Saturday, December 27, 2003

12/27/03 Saturday


I didn't went to the movies on a RAINY Xmas, I decided Today was nice enough to go. There wasn't a raindrop in sight! Lord Of The Rings starts at 12:45 PM at the Vista. I didn't want to go alone. I called Brian; he had other plans - go to the post office, The Village and take the movies back to library with Peter.

I didn't mentioned the movies at all. He invited me to tag along with them. Peter wasn't sick from the flu; food poisoning from something. I got dressed; short sleeves and baggy pants. I called them back on the bus 4, "on my way." I walked down to their place on Gower. I dailed the code; i had trouble a few times. Brian let me in. I didn't waste any time with the movies, "Can Peter go to the library and the post office some other time." He could, but he really want to. They decided on the movies with me at 12:45 PM.

Peter made breakfast - eggs & grits - for them. I jumped in the bed and played Tetris. Peter took a shower. Brian/I talked - we can go to the movies tomorrow. I don't want them to change their Today's plans. They don't mind at all. Brian gave me a LACC pamplet; I should take some classes. Peter came out of the shower; talked to Brian in private, "let's go to the movies tomorrow." Brian told him that I suggested the same thing. We decided their plans.

We took bus 4 to The Village; online place was close. Bus 4 took us to the post office. Peter/I both wondered where our box was. We both wanted each other to show out box first. Peter got me in the corner, pretended to kiss me. I cried, RAPE! I showed him my box, then he showed his. He got xmas cards. I got Nintendo Power! Next time, the library for a few hours.

Brian went online. Peter checked out The Sopranos and a Bob Hope movie. Peter then went online. I read the hollywood trade and LA Times. After a while, I was so bored! Damn, I wanted to leave so badly. Brian noticed I was BORED. He found some intern from the web; he need one for a class. I played Tetris to beat the BORDEDOM! I easily got bored at the library! There is nothing to do.

They invited me over for supper. I declined, "next month's rent." I said, they can cook it at my place and spend the night. Peter brought up breakfast; I have eggs. We caught the bus; they went to Trader's Joes. From the bank, I went to Lucy's for a money order, 7/11 for Milk/bread & called Brian. I told Brian, "just stay home, I come over tomorrow for the movies." Then HOME!!

Friday, December 26, 2003

Earth Journal


I made up my mind. I might as well put Earth Journal on another Journal site. I may get rid of AOL next year. You know what will happen, my Journal and the web site will be NO MORE! I hardly chat on the web that much. Being online takes up most of my time. No, I wasn't ADDICTION to the web. I was so BORED with the web. I go online every day. There was nothing to do at all.

I used Blogger, the one I forgot I used for ScareyKATT last year. I put every single entry in the NEW Earth Journal on Blogger. It took me all day. Yes, I got extremely mad. Twice, I have to restart it. When I add an link, somehow, it messed up every entry I put in. Damn, I was very mad. I even got mad at GOD! I didn't know what I went wrong. I was at the last month, December 2003. I added a link. Same thing happened! I cursed out loud to God! I tried once more. The third time wasn't a charm.

I noticed I coud put the actual day on the journal too. Even that gave me problems. When I put in the date, it always ended up being the Today's date! I was mad!

Somehow, I fixed the damned problem! Earth Journal was up and running! I got a bright ideal. Hey, I will put the old journal on Blogger too! Same problem occurred! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!

I was so tired of putting both journals on Blogger. It took me all afternoon and the evening time. I needed a break. Even my back was sore from sitting in the chair! Well, That does it for now. Just enjoy the Earth Journal while u can on AOL. U will read it on Blogger too starting today! Don't forget Old Journal too.


Passions 12/22


The Monday episode (12/22/03) of Passions was the best PASSIONS episode I ever saw this year.

Everyone got to find a way to get your hands on that episode!

I got my wish - The Addams Family came to Tabby's! They are their cousins! Even Boozy Boozeborne was HER cousin too!

Cousin Harry was Cousin IT! I should have known! Harry is HAIRY much like Cousin It is! U get my griff! hehe

U know that Nurse Kravitz was on LAUGH IN in the late 60's. She mentioned to the teens that she had some dreams about being on that show with Golden Hawn! That was classic!

Then later on in Tabby's kitchen with The Addams Family.....they did a Laugh In spoof! U should have seen it! ROFL

JER is very smart of doing HOMAGES! Lots of us grow up with Bewitched, The Addams Family, Phycho, Laugh In and others!

Passions is more fun with the homages!

Thursday, December 25, 2003

World Idol


World Idol was on FOX at 8PM, Thursday night. Other countries's IDOLS will compete for the World Idol. Some were from Germany, Australia, Canada, Holland, South Africa, Belguim, UK, Norway and others.

So did you see World Idol? Don't forget to CLICK on the links!

There were a few CONTESTANTS I love. Will Young, whom I have been a big fan since he won the FIRST EVER Pop Idol in the UK!

Peter Evrard, Belguim, was awesome with the NIRVANA song. Really, I think he has a good chance of winning the World Idol. He did suprised everyone when he sung the Ricky Martin song. He can sing any songs.

Ryan Malcolm was pretty good, I like his singing voice.

I think Kurt Nilsen was the underdog; I also like his voice too.

Not counting your COUNTRY's IDOL, who do u want to win?

I got to pick Will Young

Rainy Xmas


A storm was on Xmas day. It was wet, rainy and cold in Los Angeles! That's too bad that the rain wasn't snow. Everyone will have a ball in the snow.

Mike showed up for Xmas; he wondered if I had some company. I pulled a fast one on him, "Yes, I do!" He thought the person was sleeping on my bed. Mike looked at me funny. I said, "I have company. You walked in the door. You are the company!"

