Friday, October 31, 2003


Friday, October 31, 2003

Today is the last day of the monthly bus pass. It was time to get a new one. I walked all the way to APLA from Rampart/6th. There was no sense of waiting for the Dash bus. I signed in and waited. I noticed a sign in the elevator. They won't give out any bus passes for next month. I stuck around for a moment. I looked for my bank. I thought it was close by. I walked on Wilshire to Western. The bank was on the right side of the street. I walked across the street for some money.

I went to my old.....

I never finished this must have been a snooze! ROFL

Monday, October 27, 2003

Oct 27, 2003, Mon


This morning, Miguel called me. He just checked in with me. He cleaned his place and mop the floors. He put too much stuff in the mop water. His eyes became too teary, he opened the windows and went out to get some fresh air. He decided to call me about it. He needed to kill some time.

Well, Y&R and B&B wasn't on today. Boo hoo. The news stuck with the wild fires in California! Drats! I was so sick of the news. We won't be able to watch regular TV in the next few days. I want my soaps back! Boo hoo. Days and Passions was on today! At least, I got to watch them. Everyone needs a break from the news. I have never like the news; it is too depressing to watch!

This evening, Mike called me during my favourite show, That 70's Show. He wanted me to do an horoscope reading on the web for him. People, I am not into horoscopes. I have never did a reading before; I wasn't interest of learning at all. It don't fancy me. I don't believe in any of that.

Anyway, back to the reading. I ended up on a wrong site; I mispelled it. Astrology is pretty good about the signs; Mike used it all the time. I looked up a date and time about his boss. He wondered if he should quit his job. Hello, he just asked his boss for an advance and now he wants to quit! He started the job about two weeks ago. His boss doesn't treat his employers right.

I didn't know what I was doing with the reading; the signs and the chart is confusing. Mike showed up when I talked to Miguel; he was happy to hear from me. He told me an story about "someone," how much he loved that person. He started to cry, he still wasn't over me. He does want me back. We can be friends for now. It wasn't a good ideal to get back together. He was still hurting; I left him over a year. I couldn't take it anymore. If I was there, I will give him a big hug, just an friendly hug! Nothing more, nothing less.

I noticed I didn't tape Joe Millionaire! Damn me! I set the timer but forgot to put the tape in! I watched Fear Factor with Michael! Mike can't believed the things they do on that show!

Jeffrey Woodard


(West Palm Beach, Florida-AP) -- An 18-year-old student is suing a private Christian school in Florida, alleging he was expelled three days after he told a teacher he was gay.
Jeffrey Woodard says a teacher pulled him out of Bible class at Jupiter Christian School in West Palm Beach and asked him in confidence if he was gay.
Woodard says that when he answered "yes," a school official called his mother and told her that Woodard couldn't attend an upcoming school retreat unless she and her son met with the school to talk about his homosexuality. ` His mother says the school told them that Woodard could get counseling for his problem, voluntarily withdraw from the school or be expelled. A gay rights activist in Tampa concedes that the school didn't break any law by expelling Woodard, since "discrimination based on sexual orientation" isn't illegal in Florida.

I came upon this article in a forum. Come on now, that isn't right! Jupiter Christian School CLAIMED it wasn't discrimination. Hello, the teacher EXPELLED Jeffery for being gay. They discriminated him for being gay.

Yes, the so called Christain school is private. If someone pay good money for a private school, they have the right to take them to court for ANY discrimination!

The school can't denied his school work; they let their chirstian beliefs interferred with his schooling.

Jupiter Christian School must be ashamed of themselves for MISTREATING another christian who happens to be gay.

Jupiter's email address is

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They rightfully should have expelled him.!!!!!!! It is their school they make the rules. If you don't like it go to another school.!!!!!!! Just because it is a "Christian" school they should go by the "Christian" way. And they did. It states in the bible that it is a sin. So why would they not try and council him through this.

Comment from jae832 - 11/21/03 4:26 PM

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Oct 26, 2003, Sunday


I decided to get rid of the cable. I sent them a letter, "Please cancel my cable. I have never recieve a cable box or the speical package you promised. I have four cable channels - Lifetime, IFC, AMC and Showtime. Furthermore, I won't pay the bill." It wasn't worth the money.

I found the nearest po; few blocks from Vons. I ran into a neighbor on the street. He was shocked to see me outside; he always see me at my place. He mentioned his roomie was shopping. I stopped by to chat with him. He was happy to see me.

Rite Aid had no bread whatsoever. I mailed the letter. I walked in the shade again. A fire truck came roaring down the street & cut through Vons parking lot. Someone need medical help. The strikers observed the action on the street.

