Friday, July 30, 2004

Mickey Finn

By Kazz Falcon

My name is Mickey Finn
I was quite popular at the clubs
I hit on innocence prey
I loved drugging people with their drinks
I was nothing but trouble
I have no regrets at all
Everyone know about me
Some leave their drinks unattended
That was my perfect opportunity to strike
Always expect the unexpected at the clubs
No one knows when I spike the drink
Few times, some ended up in the hospital
Oh well!
That's not my responsible
Man, it wasn't my fault at all
I ended up in the wrong hands thou
People loves to use me for their gain
I made people to feel good
It will hit them hard
I raped people too
I don't have any remorse for them
I was doing my job
You guys were warned about yours truly
My name is Mickey Finn