Wednesday, October 06, 2004

10/6/04 Wed


6 AM, i woke up. For some reason, the water wasn't working right; it came out very slowly. Damn, I have to take a shower. I need one before I go to school. I took a sponge bath for 5 minutes. I got dressed. I ate Cocoa Pebbles and two bananas. I had a cup of milk. I opened the door. I heard someone talking outside. I went outside. I saw Chuck and the lady with the kid talking. he went in the office. She said good morning to him. I ask Chuck about the water. He looked into it. Few mintues later, chuck mentioned he fix the water. I closed the door. This time, I took a REAL shower. I got dressed.

Before 8 AM, Miguel called me. He sorry he didn't call me when he got home last night. He needs to see his doctors this friday and get some papers for Medical. He talked for the longest time. he told me about his ordeal about his hospital visit. He don't want his sister in law to take him to the doctors this friday. the last time was hell. they waited for the doctors all day long. Even it took him about two hours for his medication, but he didn't pick them up. It was getting later. He got them the next day. He was still on the phone, I brushed my teeth, got ready for school and walked to the bus stop. He finally said goodbye after 12 minutes.

Class was fun; I had a blast with powerpoint. I gave the teacher my work. He explained he needed the outlines too. I printed them out and gave him them. I did great with the work. He gave me the test. I got an 80 on the test. I started the next chapter. I saw a Star in my eyes. I sent an email. After class, I want to Sprint PCS in downtown. I paid my bill. I went home. I watched my soaps. I finished off Tuna Helper. Last 15 mintues of Days, Karina came by for the Newsletter meeting. I completely forgot about it. It was good I didn't went to the post office after class.

There was a good crowd for the meeting. I noticed there were some Good Times tapes on the book shelf. I took FIVE tape with me to my seat. Man, I haven't watch that show forever. Mike called me; he wanted to come over for Oprah and email. I explained I was in the meeting. We chatted in the meeting for a while. Mike called me again; he was on his way. the meeting went smoothly. An hour later, i waited for Mike. I signed off the web. He finally showed up after 3 PM. he climbed the fence. I told him he could have buzz.

I gave Mike the bad news that an astrologer died. I mentioned she did the readings for Nanacy Reagan. He thought I talked about someone else. I was suprised that he didn't know she died. Mike always keep up with it. He finally found the news of her death. he was sad. he checked his mail. I finished watching the soaps on tape. I saw Good Times on tape too. It was good to see that wonderful black show again! I missed that show. I ate an salad. I offered him to eat. Mike wasn't hungry. Later he ate a salad with Tuna! He mentioned he will bring some Tuna the next time. I called him a LIAR!! He always promised that. He claimed he will prove me wrong! Yeah, right! Mike went home at 8 PM.

I watched the last episode of Good Times. Damn, I shed a tear. I believed it was my first time to watch it. Keith/Thelma's one year Anniversary was full of suprises; great ending for Good Times. Her husband got a new football contract with the Chicago Bear as a free agent. JJ finally made it big with his art; his super hero comic strip was a smash! His first paid advance was tickets for the newlyweds. Thelma spilled the beans - she was preggie! Everyone was happy. Willona got a job promoted and moving to the same neighborhood as Thelma/Keith. Florida was moving to help her with the her new grandkid. Michael was off to College. And the GOOD TIMES continued.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

10/5/04 Tuesday


Miguel called me during Y&R. I mentioned I knew he will call me today. We both said sorry about yesterday. It was a big misunderstanding about Highland and Vine. He wondered if I eat lunch yet. Nope, he wanted to meet somewhere for lunch. I told him I can cook for us. He likes that ideal better. I wanted to cook steak, but I changed my mind. He want to eat the moment he gets there. So, I made Tuna Helper during Days Of Our Lives.

I thought Miguel will call after he take an shower, then he will come over. it was two hours later, he called me from Lucy's during my lunch. YEs, I didn't wait for him to eat. Hey, I was hungry! I watched Ellen. He wanted to eat at the mexican restaurant at the corner. I explained I already cooked for us. He offered to buy some coke at 7/11; he will meet me at my place. I decided to suprised him at 7/11. Ron was leaving too. We walked down together. I saw Miguel crossed the street. He was suprised to see me. We went in 7/11. HE brought a slurpee and Dr. Pepper.

We walked back to my place. The women from King Of Queens was on Ellen. HE doesn't remember what show she was on. I played with him, she was on Saved By The Bell. HE gave me a funny look. I told him that she was on his favourite show, King Of Queens. I fixed him a plate of Tuna Helper. I moved the table to the livingroom. We ate together. We watched Ellen; Ellen was taking care of the baby and did the house chores as she took a day off being lazy around the house. LOL. He didn't ate too much. HE was upset about something; he still want to be lovers. he can't stand being apart from me. I mentioned I have a boyfriend and he needs to fix his life. He started to cry. He wanted to go home. I convinced him to stay. We will always be friends. We hugged each other. He took a nap. I finished my plate.

It was getting too hot for us. I turned on the fan. A while later, he needed help to take off his clothes. he wanted sex, but i declined at first. we ended up having sex. he took an shower. i took one after him. i was in the restroom; he got dressed. he mentioned he wanted to leave. I told him he can leave without me. I finally came out of the restroom. He asked, "do u want to walk with me to the bus stop?" I didn't want to. I just want to stay home. Instead, i went with him to Alvarado. We got something about the store. He was kind enough to give me some money. 304 picked him up. I walked home with the water bottle. Miguel promised to call me when he gets home, but he forgot.

