Thursday, January 29, 2004

Gayly Forward


Gayly Forward
By Kazz Falcon

I got the "gayly forward" from my gay friend, Chris, in Dallas in the early 1990's.
After church one night, Chris was kind enough to take me home in his car.
HE doesn't know where I lived. So, I gave him directions to my place.
Halfway there, Chris wondered out loud of where we was going.
I mentioned, "Don't worry. We are in the right direction. Go straight!"
Chris said, "We can't go straight."
I just freaked out big time. I didn't noticed the road was being work on. There was no signs at all.
I didn't saw car troubles or an car accident, nothing out of the ordinary. I thought he was mistaken.
I tried to "straightened him out."
"Just go straight, don't turn right or left, just straight," I said.
Boy, he told me a whopper!
Chris said, "We can't go straight, dear! There was no way possible to go straight."
I got confused and lost even more. Hey, I thought I was giving him the RIGHT DIRECTIONS to my place!
I hoped I didn't send him down the wrong street!
"Hello, I know what I am talking about. I do live in the area. I know which way to go! We must go straight."
Chris revealed his gay joke, "We just can't go straight. We need to go GAYLY FORWARD!"
At first, it didn't dawn on me. He explained it once more. I finally got the joke.
We both laughed. Chris really had me going! It made me to freak out about "GOING STRAIGHT"

spiritalien at 10:58:00 PM PST

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wow hysterically funny.Comment from anhinga69 - 2/2/04 5:54 PM

Tuesday, January 27, 2004



This afternoon, I just came back from Lucy's with my money order for the rent. I was planning to stop by 7/11 on the way home, but i changed my mind. I was too playing tetris on my gameboy.

I walked up to my place on the hill; i turned friend was right behind me going to my place! I was happy to see him. I mentioned someone was following me. I learned Mike was at 7/11. LOL

Damn, 7/11! I should have went with my gut! we could walk to my place together from 7/11. that was very odd.

Queen Resident


Queens resident here

this queen doesn't live there.

I lived in Hollyweird, the land of the freaks!

I have my own castle called Queendom!


Monday, January 26, 2004

Michael Brown


"How come you changed your nic from spiritalien? No problem, I was just wondering." - Michael Brown

The alien was needed back on his home planet.

The alien left his favourite pussy behind to keep an eye on things while the alien is taking care of some business.

Do u use CONDOMS?


I hardly uses any condoms.


I do have the disease

I still won't use ANY CONDOMS at all.

American Idol


American Idol
Tuesday/Wednesday - January 27/28 are AUDITIONS shows at 8 PM on FOX
Then, the next week.......
February 3, 2004, Tuesday at 8 PM is "Nearly 120 performers arrive in Hollywood for grueling rehearsals and auditions."
February 4, 2004, Wednesday at 8:30 PM is "In Hollywood, 32 semifinalists make the cut."

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sweetie, Darling!


I have a "Sweetheart" problem!

No, we are not lovers!

Over in another forum, I mentioned SWEETHEART to a person I know since February 2003.
she got pretty upset by that.

She mentioned "the term sweetheart could be considered a form of sexual harassment."

how can it be sexual harassment when Sweetheart came from a gay man like myself?

lots of homosexuals say, sweetheart, babe, darling and others to their friends and everyone else.

it doesn't make any sense to me!

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sweetheart can't be consiedered a form of sexual harassment simply because it lacks any physical connotation. Although an organ of the human body, it does not posess any specific characteristic in which one can percieve indentification. Such as sweetlegs, sweetboobs, or sexy_____ for that matter.

Comment from booyaaa808 - 2/19/04 5:46 AM

Friday, January 23, 2004

Days Of Our Lives


The new issue of Soap Opera Digest revealed the serial killer as Marlena Evans Black (Deidre Hall).

Be sure to watch Days Of Our Lives this Wednesday, January 28, 2004 on NBC.

The TV audience, not the characters, will know the serial killer on that day.

If you lived in Canada, you guys will be so lucky - u will know on Tuesday! Canada is a day ahead of USA!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Hello, Sweethearts!