Mike's "blond" hair is a lot better since last night. He coloured his hair at my place. He didn't thought the stuff didn't work on him. He went online to see the new movies - Cold Mountain and Big Fish sounds interesting. He invited me to see Big Fish with me at Los Feliz. I declined; I don't want to go out in the storm.

I pulled our his favourite movie, Urban Cowboy. He wanted to see that for the longest time. We stayed in and watched that movie instead. I made some jello with peaches and popcorn. We had some popcorn. After the movie, he went straight home. I went online for a little while. Mike called me; his power went out in the neighborhood. He will take a nap. I watched All In The Family on Channel 2. I had some jello.

5PM, I watched The Grinch Who Stole Xmas with Jim Carrey and Josh Evans for the first time. Nah, I didn't like the movie that much. The cartoon version was much better! I keep on thinking about the cartoon. I wanted to see it again; I haven't see the cartoon in a few years.

I watched World Idol......see the separate entry of World Idol!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Indy Blu Eyes


Yesterday, I recieved three emails from Indyblueyes on CBS Soap Fans.

The following message was sent to you by INDYBLUEYES while viewing your Member Profile:

1) Did you ever stop to think thats what Terry might have wanted?

There was no service and obituary because thats what HE wanted.....the family
was only respecting HIS wishes. Did you know that he had a heart problem? did not........ its easier to smear smut and negativity.

2) But to put it on your website when you dont know for sure. it really any one's business? I think not!!!

3) How do you know that for sure? You shouldnt speak of anything that you do not know is to be the TRUTH !! I think this whole site of yous is SICK!!!
Reporting things you kno nothing about!!

I replied to her last email! Of course, I wished her a merry xmas! See, I am such a nice guy!


I don't need your NASTY ATTITUDE!

Afterall, I didn't start the AIDS rumor on the web!

What can Terry's family do to me?

Nothing at all!

Terry's family can't take me to court.


I will stand by what I said on my wonderful web site!

There is not a damn thing Terry's family or YOU do about!

Earth Journal

Gay Truth


The Gay Truth
by Kazz Falcon

Is being gay a sin?

We need go to back to Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 18:16 - 19:29 to UNCOVERED the real truth.

Most Christians confused it for homosexuality, but it wasn’t the case.

Did God really destroyed the cities for the gay sin?

The fact - the bible NEVER EVER said what sins they were in Genesis.

It started off with two angels arrived at Sodom; Lot met up with them and took them to his home.

The Sodom men wanted to have sex with the two men.

Lot refused them, “Do not do this wicked thing.”

Lot offered his two daughters to them, “you can do what you like to do with them.”

That verse told us the Sodom men can rape Lot's daughters at Lot's REQUEST!

The men (Angels) have come under the protection of Lot’s roof.

The Sodom men only wanted the men, not his daughters.

The two men pulled Lot into the house, then they struck the men who was at the door with blindness.

The two men told Lot to leave the city now with his family because God sent them (the angels) to destroy the city.

The angels urged Lot to leave with the coming of dawn.

Lot’s family reached Zoar, the sun had risen over the land.

God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah.

Something occurred - why did the men wanted to have sex with the two men? Because they were angels.

They so much wanted the angels to fall from grace in God’s eyes. They knew something was up with the two men.

The verses really TOLD US that having sex with the angels is unnatural! Sex is between humans, the way it should be.

Lot offered his daughters to be RAPE by the men of Sodom! Yet, most Christians claimed it was homosexuality.

How can women's rape or sex with the angels be consider to be about homosexuality?

The "Christian" publishers mistook the Genesis verses for homosexuality.

So, they added “homosexual offenders” in 1 Corinthians 6.9 in the later versions of the Today’s bible.

Throughout the visit in Sodom, they were angels all along, not men.

God never transform them into human beings for their visit.

The verses was NEVER EVER about homosexuality at all.

Monday, December 22, 2003

OUTED Terry Lester


Today, I was at another forum on yahoo. Someone had heard that people suspected Terry was gay. So the Aids thing wouldn't be out of the question.

I set them STRAIGHT! I said, "You heard right! Terry is gay! I know that as a fact. It doesn't matter to me that Terry is gay. He cruised guys at some gay clubs in LA."

Oops, I let the pussy out of the bag! Shame on me! LOL

I want to get on their case for the AIDS thing comment. AIDS is not a gay disease; anyone can get it.

For some stupid reason, AIDS is assocatied to the homosexuals.

they really need to get the STRAIGHT FACTS! hehe

Few weeks ago, I wanted to tell everyone that Terry is gay........BUT I had a sick feeling inside of me that someone will bring up the Gay/AIDS connection.

So, I was against of OUTING Terry Lester to the world!

6.5 Earthquake


By now, u know that we was hit by a 6.5 earthquake. It wasn't that big; I was not a SCAREYKATT! I was online and watching the news. The earthquake came at 11:18 AM. I felt the rolls of the earthquake. The walls, the floor and others moved!

All the years I lived in Hollywierd, I was never been in a big earthquake till TODAY!

By now, i am so used to the earthquakes! There are more earthquakes on the way.

So, I didn't watch Y&R today; the earthquake news took over their time slot. Instead, I watch All My Children. I switched back to CBS. B&B was on with Brooke & Ridge. BARF ME OUT! I went back to All My Children! I care less about Ridge/Brooke.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

12/21/03 Sunday


Brian called me in the morning. They can't spend the night with me; Peter came down with the flu. Peter was painting their apartment.

Brian just told me that his mother had breast cancer; both of them. He thought I knew already. She will see the doctors this week.