I saw my chance; I brought bread for .99 cent. I saved $1.10 with the card. Yes, I crossed the picket line! I was a bad guy! LOL. I hoped for some kind of trouble. I will bring up the MTA strike. Then someone would say, "It is not my problem." Of course, I will shake their hand, "practice what you preach." Oh well, that didn't happen. I came out, the workers was back. A lady said "Hi." That was nice. I went home. Another neighbor, Ron, didn't believed I shopped at Vons. He use the microwave for popcorn. I explained that we got to eat.

A while later, Mike C showed up; he was on call - Sundays was slow. He wanted to see Urban Cowboy; my friend had the movie. He checked his email. He need $20; I didn't have it on me. He mentioned he was sexual active; he felt like he was HIV +. He wasn't scared. I wasn't shock or surprised; I was wild back then. I went to the Zone every weekend when we lived on La Brea.

We saw Mildred Pierce for a short time. The neighbor I saw at the store dropped by; he love Mildred - he didn't have the time to watch the movie with us. We watched Moulin Roule. He took a small nap. He left and came back; he didn't want to go home. He stayed for a little while, then went home.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Aliens Among Us


Aliens Among Us
By Kazz Falcon

I came from a far, far away place
I changed my identify including my face
I couldn't adapt the new surroundings for a while
People wondered about the truth from The X Files
How would they react by us?
I came in peace; we were dying from our home world
Earth was our new hope for survival
I need to be like them
People wouldn't know the difference
I transformed into a human
So far, they didn't suspect a thing
Then again, the government hid Roswell from their people
They must know about some thing about us
I must continued to act human as much possible
Why can't they leave us alone?
I mean no harm; I want to be left alone
I could offered this world a lot
I know more than they do about the universe
I can't show the real me
They would freak out, perhaps a manhunt
I really hope not, I feared for my safety
Many decades passed, they still want answers about Roswell
I wouldn't speak up
My life depends on earth
I really want my people to live in peace

Copyright ©2003 Kazz Falcon

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You are insane... can I just tell you that! Thanks! Bye :P

Comment from savingtheday88 - 10/26/03 11:10 PM

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Cable TV


Yesterday, I watched Days on tape; I didn't watch it the day before - the post office. For some reason, the TV went snowy. I thought the cable went out. I don't have the cable's phone number; odd than that, I have no ideal what cable company I have. They didn't tell me. Top it all, they didn't even give me a cable box at all. He connected it to the VCR.

I read for a while till I heard a neighbor's voice. He mentioned he still have cable tv. He hung out for a while, checking his email and such. His friend looked into my place and noticed it was Ron at the computer. He thought Ron was at his place. They talked about old times. Ron's friend claimed we met somewhere before. No, I have never saw him before, not even in a rehab center!

They went back to his place. Damn, Y&R was on. I was going to miss it! I pulled out the toolbox. I moved the TV around. Presto, the VCR wire was lose. I felt silly. I thought it was the cable! I fixed the problem. It was so good; I should have fix it earlier! Ron stopped by again; he watched Y&R too since 1992. I watch it since 1986; Nina and Cricket fought over Phillip. Nina became preggie by him. No one really believed her. Kay and Jill teamed up to get rid of Nina. The truth came out - Phillip was, indeed, the father of Nina's baby.

Today, I checked my messages; Miguel called me last night after 1AM. I was sleeping. He won't have time for us. He will take his sister's family out to eat at California Pizza (Hollywood/Highland). They wanted to talk about his niece; her birthday was coming up next week. I called him a few times throughout the day, he wasn't home.

I got a bill from AAA1 Communications. I just realized it was my so called cable bill. They billed a late fee for missing last month. Hello, I have never recieved it nor I had the phone number. The bill is $53.98. I was pretty upset. I won't pay for the damn cable. Why should I pay for something I don't have?

Yes, I have cable, BUT I only have a few cable channels - Lifetime, IFC, Showtime, AMC. Wow, only four channels for $21.99. That's $5 a pop! Like I said, I won't pay the bill. Waterloo Apts supposed to have a SPECIAL cable package, more like a steal! Then again, they are ripping us off big time. We have never got a cable box at all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Oct 21, 2003, Tuesday


It took me FIVE Dash buses and about three hours to the post office. I left at 8 AM. The bus wasn't that pack. I got off at Rampart and walked to Vermont. I took the bus to Wilshire; most of them got off at 3rd. At the end of the line; I could always get a seat. We picked the people up on 3rd; no one noticed I got on the bus before them.