"I suggest you do not call me sweetheart, because I am most certainly not your sweetheart." - Bow down to the Spoiler Queen!!! (LOLLYY)

Damn, Lollyy gave me an NASTY attitude for being friendly.

I really did nothing wrong at all. I was being friendly.

Of course, I replied to her HATEFUL post.......

"look, sweetheart!

do not tell me what to do.

i was being FRIENDLY!

there is nothing wrong being friendly with everyone!

top it all, it is such a honor to be call a SWEETHEART by anyone!!

next thing, u will say to everyone, "Do not WAVE at me!"

waving at someone is friendly as much as saying sweetheart!"

that was a good response to her......then I put her on ignore.

Yeah, i put called her a sweetheart again! lol

Well, since she is not a sweetheart, she is a SOURHEART!

Sourheart fits her to the tee!

It is too bad we don't live in the same city. If we did, I won't wave at her.

I will FLIP HER OFF! rofl

"it's a nice term of endearment" - Jermahon

thanx for that comment. I agreed with my other friend 100%! I called everyone sweetheart
many times in the forums before and I won't stop now!

it is just me!

my gay best friend in Dallas always say that to me all the time. It just rub on me. Thanx to Kevin, i say it now.

Why? It is a nice gesture on my behalf.

also, I say BABE all the time too or MISS THING!!

Sweetheart, Babe, Miss Thing are just POSITIVE words!

In her case, she will be known as SOURHEART! hehe

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Full Fledge STALKER!


Brian and I went to the bus stop in Burbank. This one NUTTY lady claimed I was stalking her.

Damn! I just got there from IKEA.

She demanded me to leave. I flat out refused. Do you know what I did? I screamed out loud, "This is a free country! No, I am not a stalker!" I mentioned to Brian that she is CRAZY! I used the middle finger too. I called her worse names! Oops.....I was such a lowlife with her. You could see me now! LOL

Brian was nowhere in sight. He didn't want to get involved with THIS STALKER! He stood behind the bus stop wall till things calm down.

She moved to the next seat. I flipped her off again, "BYE!!" Brian finally joined me on the bench. We kidded about the lady.

That wasn't the last of it. We caught the same bus. I wanted so much to stay behind her on the bus for more STALKING. We sat at the back. She stood in front of the bus near the bus driver. Curses her! I can't stalk her any more.

We contunied to kid on the bus about that nutty lady. The bus let her off. I got a funny ideal. I should have help her if you know what I mean.

She needed help with her bags. I will have help her too, more like STALKING! But, I know what will happen. She screamed, "Get away from me, you stalker! Get away from me!" I know I will throw her stuff out of the door and flip her off again! ROFL

Here is another FUNNY THING. After one night with that lady, I held the World Record for being a real life stalker in a short time.

Ooooohhhhh, I became a damn stalker in ten minutes! LOL

You better watch out for this stalker!

1/4/04 Sunday


It was time for the bank once again. I was low with money! I took bus #2 to the bank. It was about time I got more money to SPEND! I can't afford to go shopping every week. I was POOR WHITE TRASH! I was just an average slutty cheap whore!

I went to the bus stop on Sunset/Vermount. I didn't want to go home at all. It was about 1PM. I want to enjoy my day. The new Borders bookstore was a good way to spend the day. It opened few weeks ago. I caught the bus and called Brian again. He called me back, "get some ideals at IKEA for his place." Well, there goes the bookstore! Wah, wah!

Brian buzzed the gate; I walked up the stairs. Brian hurried out of the door, "Peter is not going; depressed about money." We walked to the bus stop; I revealed that my computer was fixed few days ago. I mentioned that I need to get out behind the computer and go out more. We waited for the bus on Gower/SM.

Brian wondered why I hid the HIV status from my ex lover. The truth - I just wanted to be love; no one wants to love an HIV + person. Also, I wasn't the only who does it. I met Miguel Garcia at a bath house; we never had safe sex. Top it all, I won't get in trouble for the attempted murder. Miguel will lie to his family; "No, I don't have it."