That does about it for Sunday. Nothing much happened!

Saturday, December 20, 2003

12/20/03 Saturday


I was playing Tetris on my bed, relaxing. Mike showed up unannounced. I didn't want to let him in. I heard the knob turning. Suprised, he had the key with him for the first time. I had no choice except to let him in. I lied - I was sleeping. He wondered if he should bring the turkey, not really. I don't like turkey that much. I haven't tell him about my other xmas plans; I may spend it with Robert for dinner or go to the movies.

I better clean the filthy restroom. He want to buy his diet coke at 7/11. I gave Mike a dollar for coke. He vanished for a few mintues. I cleaned the restroom. He brought back the cokes and went straight to the computer. He wanted to watched Evita with Madonna. I mentioned to put it in. I finished up the spotless restroom. Evita wasn't playing. I put the tape in; we watched the movie. He sent a email to his old teacher.

Mike said he was hungry; I wanted to make fish. He claimed it was fattening! He wanted tuna instead; I got angry. He always have Tuna at my place. We had Tuna Helper on Tuesday. He begged; he promised he will pay me back. Mike claimed he was broke. He said he spend about $40 almost every day. Damn, he wasn't broke. I was broke no less! I only had $2 on me.

He persauded me for Tuna! I will make it after I took a shower; Nasty, I skunk up the place! hehe. He used the restroom without closing the door; the heat escapes. I got mad. Hey, I need that heat! I waited another hour to take a shower. Mike was hungry. He wanted to eat NOW! Hello, I wanted the shower first! Mike begged. He took two tuna cans; I said, "me too!" He wanted to use FOUR tuna! Hell, no! We don't need four! I grabbed some eggs. He put some water in the pan. I mentioned we don't heed water; three boiled eggs. He still think the tuna wasn't enough for the both of us. Hey, green beans or corn! He picked the green beans.

I jumped in the shower; the radio blasted! I got out. HE already eaten; he thought he had more than me. Nope, the food was right! I added more green beans to the tuna. Mike laughed about David/Liza - David didn't know how strong Liza can be when drunk! ROFL. He laid in the bed; watched Entertainment Tonight for a while. He said, he may go dancing tonight. He can't go the ZONE; he was broke. Tomorrow, The Zone sounds fagulous. $2 at 2, $3 at 3, $4 at 4 and so forth on Sundays. I bet Sundays is lots of fun.



"Nothing wrong with taking some time off from the forum to get your creative juices going. I hope you'll find that motivation you're searching for.....& sooner rather than later. Good luck!"

It is just not the forums, it is just life itself. i am tired of wasting my time doing nothing. There is more out there for me. I need to look for it, but where?

it is really driving me up on the boredom wall. if i don't find anything soon with my life, i may i will end up doing something stupid.

"Don't you DARE do something stupid!"

Trust me I have been doing something stupid lately;I haven't get caught yet. I may not go to great lengths as Amy Fisher and other seedy people, but somehow, I will get notice at any cost!

Desperate times call for desperate measures

"The answers you're looking for are out there somewhere, so just keep searching for them."

I gave up the search long time ago.

"Don't give up on yourself or doubt your self worth."

it doesn't matter anymore. I had nothing to be motivated.

"You have something to offer the world, everyone does if they look hard enough."

yet, the world ignores me! Top it all, no one takes me serious at all.

"Try to decide what your greatest strengths are & then look for a way to market those so that you can get some satisfaction from what you're doing."

No one is willing to give me a chance or a break.

"WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU, ALIEN.....never forget that!"

as long as someone have been on SSI, u will get bored quickly.

It is not the life I want any more!

I might be depressed, but I hides it pretty well from everyone! I don't think seeing a shrink will do me anything good. Some people is like that with shrinks. It didn't work before

"One thing I do know, & that's that deliberately checking out is NEVER the best answer!"

I never mention Suicide at all. How can I commit suicide when I am ALREADY DEAD?

I really don't have a life at all. A life is doing something with your life. I don't have that life, just a boring nothing to do life.

$85.97 Cable Bill


$85.97 Cable Bill
By Kazz Falcon

I got rid of cable about a month ago.
I have cable tv for three months!
They never give me a cable box.
I only got FOUR cable channels.
Yesterday, I got the cable bill, $85.97.
All this time, I have not PAY MY BILL yet!
The cable cost $21.99 monthly.
I signed up for the special rate.
Why should I pay?
I never ever got a cable box.
Get this.....the late free is $10.
Sorry, Charlie, I won't pay it at all.
DO you know what?
If the cable company DEMANDED MONEY from me,
I will take them to COURT!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson was finally charged with Child Molestion. He committed seven "lewd acts" against a boy under the age of 14 earlier this year. He could go to prison for more than 20 years if found guilty at a trial.

Tom Sneddon agreed to delay Jackson's arraignment a week to Jan. 16 and return Jackson's passport to allow him to travel to Britain from Dec. 20 to Jan. 6. Hello, is The D.A. stupid? He gave Michael a chance not to return to the country! That was a dumb move on the D.A.'s part!

Ten months ago, the boy appeared on national television in a British documentary holding hands with Jackson, who said the two had slept in the same bedroom but not the same bed. Jackson defended his penchant for holding sleepovers with children, describing the practice as sweet and innocent.

There is another thing I don't get. Millions of people saw the British documentary on ABC. Since the arrest of Michael Jackson last month, the boy's face is now COVERED UP from the same documentary! Hmm, why? That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I know the press can't reveal his name. Yet, everyone know his face and, assuming, his name too.

Side Note - Victor Newman was arrested for illegal business; two great powerful men was charged on the same day!