I walked up to Sunset. I caught the bus to Hollywood. Less people rode this Dash bus. I got off La Cienega and walked in the shade to the post office, then Beverly Center. I might as well look at the new books. I stopped by Kay Bee for the new Mario game; I was a week earlier.

I went to Brentanos; they had the new TV book. I wanted to buy it, wrong book store. Then I went to Borders. I read the TV book; Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor. That was good enough to get the book! I waited in line, there was one cashier. One more finally showed up. I brought out the Barnes/Noble card to save money. He mentioned it was the wrong one. Huh? I was at Borders. Oops! I brought the book anyway.

I thought I was at Barnes/Noble, but it closed down across from the mall. They moved to the new mall, The Grove, on Fairfax. If I didn't buy the book, it will be 6th bus. So far, I took FIVE buses so far. I need to take FIVE buses back home. I waited for the bus at La Ceinega. I sat down to rest from all the heat and the sweat. The heat got to me at every bus stop. I felt like I won't make it throughout the day.

I called Miguel at Hollywood/Highland. He mentioned he took the taxi to work or some worker takes him there and home. He was glad I called him. I missed his call last week. I thought I could stop by for a visit. I need a cool place to rest. He didn't have time for an visit; he was about to get ready for work. He wants to see me this Thursday. I doubt it very much. If we have the heatwave, I will stay home. Damn, the bus on the other side went by three time. We waited for the bus over an hour in the heat!

We stopped at Hollywood/Vine. The bus driver was late. Another bus came up behind us. The bus driver mentioned to get on the other bus, but changed his mind. Along Fountain, we caught up with the other bus; those passangers got on our bus. Now, it was pack! I got off Sunset. I waited for another 30 minutes. I got of Wilshire to Vermont. I got candy and mountain dew at Walgreens. I haven't eat all day. I was home by 5 PM. I didn't feel the well from the heat.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Joe Millionaire & Skin

Enya - Orinoco Flow

Well, Fox has two huge hits on their hands! I watched Joe Millionaire and Skin; both looked very awesome in their debuts! Joe started off with the original Joe Millionaire, then flashforward to the present Joe. Of course, Paul Hogan, the butler was back; he promised lots of twists and turns. All dating reality shows have that in their own reality! TNT make the shows quite interesting!

For Love OR For Money pulled it off two with both editions last summer! Since For Love pulled it off both times, Joe will go even further with the twists and the turns! For Love is really an carbon copy of Joe. Both shows are the same but different. On For Love, they contestants didn't know about the money; he wants to be sure they was in it for love or for the money. On Joe, the millions is a big lie. Will the women want him after they found out about the lie?

The new host of Joe mentioned to the women that he was a cowboy. Boy, they freaked out; none of them like it at all. Then, she brought up the lie; Joe was worth of $80 million, his inheritance from the family's oil! The women was singing the Dallas tune! That was classic! Now, the women was interest in Joe Millionaire once again! Paul taught Joe about the high lifestyle; Joe must referred Paul as "Yes, Paul." Paul does works for Joe!

Joe got himself an "Hurrican" horse; the other horses wasn't his liking. He felt connection to Hurrican. Paul work the girls early in the morning for the second morning in a row; the girls hated getting up early. Tough luck! They ate breakfest. Paul told them Joe will be there shortly. They got dressed. Paul took them to the front yard. Here comes Joe Millionaire on Hurrican. He introduced himself; then he took off again. A girl wondered why he didn't want to girls to introduce themselves.

Oops, I must talk about Skin right fast; I don't have enough space in this entry. The teens met up at party. The girl had some trouble with her boyfriend. They got into a fight. The teens took off in the boyfriend's car. They ate at a restaurant; got to know each other. They didn't knew who their parents were and so forth. Things went pretty quick, it was an jam packed episode! Adam and Jewel fall in love before realizing their parents are at war over the adult entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

To see it again, the SKIN reruns is Fridays at 9 PM on Fox.

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omg .. i so missed the new joe millionare.. hehe thanksfer tellin me what went on :-)

Comment from wrglrbuttluvrsms - 10/24/03 3:41 AM

Oct 20, 2003, Monday

Enya - Caribean Blue

Hello, I was planning of going to the post office this morning. I got up about 8:30 AM. I watched a little TV. An hour later, it was getting hot. So, I put the po off for another day. I saw the New Joe Millionaire on Regis/Kelly. He impessed me with his personality. He is always polite, saying "Yes, Sir, ma'am or whatever your name was." I figured I will hate him in the beginning; I just don't like cowboys, nothing personal against the cowboys. He wasn't my cup of Joe!