Monday, October 04, 2004

10/4/04 Monday


I arrived at class. Wow! We had a full house. I used the computers on the other side. I noticed some "Don't Use" signs on the computers. I didn't use them. I used one against the wall. I mentioned to the teacher that I was on the other side. He told me that I can use the "Don't Use" computers. It was for the computer class. I started Powerpoint in class. It was easy to learn. I had fun doing it. I like it better than Excel. I finished Excell last friday. I was glad I was done with it.

Miguel called me from Hollywood/Vine after 10 AM. I ran outside to talk to him on the phone. He wondered what I was doing. I was in class till Noon. He offered to buy me lunch. He asked, "What places are close by?" I said, "We can eat at Denny's." He remembered it was by the highway. He will call me when he get there. An hour passed, I haven't heard anything from him. I left class five till Noon. I caught the bus to Vermount/Beverly. I wondered what happened. He should be here by now. He had an hour head start. There was still no signs of him. I sat down at the bus stop. He called me from Hollywood/Viine, "Sorry, I ran into an old friend. We chatted for a while."

I told him that I was at Beverly/Vine. He still wanted to buy me lunch. Somehow, we got our wires crossed. I was going down the elevator. I told him I was going to Highland. He mentioned he has a black shirt on. I waited for the subway. I took the train to Highland. I went straight up and looked for him. I couldn't believed it. Miguel was nowhere to be found. He should be there before I got there. Hell, no! It was only one stop from Vine for him. Somehow, I beat him there. I got tired of waiting and I caught the subway.

Maybe, he was at Vine. I went upstairs. Well, I missed him there too. I waited for a while. I wondered what happened. i got on the Dash bus. Oops, it was the wrong one. It was heading to Wilshire. I caught 217 to Vermount/Sunset. Miguel called me again, this time from Hollywood/Highland. I told him I waited for him there over 15 minutes. All this time, he was at Vine. I got upset with him. I thought we supposed to meet at Highland. I got off the bus at Western; I was this close of going back to Highland. I mentioned I was mad at him. At the last minute, I changed my mind. I got on the same bus. I gotfed up with him. I told him that I was going home. I didn't want to have lunch with him. I was way too angry with him. It was best that I go home. He promised to call me later. He will get something to eat to take home with him.

The Police Raid

By Kazz Falcon

I was a mastermind criminal
I was one of the best out there
The police never caught me until now
I thought I was being smart and careful
I always covered up the crimes
I didn’t leave a trail of clues
Yet, I was being so cocky
I posted my misdeeds on the web at the local libraries
I didn’t want the posts trace back on my computer
I was always one stop ahead of the police
Nobody suspected a thing at the library
I wore disguises to cover up my real identify
The public was intrigue by me
I had a huge following of fans
Some was pretty amazed
The police wasn’t even impressed
My face appeared on America’s Most Wanted
I continued to avoid the police like the plague
I was so sure of not being caught
Man, I was foolishly wrong
I used the computer out in the open
Someone was in my favourite spot – the dark corner
I won’t be at the library that long
I figured I had enough time
I was so deep in thought with the web journal
I lost track of time
The last heist was absolutely fabulous
I considered it to be one of my personal best
The police closed in
It was too late to do anything
I wasn’t ready for the police raid

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Too true-life has a tendance to speed up like that-I hope you are ok. So were you a club kid? I heard the LA scene was pretty fabulous. Michael Alig is fantastic-I see you think the same-write me if you would like to speack of cabbages & club kings. Be fabulous! nico

*Comment from nicostarr78 - 1/18/05 7:29 PM

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Lady Bluebeard

By Kazz Falcon

I purchased a farm near town
The late husband was crushed by heavy equipment
I pocketed another $4,000 in insurance money
Much like my first husband – $8,500
He died from a heart attack
His family cried fowl play
I collected the insurance policy one day after the funeral
I placed a personal ad in the newspaper
I wanted a financially secure man to marry
Few men answered the ad
One by one, they came to live with me
Instead, I killed them for their savings
Their relatives haven’t heard from them in a long time
They wrote to me about them
I mentioned I never saw them
Even the neighbors was nosy
They wondered what happened to my kid
I sent her off to boarding school in Los Angeles
As soon a man came, he soon disappeared
His sons wrote to me
I explained he never show up
Another man deposited his savings in a account
Things was starting to unravel
For the money, I was a bloodthirsty farmer

Saturday, October 02, 2004

John Doe

By Kazz Falcon

Who was you?
Where did you come from?
There were no clues about you
No one show up to claim you
You were forgotten
You made a lasting impression on me
The bullet killed you instantly
It damaged your brain very badly
I wondered who did this to you
Was you in trouble?
Who want you to be murder?
It was my job to find out
I gathered up the clues
The bullet was the first clue
I looked in the newspapers
So far, there was no mention of the crime
I searched on the web
I came up with nothing
Something dawned on me
Perhaps, you committed suicide
Some kids saw you floating in the water
The police located a car nearby
We found your fingerprints on the car
There wasn’t a suicide note
The gun was missing
Did someone kill you?
Did you kill yourself?
What was the real story?
Life couldn’t be that bad
I won’t rest till I find out who you was
You must be someone else, besides John Doe

Friday, October 01, 2004


By Kazz Falcon

I had too much time on my hands
I get bored so easily
I want to do nothing at all
I became so lazy
It was a bad habit
The money made me that way
I don’t have any goals
I lost interest in life
I had nothing to look forward to
Man, my life was so boring
I must do something
But what?
I wasn’t that actively production
I was on SSI for a long time
Maybe, I should do art again
Or, perhaps, some kind of class
It was a good way to start
Perhaps, something bigger will come along
If I don’t set any goals, I wasn’t living
I was dead to the world
Sadly, I was left behind
I need something to shoot for
That was the first goal to set for myself
Goals keeps us ALIVE
It was time to get off my lazy ass
I will do something with my life
I focused on the goals