12/18/03 Thursday


Once again, the damn ants came back strong! I tried to track them down. I thought they came behind the computer again. So, I pulled the desk from the wall; put salt by the wall. I noticed that ant came from under the desk, not THE WALL! Drats! The ants always find another way to get the food for their queen! I got the flashlight. I follow the trail to the bed; they were coming under the bed! Damn, those ants!

Well, my place was a big mess. I cleaned my place. I lost the anttrail; I will set a trap tonight to finish off the trail for good! I chatted with Ray online for a while. We haven't talk in a few weeks. I told him I may get a pussy; he claimed I better get a dog instead. Yeah, he might be right. I need to go out more. I hardly go out anymore. Hmm, I wondered why!

I put off cleaning a few times. I was done by the evening time. I need to clear the stuff under the bed. Then I will know for sure of where the ant trail leads to. I used the flashlight by my bed. I couldn't see any ants by the wall. Well, By tomorrow, I will know! Hopefully, I won't have any more ant problems! Then again, I had that pesky problem over a year. Wait till the next resident move in! He will have the same ant problem like me! I won't even tell any of them.

I set the ant trap on the computer desk. For some odd reason, Tang attracts them! That's how I tracked down the trail the last time by accident; lots of ants wants a taste of Tang! I firgured I defeated the ants. My God! They kept on coming back to pester me! How many rounds I have to go with the ants? I believed this is about round 15; it must be more than that! I won't be defeated by them!

My place was spotless now! Clean and spotless! Tomorrow may be another story! The battle with the damn ants continues......

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

12/17/03 Wednesday


Nothing big happens like always! My life does sux big time. Why can't my life be like The Simple Life?

I picked up my mail, just junk mail! I hardly pick up my mail that much. I mostly get my mail at home now. I may send my magazines back to the post office earlier next year. I called Robert at the bus stop. Sean and him have the flu. Taylor was mean to him the other week; Robert forgot to wish him a Happy Birthday last month. Damn, Taylor, you need to lay off him! Robert mentioned that he can't remember all his friend's birthday. That's true. Robert didn't call me on my birthday like Taylor. I wasn't even hard on Robert!

Robert wanted to see his mother for xmas; right now, he is very sick. So, he might cook xmas dinner for us. If he don't, I may go to the movies, Lord Of The Rings or party with Mike at my place. I told Robert that I may get a pussy next year. I can't go on living like this. I was so lonely, I need some company! He will help me to find one; he will get the pussy his shots too. He said I could try the newpapers.

I got home and watched my soaps. This week, I watching All My Children once again. It was good to see Erica Kane and everyone else! Whenever I am home, I will tape AMC and watch Y&R/B&B. I should have done that long time ago.

Evening, Brian called me during The OC. He needs to send an email - URGENT! Brian/Peter came over. I opened the front gate and thank them for the xmas card I got today. Brian checked the email; Brian and I watched TV. I boiled some eggs for a Tuna sandwich. Brian realized he can't copy the email. The copier wasn't working. I was too busy cooking to help him out.

It was getting late for them by 11 PM. I just finished the Tunafish; I didn't want them to leave yet; I made the tunafish just for them. I didn't want lots of leftovers. Of course, I was hungry too. They ate two sandwich and drank koolaid. I ate one and save the rest for tomorrow's lunch. Then they was off their way. They may come stay with me for the weekend!

Friday, December 12, 2003

Terry Lester's AIDS death


Original Jack Abbott - dead!
The Genoa City News has confirmed that Terry Lester (the original Jack Abbott) is dead at the age of 53. While rumored to have died late last month from AIDS, no official cause of death was given.

Abbott is seen in this 1984 photo with Lindsey Wells (right) and Carole Robbins. Wells took sexual photos of Jack with his step mother, Jill Abbott, and tried to blackmail him. Robbins was a loyal Jabot employee.

An news article from Y&R News.

Well, I am not suprised about Terry dying from AIDS! I mentioned few days ago that he died from HIV related death.

I truly believed I was the first one who brought up HIV! I just hope that no one will make a BIG DEAL about his AIDS death. He belonged where he should be now - In Heaven, looking down to his family and fans!

I know he did NOT get HIV from needles. He couldn't be a druggie. It must have to do with sex.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Heather Tom


Today, Heather Tom debuted in her Kelly Cramer role on ABC's One Life To Live. She was impression; she can back up her talent big time!

I was expecting more of Heather Tom on Today's show. From what I seen with Kelly and the previous Kelly, Heather Tom pulled it off! I felt like Heather was more Kelly than Tracy Melchior ever was this past six months.

I think I started to watch OLTL once again! I wished I didn't stop watching few months ago. I am familiar with most characters, than the storylines!

Tracy was the reason I stop watching OLTL. Her Kelly didn't do anything for me. I couldn't see Tracy as Kelly!

Tracy was better off on Bold & Beautiful. Then again, B&B wasted her talents on that soap. I really like Tracy on Sunset Beach!

Heather Tom is my Kelly as much as she was my VICKY NEWMAN! She was on Y&R from 1991 -2003; she did one hell of a job! Lots of fans were pretty upset that Y&R let her go.

Heather tried her luck in NYC for soaps and theater. She also tried out for The View co host job on October 30/31. The View job went to Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who finished fourth on Survivor: The Australian Outback, on my 34th Birthday.

Days Of Our Lives


LIKE SANDS THROUGH THE HOURGLASS...: In an unprecedented deal, ABC-owned SoapNet has acquired rerun rights to NBC's Days of Our Lives. Beginning March 15, same-day Days repeats will air weeknights at 7 pm/ET, leading into SoapNet's block of ABC dramas. Maybe this will finally pave the way for the network to acquire Santa Barbara, the best daytime drama in suds history! - from TV GUIDE!!!!