Top it all, I won't even watch this "Cowboy" Joe Millionaire. His personality won me over. He was on the front cover of New York Post with no shirt! He has a beautiful body. Hmm, something else we can look forward to! He was friendly and kind, any women will want him! He will plug Joe Millionaire throughout the day; he has no ideal what other shows he will be on. He will be on Ellen. Sorry, Joe! Oprah is on that time! Of course, he will be on ET and Access Hollywood.

Since I postponed po; I finished up burning some CDs. I started yesterday. Damn, I had lots of songs I downloaded from the web. I probably used about 20 CDs. I have been waiting to burn the cds over a month. I procastinated too much! I really need to START doing things right away. Procrastinating is an easy way to be so lazy. Hey, I want an productive life. So far, nothing is coming my way.

After the Cds, I used the computer system recovery. I had some problems with the pc. I put all the songs on CDs, documents on disks and my pics on the web. Even the recovery didn't work. I did it wrong about two times! I read the instrution book. Oops, I forgot to use F10, then things will get back to the very beginning of the computer. The third time's the charm! Then, I reinstalled all my programs and games I had before, not everything yet. Just a few to get me started. Who are we kidding? I will procrastinate! LOL

Sunday, October 19, 2003



I saw a response from Empathdrago1. Oops, I forgot to put him on the ignore list few days ago! Today, I put him on the hit list.

OK, perhaps I WAS too severe. But you must admit that people are going to be more willing to accept something like poetry if it is properly proof read. Especially since you have copyrighted it. I happen to know that a higher power does exist, as I am one of the fortunate ones who have been given many signs along the way involving spirits, both friendly and otherwise. However, that does not mean that my mind is closed to the sanctity of everyone evolving at their own pace. I am not religious though, as I have come to believe that the forums of organized religions are generally skewed toward the social order of man. . . .and not the evolutional truth of being.

Of course, this is my response.

you must admit that people are going to be more willing......

and u must admit that EVERYONE is not perfect at everything in life!


Not everyone is good at sports, English, arts, acting, and so forth!

Some people have "special needs," but people want to be mean and nasty!

I am doing the best I could in my limited life!

At least, I am trying to do my best!

Like I said before, "If they want to HELP someone, please be nice about it."

There is NO REASON to be downright rude!


I felt like Michael Jackson. Why don't everyone leave me alone?



I checked the posts in UFOs/Aliens forum. EndOfDaze responded to Empathdrago1...

you have a point. if 'alien' is going to use an entire "poem" as the signature in every post, alien could at least fix the horrible grammatical errors throughout it. for christsakes alien, PUNCH IT UP ALREADY!

I response to EndOfDaze

"This is for everyone.

If they want to HELP someone, please be nice about it.

There is NO REASON to be downright rude!

As I mentioned before, English wasn't my favourite in school.

Let go back talking about UFOs/ALIENS!"

I truly felt like Michael Jackson for the first time in my life. Why can't they leave me alone?

I wasn't the best in English class. For cryin out loud, I was in special ed. Some people have "special needs," but people want to be mean and nasty!

Yet, the people was trying to find FAULT with me. Hello, not everyone is perfect at everything in life! That's part of life.

We have better things to talk about.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Oct 18, 2003, Saturday


I didn't want to stay home today. I hoped the MTA strike will be over soon. Being stuck every day sux big time. I finally made the money order to DMV renewal. If I don't do it now, I will miss the expiration date. No, I am not lazy! I just procrastinates! LOL

I wanted to spend the day with Taylor or Miguel. To this day, no friends knows Miguel is still a friend! They wants no part of him whatsoever. I took 603 to Rampart/6th. I walked to Vermont/6th. I noticed the Dash bus across the street. I just didn't want to take it now. I want to rest in the shade for a while. I got the urge to take the Dash anyway.

I got off at Wilshire/Western. I will have got off on 3rd instead; the post office was closed by. Instead, I can do the po after the day with a friend. I called Miguel; Oops, I woke him up. I will call him back. I wanted to call Taylor next, but the Dash bus haven't show up yet. Well, the same bus driver was by. Damn, he already made one trip and I was waiting for my bus. That bus was too slow!

I pondered that I should go to the post office. It looked like the bus isn't coming at all. Once again, the same bus driver was by; this time, I hopped on the bus. I mailed the DMV renewal. I waited for the other bus. The wheelchair lad was still there for the same bus I need to catch. Wouldn't you know it? The same bus driver was by.