We went online at my place. We got the bus schedule for IKEA. I was convinced that IKEA was on Hollywood Blvd. He checked IKEA web site; nope! We waited for the 603 bus. Brian brought up Pier One; Damn, that was the place I was thinking of! I was wrong; I ole him a dinner! We made a bet at my place. We got off Chevy Chase/San Fernando. We were both freezing. The bus came 30 minutes later.

We looked around IKEA. He got some good ideals for his place. Some day, he will fix up his place. He don't have the money right now. School takes up most of his time. I like the new colorful snake they had. I was thisclose of buying one and that bear again! I gave my old Bear to Miguel's niece two years ago. Right now, I would wait for the stuff toys. Brian wasn't feeling well; he was too hot from all the walking. He grabbed a snack at the food counter. I played Tetris all the way to the bus stop......Suddenly, I became a FULL FLEDGE STALKER!

Saturday, January 03, 2004

1/3/04 Saturday


Peter called me about Today's plans. I need to pick up my mail, but I could do it on Monday. He wanted to come over to the village for a while. It should be an hour - TOPS! I called him back, "go ahead without me; I can meet u there." There was no sense of going to their place and catch the darn bus again! I took the bus #2 come. I won't wait for bus #4.......only the first bus.

I got off Highland/Sunset and walked to the Village. I didn't rush; I just took my sweet ass time. I took my usual route. I entered the Cyber Center. Peter was on the first computer. I playfully put my hand on his head to get his attention. I signed in with the lady. She put me at #4 by Brian. Brian mentioned they got there 10 minutes ago.

I didn't have that much fun online; it was so freaking boring! Brian's time was up; I went out with him. I was bored of the place. Peter stayed on pass his time. We just waited in the lobby for him. I used the restroom. I brought out Olga's letter; Brian thought it was good. At least, they will know about Miguel and I. I sealed the letter in the envelope and put it in the backpack.

We got the mail; I mailed Olga's letter. I realized I forgot the blue one at home. I will go to the bank tomorrow. The library was such a bored; I played Tetris. Brian wanted to leave. 30 more minutes to go on the web. I didn't want him to miss his chance. Peter and I looked at a QUEER book; i really like that book. The Michael Alig article got my attention; Brian read it. Peter went online again and I thought I was bad! lol

Peter invited me to watch the movies at their place; no thanx! I just want to go home; it was too damn cold! On the bus, Peter asked "Are u going home." I looked back, "YES!!" They didn't say goodbye; my mind was on Tetris! I arrived home, freezing! I turned on the heater and that was about it!

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year 2004!!!


Happy New Year 2004!!!

Kurt Nilsen


Norway's Kurt Nilsen is the FIRST WORLD IDOL; the underdog beated the other countries IDOL from USA's Kelly Clarkson to UK's Will Young to Canada's Ryan Malcolm to Belguim's Peter Evrard.....

Kurt won maximum points from nine of the 11 countries that voted in the contest for his rendition of the U2 track "Beautiful Day." Kelly Clarkson was second.

I wanted Will Young to win; he was in fifth place. We can't vote for our own idol; everyone must vote for someone else.

It was truly a tight race between Kurt and Kelly; they were tied, but Kurt edged Kelly out at the end to became the World Idol!

Kurt ended up with 106 out of a maximum 112 points that were available. Kelly had 97 points.

Here's a list of how contestants in the World Idol contest finished.

1. Kurt Nilsen, Norway, 106 points.
2. Kelly Clarkson, the United States, 97.
3. Peter Evrard, Belgium, 83.
4. Heinz Winckler, South Africa, 80.
5. Will Young, Britain, 72.
6. Ryan Malcolm, Canada, 62.
7. Guy Sebastian, Australia, 56.
8. Alex, Poland, 55.
9. Alexander Klaws, Germany, 45.
9. Diana Karazon, Pan Arabia, 45.
10. Jamai Loman, Netherlands, 36.