Days on SoapNET will start on March 15, 2004, MacDonald Carey's birthday! Mac was an original cast member; he played Tom Horton on Days since day one. He died from lung cancer on March 21, 1994 in Beverly Hills.

Days Of Our Lives is on NBC at 1 PM every weekdays. Check your local listings.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Matthew Ashford


Today, Matthew Ashford, debuted in his recurring Dr. Stephan Haven role on ABC's One Life To Live. He was on OLTL once before as Drew Ralston (1982/83).

He was well known for Days Of Our Lives as Jack Deveruax, from 1987 - 1993 and 2001 - 2003. James E Reiley fired him both times from Days, just like Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera).

This year, Matthew's soap journey is a strange "killer" one! He went from one serial killer on Days to another one on OLTL! Jack was killed by the Salem Serial Killer on October 27, 2003. Dr. Stephan Haven will help profile -- and possibly track down -- the so-called Music Box Killer on OLTL.

I didn't know Matthew started OLTL today. I thought he was already on for a while.

Whitney Houston


Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston

Over the weekend, Bobby hit the left side of Whitney's face with an open right hand during a fight. He didn't stay around; he fled to LA on a airplane!

He looked guilty by the minute. Whitney has cut upper lip and bruised cheek. Bobby just turned himself into the police for domestic abuse.

If Whitney doesn't leave Bobby this time, she is the most stupid person on earth. She doesn't need Bobby in her life or the kids' lifes either!

We know that Bobby is abusive & voilent. For God's sake, just leave and don't ever take him back, Whitney.

Your kids really depends on the mommy. You could do it as long as you walk away from Bobby. Don't let him sweet talk of taking him back. It wasn't good for you or the kids.

Your kids' safety comes first, just like yours! Whitney, if you don't leave, it could get lots worse the next time around for everyone involved.

I believed this WASN'T the first time that Bobby hit Whitney!

12/10/03 Wednesday


I took a shower after some Joe. I watched Rudoph. Last night, I like the new Peanuts xmas special. I laughed throughout the special. Rerun threw his shoe at the dog on the bike ride! He is one smart funny kid. "I keep on losing shoes." Rerun trying to get Lucy to tell him his one line, but she threatened to beat him up!

I noticed the sun was out. I pondered about Smart & Final. I didn't want to go out in the rain, but I took a chance to S&F. I brought Tang, kool aid and a flashlight. I really need another flashlight; my small one wasn't working that good. I was about to get the flashlight at S&F yesterday.

I watched the last 20 minutes of AMC. Babe talked to Stuart on the floor; Adam wasn't too pleased seeing her there, then JR walked in. Brooke/Jamie had a falling out about Babe/the baby. Tomorrow should be EXPLOSIVE - a bomb went off on Bianca/Kendell. Kendell walked on Ryan/Greenlee; she wants Ryan back.

I watched OLTL to get me up to speed. Walker wanted to see Blair at Dorian's, but Dorian lied that she wasn't there. The other day, Blair just found out that Walker is Todd. Blair finally talk to Walker at his place; Walker overheard Blair talking on the phone to Kevin about supper. Blair lied to Walker, "I have a supper date with Dorian." Walker went upstairs; Blair locked the door, "let the games begins."

I fell asleep during Ellen; Tom Cruise was a guest. I watched the soaps on tape. I had steak/green beans. I watched Billboard Music awards, then the last hour of Trisha/Ryan's wedding; their wedding was beauitful. At the reception, Ryan turned a poem into a song, sung by a country singer! I fell in love with the song! I want that song!

11:45 PM, Victor stopped by for some quarters. We talked about the cable. He oles the cable over $90. I told him not to pay for it; we never recieved a cable box. He only got two channels; I had about 5. I noticed he had a goat tee, very nice.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Terry Lester


Tonight, I just learned that Terry Lester died at age 53. Terry was a famous soap actor on Young & Restless (Jack Abbot), Santa Barbara (Mason Capwell) and As The World Turns ( Royce Keller).

Wow, the news is WILDFIRE on the web!

So far, I haven't came across any NEWS ARTICLES about his death. I haven't check SOD web site yet. I may go there tomorrow. By then, some soaps sites will have the article!

Damn! I can't believe it that he died! Terry Lester was my FIRST JACK ABBOTT for me. I still remembered him on Y&R.

Maybe, he died HIV related death. Just don't qoute me! It is just a thought. I strongely suspected that. I believed he didn't got it from needles.

Few years ago, my gay friend, Paul, met him at a club in LA. Terry had a goatee and looked different. Paul knew he was Jack Abbott on Y&R.

Terry was cruising some men at the club last year.

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Are you doing his ghost any good by telling the world this guy went to a sex club. Shameful if this is the best you can come up with.

Comment from milehigh65 - 12/10/03 3:43 AM

My pic


This nice friendly ALIEN will take u to my pic.

This will be the only time I will let you to see me in my human flesh!

I can't hardly wait to be a real alien for the world to see.

For the time being; I must remained human to find my way home to the mothership.

12/9/03 Tuesday


I woke up at 8AM. I stayed in bed for 30 more minutes. I just want to relax. I got up at 8:30. I got dressed. I went online for a short time. Once again, I headed out to Smart & Final for more Kool Aid, Lemonade and butter. This was about my 7th time in a week! I caught 156 to Vermount and jumped on 4 in front of me. Bus 4, I need to walked up the steps. I normally wait for the non step bus; it is easier to take the groceries on the bus.