I gave up on that bus. I waited for the bus over an hour; it seemed like forever! I got off Vermont/6th. I brought two grade sodas. The casheir thought I cut in line! Hello, the guy ahead of me told everyone to go ahead of him! I walked to Rampart. I got on the back of the bus. Man, the bus was packed. I didn't want to go home. I went to Glendale Galleria for some books. That mall didn't have a book store. I walked down a few blocks from the mall, no book store anywhere. I looked around the mall. Then, I sweated for the bus. I was really out of it, not that much! I went home and rested!

Friday, October 17, 2003

Days Of Our Lives


First, I want to get James E Reilly out of the way, then I will talk about the so called serial killer. Here it goes! I like his writing since the Susan/Kristan days, the good ole days! I hate him for MISHANDLING Tony and Jack in real life. He don't like either of them in real life, he has a big ego! He fired them TWICE! Some fans is taking it too personal about the firings.

James can't please every fan all the time. He does have a job - Days' head writer since the summer. He's in charge of the characters and the storylines. Therefore, he needs to ends some storylines and start new ones; just like the characters. All soaps needs to be new and fresh; not relied on old storylines. If the soap becomes stall, some fans will move on to another soap.

Now, the serial killer storyline.......What on God's green earth James is doing to Days? Some felt like he is destroying the soap! Some fans were pist off about Abe, Jack, Maggie, Caroline and other beloved old characters! James can't please every fan. James did returned to save DAYS! NBC renewed Days for another five years, all thanx to James! He got a job to do, TPTB has faith in him!

A serial killer is someone murders many people over a period of time, especially somebody who uses the same method each time.

So far, the serial killer doesn't make any sense whatsoever! The killer used a gun to kill Abe's informant and Abe, himself. Then, he killed Jack with a brick and, pretty soon, Maggie with a knife - her throat will be slashed.

A gun, a brick and a knife is not the SAME method! That isn't a serial killer at all. It must be more than one killer on DAYS! There are SEVEN suspects - Lucas, Kate, Sami, Tony, Rex, Nicole and Victor. Some believed it isn't any of them - Bonnie could be the main killer; she does have the motive to kill. I really think Nicole is the prime suspect. Abe reopened the Colin Murphy murder case; he strongely suspected Nicole. She did killed TWICE before - her daddy and Colin, himself!

James is the REAL serial killer on DAYS! lol



This morning, I checked the posts in UFOs/Aliens forums; Now, this damn fool JOINED in trashing the alien bandwagon in the forum! Man, what happened to RESPECT?

All I can say is that if you are going to go ahead and copyRIGHT something, you ought to get it copyREAD first. I mean who would WANT to copy something as inane and so chock full of mis-spellings and grammatical blunders as that? For one, the word "mention" in the 6th line. . needs to be made into it's past tense equivalent, "mentionED". The next one I can see in the 8th line "seven" should read "sevenTH". I've got several more, but I'll save them until you're willing to pay me to do your own dirty work for something that does'nt really even meet the minimum standard to be called "poetic". Copyright THIS!!

This forum is about Aliens and UFOS,

Not trashing someone for their ART WORK!

Furthermore, you could have send me an email!

This forum is not a PLACE to cause trouble for the others!

Not everyone is GREAT writers like William Shakespear. As long they get something out of my art work, then I am fine by it. There was no reason to trash me online.

If they want to HELP me, please be nice about it. Empathdrago1 was downright rude!

Top it all, the only place I will TRASH the lowlifes like Suziebloo, Rugr22 AND the fool himself, Empathdrago1 is my EARTH JOURNAL!

No matter what, I'm just DEFENDING myself in this journal!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Oct 16, 2003, Thursday


I didn't want to see the dentist today; no bus ride. I didn't feel like going at all. I looked at MTA and LADOT once again. Since Brian made it to class few days ago, I can do the same thing! Brian lived by my dentist. Hey, I might as well go! Now, the bus directions came to me. I left about 10:15 AM. I saw some people yelling someone at the bus stop, "The buses are not running!" What do they know? Nothing much! LOL.

I joined the lady at the bus stop, "603?" She gave me a smile. A while later, a van pulled up. We both didn't get in at all. Why risk it with a stranger? Hey, we still can get around on the DASH buses! There was no need for strangers with cars. I got off at the wrong stop; I supposed to get off at Rampart/6th. I walked to Vermont/6th, sweating like a pig. I got tired on that walk! A taxi honked at me; I declined. I don't need one at all. Hey, I might be an hour late at the dentist. Some vans stopped, "Santa Monica blvd." A few jumped in the van.

I got off Western/3rd. Lots of people waited for the same DASH bus. So, I walked up to another block. We picked up the rest; some of them were suprised to see me! Hey, I got myself a seat! I didn't want to stand. I was still tired from the walk! I walked from Gower/Santa Monica to the dentist! Dear lord, the walk drained me even more!

