go out. He mentioned they may not work out at the gym today and may come over sometime in the afternoon. They didn't show up. Brian need to get to bed very early for work in the morning.

Get this....I noticed Chris had some kind of x rated video. I tried to sneak a peek. Chris was sleeping. I got on my knees......not that, u guys! LOL. Dear lord, it was an straight video! An hour later, he brought up the movie and wanted to watch it with me! Hmm, Chris is trying to turn me straight! HELL, NO! Nothing sexual happened between us. I got to admit, that was that fastest movie I ever saw! I dreadful didn't want to see the whole thing. Chris accidentally fastforward the movie a few times! Thank God!

I watched King In The Hill for a little while. Chris wanted to see the stupid movie. Chris turned the TV off, turn on the other TV and pop the movie in the DVD. He watched the movie on the white couch. I remained in the desk chair. The movie was aBJ with lots of women. Why gay guy want to see that? Not me.

Few times, he went online in the evening time. I hoped he will check his mail on Friendster. I had a feeling he already read the email I sent him. Why did he ask "what's wrong" few times? I know his game and he lost! He won't run me over any more. He pushed me to the limit of NO RETURN.

I smoked outside with connect 4. I noticed he was on the Friendster web site. I finished my smoke and made me a tv dinner, the very last tv dinner. He ate most of the tv dinners, corn and cereal throughout the week. He didn't brought up the email, nor did I.

I watched my favourite tabloid TV show, A Current Affair, on Fox 11. Wouldn't you know it? He cooked tuna/eggs without asking. He never ask me to eat my food, not even once. I kept my anger to myself. Man, I should have lash him out big time and kick him out right then and there. We watched The Simpsons, then we went to sleep.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

July 3


Yesterday, I had a wonderful time with Peter & Brian. They called me on the bus from the gym; they wanted me to meet at Starbucks, then we will go straight to Glendale mall. I told them I will take 603 to the mall. Instead, I took the sunset bus and walked up to Hollywood Blvd. They were on their way on Bus 4 from home. I called them, "I will catch the 180 bus and meet you at the mall."

I went to Kay B Toys for a short while, then I waited outside of JC Penny, playing Connect 4. Peter called me, "We just left JC and was by Brookstone." He gave me directions on the phone. I have no ideal of where the store was. I found them on the second floor. Brian looked good in his new jeans. He went to Jc to take off the security tag; they forgot to take it off.

We ate Carl's Jr. They paid my meal. I don't keep any money on me. We chatted about Arnold, the worst Governor in California; their new phone plan with Verizon. Peter pointed out to Brian that it's best to cancel the new plan; his job will end at the end of the month. Peter made sense about it; Stella Got Her Groove- in real life, the lady found out that her husdand was gay and only married her for his green card. Brian pointed that there will be a new movie call "Stella Got Screwed." I bursted out laughing!

We went to Verizon Store. Brian made up his mind to call the phone service. I paid my bill; she mentioned I already have $42 credit. I told her that was fine. I used the ATM for $100. We looked at the phones till closing time. I like some of the new phones; some have the biggie screen.

We waited for the bus. Peter used the restroom. We missed the bus. Peter came out and we went down to the other bus stop with less people. The main one have lots of people. I wanted to be sure we will have a seat on the bus. The bus came; we sat in the back of the bus. I finally told Brian about the accounts; he mentioned they will find out and it was best to get a safe deposit box for the money. No thanx. I will take my chance on the account.

We got off on Western/Hollywood to take some movies back at Hollywood Video. Peter wanted some ice cream. We stopped by McDonald's on Sunset/Western. I was impressed by the new section 8 apartments. I wished I could have move there. I will have been closer to everything. We walked to Hollywood Video. They will take Queer As Folk Season 4 home again. They need to watch the last few episodes. We parted ways and went home.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Chris' Email


I went out after I got rid of the freeloader, Chris! I mentioned I have a date with this guy at the movies. Hey, sometimes, WE GOT TO LIE!

I just got my mail at the post office.

I came home and sent Chris an email

The apartment manager noticed u have been spending lots of time at my place.He mentioned u can no longer spend the nights with me; u worned out your welcome.It is best that u can spend the nights with another friend of yours.He also said he will be keeping a close eye on my apartment.I can't AFFORD to get into any more trouble at my place.

Hopefully, Chris read the email by now.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Sick Of Chris

I am officially sick of Chris Bobadilla. He got to go TOMORROW!

He is eating all my food without asking. I wanted the door open, he ALWAYS closed the door.

Since I know him over a week, I can't stand him any longer.

I don't have any more patience with him.

He is making a mess of my place. He don't clean up himself; I mean the sink. He left uneaten food in the sink. He leave it there till I clean it up.

No friends shouldn't be like that.

He is not respecting me or my place.

I am getting pist off big time.

Sometimes, we need to get angry. He is running me over big time.

I want it to STOP right now.

I will send him on his way tomorrow.

Top it all, I am too damn kind for my own good. I will put my foot down.

I wished I was Red from That 70's Show. I will put my foot up his ass!

My friends have NEVER treated me that way before.

Chris is not a TRUE friend.

Antonio Villaraigosa


I want the NEW mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, to PARDON me for hiring a hit man to kill someone.

The FBI mentioned that I will be arrested the next time. That isn't right.

It's my life and I don't believe in suicide.

Thanx for your time.



Chris, Chris........what a damn liar! Yesterday, he claimed he got himself a job at a car auction. Work started at 7 AM this morining. It is now 8:50 AM and Chris is still snoring! It's not my responsible to get him up.

Hmm, where to begin with Chris?

Let's starts with yesterday. I was online. Chris unexpectedly showed up after 5 PM. I was quite surpised to see him. I haven't see him in a few days since Monday. He had a bag with him. He still haven't found a place to live.

I met Chris on Saturday. I just got back from Vons after 5; I brought some fags and a angel food cake. He dailed up for his friend at Waterloo. His friend wasn't home. So, he invited himself to my place and my life. Really, I don't want to do with strangers.