I forgot the pull the cord at my stop. I got off at the next bus stop. I went to 7/11 for milk, then I went home. Jerry Springer was on; once again, I find it interesting to watch. I noticed that they let the audience STIPPED for New Orleans necklaces. You know? In New Orleans, you will get a necklace for showing your private part in front of the public. I never did that before, except the bath house few years ago! Yes, I was a big tramp back then! lol

During one segment, the audience danced on the stage to Hillbilly music; things went back to normal! Forget that! What is normal on Jerry Springer show? It is just sleaze all year long. The topic was love triangles - one lady want to take her cousin's hubby from her. The lady's boyfriend didn't like that; she don't want another kid - she wants a MAN! Ohhh, la la! I may watch it again tomorrow if there's nothing good on!

I watched my soaps till I went to Smart & Final for the upteeth time! I just got chips and eggs. Then I went home, relax, watched Passions on tape, my regular shows and such. The ants got worse on the computer desk; the trail went to my empty cup, which I had TANG! I got my small flashlight; I wished I got a big one at Smart 7 Final - there was a nice size. The small one wasn't working right. I fixed it thou, I twisted the top till the light came on.

I found the beginning of the trail; under the carpet by the wall next to the computer. Yes, I got on all fours......hee haw....hee haw.....and put salt to end the trail! A while passed, the ants seemed to be gone! It was about time too. The ants have been on the desk over a month. I tried to find the trail, but couldn't. This time, I was successful!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

12/7/03 Sunday


This morning - I left a message on the Brian's machine, "I can't make it tonight for Peter's concert." He picked up the phone. I explained my friend will take me out to supper tonight. Brian came over to use the computer again; he need to send more homework to his teacher in the email. If he knew he will have the same teacher for two classes, he wouldn't take another class with her. She gives too much homework to her students.

Brian searched for a white shirt on the web for Peter; he needed one for the concert. Brian sent a text message to Peter. I played Yoshie and watched I Love Lucy. Peter returned one to Brian, "I got one at Macy's." Peter asked Brian, "What kind of flake I am?" I told Brian to say "Lucky flake!" in the text message. Peter sent one back, "Kazz is funny that he should work on 4rd street." Then, I am a lucky funny flake! ROFL

I wanted to cancel the supper with my friend; I should go to show him some support. I was about to put on nice clothes, but I haven't spend any time with the other friend. Brian wondered if it was Miguel. Hell, no! Miguel was done with me after I failed him last month; I didn't bring him any money to Hollywood/Highland. Who was the mystery date? Hmm, I will say one thing - my lips are sealed! I won't gossip about my personal life! hehe

Saturday, December 06, 2003

12/6/03 Saturday


Today turned out to be a pretty good day for me. I woke up early; I was so tired of that. I just want to sleep late. I went online for a while. I checked the TV Guide; there was nothing interest on Saturday Morning TV. It wasn't the same anymore. In my youth, I looked forward to watch Saturday Morning TV every week. Now, it just suxs.

I checked my phone message. Brian called me one hour ago; he need to use my computer. Homework was dued today. Everything in Santa Monica was closed. I was the next best thing for him. I am such a nice guy! I called him back; "come now, I will be waiting all day."

I watched Great Heroes Of The Bible on TBN. It was about Joseph and his brothers. They were so jealous of his relationship with their father that he was sold into slavery. I missed last week's. Adam & Eve episode was about two weeks ago. It was a good thing I caught the beginning of Adam & Eve. Great Heroes was the only worthwhile show to watch on Saturday mornings. In my youth, I was never big on Christian shows except for David & his dog on Sunday mornings. I forgot the name of his dog. It have been years I saw that show.

Brian came alone; Peter was in class. We felt relieved we had some time alone with each other. Every other time, they are always together at my place. I showed him Kelly's pic; he doesn't even recognised him either. We both wondered who Kely could be. We have no ideal. Even, Peter wouldn't know; he didn't last long at The Foundation House. Brian really like my email to Kelly; it was straight to the point.

Brian did his homework; I finished watching Great Heroes, then I turned off the TV. He need some peace and quite. I gave him some Tang. I played Yoshi. He finished by 2:30 PM. He relaxed and talked. We checked airline tickets to London; most prices was outragous! I can't even afford it.

4PM, It was time for Brian to meet Peter in Santa Monica; they want to see thexmas lights on 3rd street. I tagged along till Western. We caught 304. I got Kool Aid/lemonade at Smart & Final. Then, I brought bread at 7/11. I got home after 5 PM.

Child Molester


Child Molester
By Kazz Falcon
Dedicated to Michael Jackson

The needed less fortunate children was an easy prey
They came from a broken homes and/or sick
I brought them happiness at Netherland
They trusted me
I gained their trust
They wanted to sleep over
The parents wouldn't mind at all
I let them to sleep with me
I don't find it that strange
Afterall, I was still a kid
I had lots of toys and fun things to do
What kid wouldn't want to spend time with me?
I was a real ife Peter Pan
No one will suspect a thing from me
We became so close in the friendship
Now, I was treated like a smooth criminal
Some kids accused me of molesting them
Really, their parents just wanted money from me
Why can't the press and the police see the extortion?
Everyone was in a uproar about me
I just can't be judge for being a child molester

Copyright © 2003 Kazz Falcon



The following message was sent to you by Kelly while viewing your Profile on

Hey Bro,

I think I know you, we met at Foundation House if you are the boy now known as
Kazz Falcon?


This morning, I sent the old friend an email.

Good morning, Kelly

It is a very small world afterall.

How have u been?

I saw your pic on your Delphia profile; I don't recognized u.

It have been a long time.