I saw the dentist a short while; they tried the teeth on me a few times. It wouldn't fit at all; too small. It will be another two weeks for the new set. I walked up to Gower. Taylor's cell phone wasn't working. I tried his home; Finally, I got through! I want to take him out to eat; I was in the hood! Taylor declined; he had company. We may eat out tomorrow at Noon. Well, I need to do the Dash all over again! I went straight home.

I burned up from the walking. I just relaxed. Mike C showed up out of the blue with Arby's sandwiches. We stayed cool with the AC. Mike mentioned "we're homies from Dallas." He showed me his work van; he really does work for the dead! He loves that kind of work! Hey, why not? They are dead! LOL He hated working with the public. His work beeped him; he went on his next assignment!

Lowlife Suziebloo


Lowlife Sue was still at it, attacking me for no reason at all. This time, she left me TWO posts! Ohhh, I am so damn lucky! NOT!!!

1) Hey Alien,

I will call you what you are, and that is: STUPID.

Anyone who chirps about there not being a GOD, is STUPID.

Your beliefs are STUPID, in my opinion, and I am entitled to that opinion.

You believe in aliens. I believe in God. Difference of opinion, and of course, yours are NOT correct.


2) Alien,

P.S. I did NOT call you stupid, until just this last post. I said you were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I did NOT say you were stupid.

But let's face it, you are STUPID, also.

Anyone who puts their STUPID poem, or whatever you call that "thing" about there not being a GOD, has got brains in her A--S.

bye now


This is my last response to Miss lowlife, Sue!

"I did NOT say you were stupid. Are you sure about that? NO ONE will encroach upon your stupidity. That NASTY comment is calling someone STUPID! Who is LYING, Sue? Not me!"

I reported Sue once again for her nasty comments, right along with Rugr22. Of course, I sent them an email with the response I put in the forum, "Please stop ATTACKING me for no reason at all. I didn't do anything to you."

Then, I sent one to Loy Lawton, the UFO guide, about those two lowlifes. "Rugr22 AND Suziebloo is PERSONAL ATTACKING me for no reason at all. You need to talk to them. They are disrespecting me with their NASTY comments. I didn't do anything to Rugr22 AND Suziebloo. Please DELETE their posts too. Thanx for your help!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Oct 15, 2003, Wednesday


I woke up about 8:30 AM. I was so tired that I wanted to go back to sleep, but couldn't! The moment I woke up, it will be hard to fell asleep. I felt terrible too. Turning in my sleep is taking me away from a comfortable good night sleep. I hoped I go back to my unusally sleep pattern I grew up with - sleep on my stomach till I woke up! Turning makes me tired the moment I woke up. I really need my sleep again.

I watched the news for a while; the strikes was still happening. Then I watched Regis/Kelly. Kelly mentioned about the guy, Steve Bartman, who tried to catch the fowl ball in last night's game. She explained that any fan will do the same thing, it is human nature! That is the absolutely truth, all fans wants to catch a "homerun ball" even if it is a fowl too! I don't blame the fan whatsoever. Not many Chicago fans wasn't please with the fan. He was escorted out of the staduim; some threaten the beat him up. He feared for his life. I had a feeling that Steve will be a guest on Regis/Kelly!

I did an errand - DL money order. First, I ventured to Vons for pics of the strikes. Damn, I was shock! There wasn't lots of people on strike, only a few people. I wanted to take pics inside, but it slipped my mind! A worker was polite, "How was my day?" That was nice of her. She was in high spirits, despite the strike. I got a money order at Lucy's. I noticed the laundry's coin machine is for Lucy's customers! I always get my quarters at the laundrymat. Of course, it didn't stop me before! Hey, I need some quarters pretty soon; I will get them at Lucy's.

I went 7/11 for Milk. Mike C called me, I called him back on the way home. We talked about the strike. He was stuck at home and lonely! He believed we are in the Great Depression again. True! If more people goes on strike, we will be heading that way. People will lose jobs and be homeless! Some strikes are not good for the public. I promised I will call him back at 6 PM. Oops, I forgot!

I searched for a way to see The Dentist tomorrow at Noon.I may have a good chance. I really need to pick up my teeth. I waited for a long time for them. I could take a bus to Silverlake Blvd, walk the rest to Santa Monica/Vermont and catch the DASH bus up there. I may not go; it will be too much of a hassle. Maybe, I can go this Saturday with Mike.



This is Sue's first post EVER for UFO/Aliens on Sue personally ATTACKED me for my beliefs! She is a lowlife; she must live under a rock!


Well, you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!

There are no aliens, but there IS a God.

There is nothing wrong with being "wrong," but when you insist on putting your STUPID "poem" online, then there is plenty wrong.

And you certainly would not need to "copywrite" your stupid poem, either. NO ONE will encroach upon your stupidity.

: )


This was my response to lowlife, Sue! Yes, I called her a lowlife! LOL

I'm entitled to my BELIEFS!!

Please stop being HATEFUL!

AND please stop ATTACKING me!

Furthermore, don't call me "stupid" ever again!


Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Oct 14, 2003, Tuesday


Nothing much happened today; the boredom lives on!

I checked my phone messages; I returned Peter's phone call. We caught up, mostly about the strikes. It took Brian about SIX hours to go to college, mostly by the DASH buses. Peter doesn't know how Brian will get home tonight. If I was someone else, I will stay home during the strikes. It will get on my nerves trying to find a way to get somewhere. Brian might come over this evening which I doubt; somehow he got two flat tires on his bike. I think he ran over something.

Peter mentioned he watched Barbara Streisand on Oprah. He also loved Ellen too, it is very good. I watched the Ellen few times; I liked it very much. I don't have time for Ellen. I either watch Oprah or The Golden Girls at 3 PM. If Oprah doesn't interest me on that day, I will see my girls!

Well, I am thinking about walking halfway to Vermont/Sunset, then take the DASH bus to the dentist this Thursday. Or I take another route up there; walk by 101 to Western and contunie walking up there. Maybe, I take a cab, but they will be tie up at this moment. The news mentioned that people will pay $5 or $10 for a ride with strangers! Forget that! I won't do that at all. I will take the cab instead. We just can't trust some strangers whatsoever.

It depends on what I feel like doing - walking or just stay home from the dentist. What if they are not at work either. People has troubles getting to work. I can't walk that long; I get tire so fast that I won't be able to make it! I think it will take about TWO hours to the dentist. The appointment is at Noon; I have to leave by 9 AM. Of course, I will take a water bottle. Days like these, it is always best to bring some water.

Monday, October 13, 2003

MTA/Vons Strike

The Cardigans - Lovefool

I didn't do anything; that's the boring story of my so called life.

So, I will talk about MTA and Vons strike. Grocery store workers went on strike late Saturday amid disputes over health care coverage. The strike LOCK OUT Ralphs and Albertsons, whatever that means! Yes, I will cross the picket lines! No strike will turn me away. Hey, we got to buy groceries and ride the bus. When the times comes, I will get some groceries at Vons. Vons strike is on it's second day.

Vons is the main store I get my food; it is also the closet store by my place. Since MTA will go on strike by Midnight tonight, I will keep on shopping at Vons. I don't want to go elsewhere for the groceries. Both strike effects our daily lifes; we all can't live without both of them. We need the buses to get places like Vons or Ralphs.

Most friends ride the MTA; some goes to school faraway from home. I remembered the last time in 2000; I got around easier. I had a car. This time, it is different. I have to take bus. My denist appointment is this Thursday, Oct 16, at Noon. I may not make it afterall. I will have no ride, assuming the MTA will be on strike. I may cancel the appointment. I will be stuck like the rest of them. In a way, I was glad I don't volunteer somewhere. Hey, I may take a cab to the dentist and visit my friend, Taylor, closed by for the whole day. Perhaps, a movie with him. Then, I will take the cab at night.

Who gets hurts the most from the strikes is the CUSTOMERS! Yet, we got to SUFFER right beside the workers!

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Oct 12, 2003, Sunday

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

Nothing really happened today. I woke up about 9 AM. My friends may come over to watch Queer As Folk on Showtime. I can't tape anything from cable; no cable box. I wanted to tape QAF. I spent the day at home; cleaned the apartment. I don't want ther friends think I lived filthy. Child, I am nothing like my aunt. Karlena lived as a pig forever.

I remembered when Karlena lived at my grandma's; her bedroom/bathroom was so filthy. I just can't live that way. Somewhere decent, yet. Totally filth, no way! Her stuff was stack up high; you can't even walk in, nor the closet. You can barely get through the door. You need to climb over things. One time, my mother took pics of her room. Also, we found a dead rat too. As far I know, Karlena is still that way, filthy!

My childhood place, Karlena totally destroyed the house from all her filth. She doesn't care about the places she lived in. The city tored down my childhood place. That is how bad the place was. The last I know few years back, Karlena is doing the same thing to my dead grandma's place. I bet she destroyed that house too. My mom should sue her for destroying her property. My grandma left her house to my mom and the childhood house went to my aunt.