What year was u at the Foundation House?

Have a nice weekend.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Robert Hilger


Well, Rober Hilger, it have been a long time coming.

I decided to write the nasty lowdown about you.

You really hurt me by lying about $200 you borrowed from me six months ago.

You promised you will pay me back.

I haven't see a cent of my money since then.

We ran into each other about two months ago; u claimed u will pay me back that month!

For some strange reason, u don't want to pay me back at all either time.

Hello, u are not being a good friend.

You haven't even call me about that money either!

Some friend u turned out to be.

Why are u mistreating me?

I never did anything wrong with u.

I guess u just want to use my kindness.

That is such a shame; friends doesn't use each other!

I truly felt used by you; I was never like that to you.

All the times u need money, I was the one to SAVE your hide.

Now, u don't care a damn about me; u only care about my money.

I already know u don't want to pay me back

If u truly care about me, u would have done so long time ago.

To this day, u are avoiding me by not paying the $200 back

I just lost faith in u

Remember, u hurted me first.

12/5/03 Friday


Nothing exciting happened today in the boring life of Kazz Falcon. Why can't my life be like Young & Restless, my favourite soap?

Speaking of Y&R, it was pretty good. Coleen can't go to the xmas dance with JT; Tracy wanted to spend some time with her before the book tour. Jack told Nikki the truth of Victor's illegal business dealings; she couldn't accept that Victor will do such a thing. Nikki learned Jack/Phyllis's separation; it started to dawn on her. Victor came home; Nikki slapped him, "How dare u?" Michael tried to reason with Sharon, "blackmail Cameron too." Suddenly, Nick's secretary told Sharon that he wanted to see her right now.

I watched B&B; BORING!!! Brooke's doctor did the test on the baby. Ridge, Nick & Brooke will know the father of the baby in a few days. Brooke wanted the fued between Ridge/Nick to stop. Ridge still believed that Nick took advantage of Brooke when everyone assumed he was dead. Jackie & Stephanie talked about their sons; Jackie hoped the baby is Nick's, not Ridge's, then Nick will stay in town afterall to be with the woman he loves and their baby.

NBC 4 messed up; I wasn't able to watch Days or Passions. So, I went shopping at Smart & Final three days in a row. I brought more Tang and one lemonade. I put them in the bag. I caught 156 bus to Vermont/Santa Monica. I was tempted for 304, but I stayed put. I caught 4 all the way home. A asian guy asked for directions of a Sunset address. Sorry, I didn't help him. I have no ideal of the address. I could have take him home with me. Yes, I do have the web. Hopefully, something will come out of it! LOL

I watched TV, online, my unusally whore things I do! I finally recieved my Soap Opera Digest magazine. I thought Soap Opera Weekly will come together. SOW may come tomorrow or next week. The OC teens was on the front cover of Entertainment Weekly. Lots of people are into that show.

That was about the day I had. Isn't my life pretty exciting?

Thursday, December 04, 2003

12/4/03, Thursday


I got up early about 6 AM. I went online for a while and ate breakfast. I left my place at 7:20; walked to the post office with the bag. Damn, I was early. They opened at 8:30. I waited over 40 minutes, playing the gameboy. The gameboy always pass up time for me. They opened the door. An old lady wanted to cut in line; I became the second person.

The guy sent me to the door for the package. I was fourth in line. They finally saw me; not Apt 4, I lived in 6th. I went to the table, put the two boxes in the bag. They wouldn't fix; I opened the boxes and put the movies in the bag. I walked outside, it was getting hot. I put my leather coat in the bag too. I walked home.

I had time to watch a movie till Y&R comes on. I put Prince Of Egypt in the VCR. I saw that movie with Grek Cole at Century City on a cold day in 1998. We both liked the movie. The splitting of the sea was an awesome force! It gave me chill, it still does to this day.

I watched Y&R; Vicki let Nick have it big time for turning on his father. Nick admitted the truth to her. Sharon talked to Victor, he mentioned that he put Nick in Charge. Phyllis told Jack about Victor's illegal dealings; She decided it was time to move on with their lifes. Her job is important to her; she was pleased with her work. Sharon ran into Cameron at Nick's office; she told Michael Baldwin about the abusive relationship. Jack called Nikki to stay put; it was time to tell her about Victor.

I watched Days for a while till I went to the Smart & Final for popcorn and Tang. I went home; caught the last half of Passions. Then, I finished watching Days. I watched The Road To El Dorado; another fabulous movie. The rest of the day, I watched TV, ate mac & chesse and about to go to bed. My day was fulfilling. Good night, guys.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

12/3/03 Wednesday


Today, I wanted to go out and do something. I did nothing yesterday. I figured the movies will be here by yesterday. Boy, I was wrong. I got a email from Columbia House, stating the movies are on the way.

I watched my soaps except Passions. I waited for the 304 bus over 30 minutes! Bus 2 and 4 come lots of times. I thought I wouldn't make it time at the post office. Thanx to 304, I got my mail! I haven't been out this late in the afternoon; I usually get the mail in the morning. I missed out alot. I must adventure out in the afternoon more. Also, I haven't been out in the evening in a long time.

I caught the 304 bus to Smart & Final on Western; that place was packed! I grabbed the cart. I need to get oatmale, but I forgot the other thing! It came to me - peanut butter! I wanted to get more stuff; I didn't want to take it on the bus. So, I settle on two things. Tomorrow, I may pick up more stuff like popcorn and candy.

I took 304 straight home. I did my thing - soaps and online. The mailman left a note - YES, my movies are here! I can't wait to get from the post office. I was so excited; I ordered the movies about two weeks ago before Thanxgiving. I just finshed my deal with Columbia House! I ordered three movies at the FULL PRICE! I don't have to get any more movies from them! I may sign up for the CDs with them or BMG Music Service.

I ate two peanut butter sandwich for supper. I was that hungry. A neighbor used my microwave; he wanted to exchange movies then we will give their movie back to each other. I didn't want to. I hid my movies from him. He came back with Scoripon King. I lied, "I watched it." For the rest of the day, I watched my shows.I ate another PB sandwich!

By 10 PM, I was getting tired. It's time for bed. I need to get up early to pick up the movies from the post office. You may heard from me later on this evening. If not, good night, sweet dreams.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Pagan 22


A serious post from Pagan22 in Gay Life.

1122.8 "Y'know, someone could print out this entire discussion and save it for a rainy day. What you did, giving your partner HIV is horrible. My best friend Jason had unprotected sex just one time and he got HIV. It's already starting to turn into full blown AIDS and this MI winter might kill him. Yeah, it's that bad. And to think you knowingly did what you did makes me sick. I don't believe in heaven or hell or any of that Christian stuff, but I do believe in karma. You'll get yours someday."

This is my honest response to her......

Y'know, someone could print out this entire discussion and save it for a rainy day.

I really doubt that someone will just do that. They don't have any gain from it. There will be no point of saving it for a rainy day. I will have SUNNY days no matter what.

The passion I have is too strong NOT TO STOP! Yes, I will continue the art. I know I won't get in trouble whatsoever.

IN CLOSING, the attempted murder is something very ARTISTIC i did!

Monday, December 01, 2003

Reality NBC


Fear Factor was exciting last night; the stunts was awesome. The first stunt - They need to put the flags on the other boat. Two boats was speeding side by side. The first guy missed the boat and fell in the water. Later, he complained to Joe Rogan about the stunt! He was a sore loser!

The second stunt was very gross; I was glad that I wasn't eating! Most times, I will eat during Fear Factor. I am trying to stomach the stunts while I eat. Someday, I will get on Fear Factor to conquer my fears! Yeah, right! I am not that crazy! LOL. Back to the second stunt, they arrived at a wine place. They need to make "WINE" with earth worms and drink the wine grass! I won't dare to do that stunt! I will throw up right then and there. I even don't like worms!

The last stunt was much like the first stunt - side by side trucks! They need to stand beside the moving trucks to put the 11 flags on the other truck. That stunt I could do unlike the boats. I can't swim! The guy won the money and Fear wasn't a factor for him!

Average Joe put on some heavy weight! ROFL! Melena became her fat cousin to see how they will treat her "cousin." Zack was most mean spirited about her; Duff: Destinated Ugly Fat Friend. The cousin came out at the end and revealed the truth; she was indeed Melena. She mentioned some hurt her cousin.

She got rid of Zack. Good for her! Zack was a big jerk throughout the show. In the first episode, Mr Lowlife himself cracked an egg on someone's head. Since then, the men doesn't like Zack that much! Who could blame them?

Then, she say bye to one of the hunks, Michael! He was the one who first introduced himself to Melana that he wasn't a contestant and she will meet the REAL Average Joes in the first episode.

The showdown was Average Joe (Adam) versus Hunk (Jason) in a two hour final next monday night on NBC at 9 PM. I had feelings that the HUNK will get the girl! They always do!

12/1/03 Monday


I haven't check my mail in a while. It was about that time for the post office in West Hollywood. I took the express bus up there. Ninteno Power came and I threw away the junk mail. I still need to change of address for my friend. I don't wait his mail come to my PO box. He never seems to pick up his mail from me. The last time was few months ago. Since then, I haven't heard from him. I might as well throw his mail in the trash.

I caught the bus; pondering to go home or Sam Goody at City Walk. I got a coupon from Entertainment Weekly for $4 off a CD or DVD. I was on my way there last Saturday. I realized on the subway that I forgot the coupon. I thought I put it in my packback; it was in the other one! So, I went straight home.

I arrived at the City Walk; Damn, Sam Goody was NOT there anymore. I was looking forward to get Ultimate Dance Party, my favourtie CD. I missed that CD since I left it behind when I moved back to Hollywierd few years ago. All my CDs was in Texas which I regretted it alot. I can't believed Sam Goody wasn't at City Walk.

I wasn't ready to go home; it was still morning time. I caught the first showing of Gothika starring Robert Downey Jr and Halle Berry. I was in the wrong theater, #1. Gothika was at #5. Halle Berry was quite fagulous. I jumped out of my seats a few times. You need to see Gothika, a good thriller.

After the movie, I walked around City Walk. Wouldn't you know it? I came upon.....drum rolls place.......SAM GOODY! I was so happy I found Sam by the entrance! I walked pass Sam without knowing it. I thought Sam was no longer at City Walk. I checked out the dance CDs; nothing I like. I took the subway to Santa Monica/Vermount.

I got on the bus, noticed a long time friend. I didn't talk to him; he was with his friends Closed to my stop, he recognised me, "STEVIE!" We got off at the same stop. He wasn't a complete women yet. We have not saw each other since he got BOOBS! We caught up with each other. We parted ways at 7/11 after I gave him my number. I went home and watch my soaps!

Famous FRAUD


anyone who wants to be famous on the boards likely has an issue of being not noticed in real life.

OMG! Hey, that is so me!

Dear lord!

They figured me out!

Now, I have to try TWICE AS HARD to get noticed!

Where's to begin!

Hmm, I can go back to the attempted murder, the world's biggest drug loser, the voilent alcohlic, the lowest of the scum........

It is too hard to choose from!

I really can't make up my mind!