Oct 11, 2003, Saturday

South Park - My Name Is Timmy

I called Peter/Brian on the way to the bus stop. They already had plans, Brian's mom. Peter mentioned they should have leave early in the morning. It probably take them 2/3 hours on the bus. They will get home so late. Brian wondered how I was doing; we haven't talk in a while. They have been too busy with school. I invited them to spend the night tomorrow. I told them that I have cable now; Showtime! You know what that means! QUEER AS FOLK!

It's too bad that Queer As Folk is taking a break; I will tape those episodes when they returns. I haven't watch Season two. I watched Season One earlier this year. Brian/Peter brought the tapes over for me. My God! That show is addictive. I just can't get enough. All the characters I love, mostly the rebel, Brian! I want to have friends like them. I like the music too. GOOD NEWS! I just checked QAF schedule on Showtime! QAF returns tomorrow at 10 PM! Brian/Peter want to watch season three too.

They like Whoopie & Happy Family; those shows wouldn't last. No one is interest in them. They won't be on during November sweeps; signs of cancellation! I don't care for those shows. The main Tuesday show I watch is Frasier till American Idol and 24 returns to Fox.

I picked up my mail, paid for the PO box for a year, hang out at the book store for a while and brought myself another heater at Kmart for the bathroom. I was tired of taking the heater back and forth to the restroom! The heater worked pretty good. I waited for my money from the cashier; he didn't have any $20 on him. I got home, relax and played Warcraft. That was basicly my day!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Where's The Scandals??

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

It's all about me and then some! Gossip! Scandals! Juicy bits! Fun facts! Even the BIZARRE!

Where's The Scandals? Yes, I promised you some scandals about yours truly. The scandals will knock everyone off their feet. Perhaps, the police may come a knocking! I did some gruesome acts in my lifetime, nothing compared to Michael Alig, Amy Fisher and others. I came pretty close to their scandals. Then again, I was beyond trouble in my youth. I was somewhat destruction, yet I was still an Angel in everyone's eyes.

What's the first scandal I want to tell you? Hey, why don't we begin with my ex? We all know about him. I never mentioned to him or anyone about my HIV Status. Some friends knew, but I kept it away from Miguel! Even my friends didn't tell him either.

Say what? You hear it right! I never told Miguel in the beginning. I didn't want to - EVER! Some things was better left being unsaid. Why? Some people doesn't want to be involved with a HIV + person. I didn't want to take that chance. I wanted to be love no matter what. I wouldn't say I was desparate for love.

It doesn't matter if he knew about it or not. Hey, we met at the BATHHOUSE! He could have it before we met. We know what really happens at those kind of places, unsafe sex! We took a risk for love; we didn't care or ever talk about it before we moved in together. Love knows no bounds.

The day happened, he just got out of the hospital. In bed, we discussed about our lifes. He told me that he was HIV +, even his family still doesn't know about us. He wondered if I will leave him. I promised I wouldn't. He wanted to take an HIV test. I will, but didn't. A week later, I lied to him I took one and I FINALLY revealed I was HIV +. At least, he now knows the truth, but not all the truth! We hardly had safe sexl There no need for it.

To some people, not disclosing my HIV status to Miguel in the beginning is attempted murder. Was it?

Miguel, The Ex

Ricky Martin - She's All Ever Had

I met Miguel at Melrose Spa in Hollywood in December 1999. We took a liking to each other, mostly sex. That same night, he took me to his brother's on Crenshaw; he lived with them - Mike and him broke up a month earlier. He treated me really good - the movies, eating out and others. He even gave me a CD walkman and Cher's Believe the Sunday we went to Universal Studios; that was a nice suprise.

Suddenly, he wanted to live with me. I felt so uneasy about that. I only known him for a month. I didn't want to move from Richard's behind Food 4 Less; I was comfort. He found a single apartment on Gramercy, the same street I lived with Sydney. I gave it a shot with Miguel. I can't afford the rent; I could only paid the bills and groceries. The bills was in my name.

Olga let him use her old blue car. Jeff Ward stayed with us till he get his place on Gower, my old place. We had our first fight. I supposed to pick him up from work; the car broke down on Rosemore. He took the cab home; he was drunk and mad at me. I told him the bad news; he didn't believe me but Jeff did. I felt like I made a mistake of moving in.

Throughout the relationship, things went from bad to worse - mostly his drinking, hospital, sex with other men, drugs and missing. I had my share with the men too. The times I took him to work, I stayed at the bathhouse till he gets off! Why? I was unhappy with him; he pushed me away! I got tired of taking him to work all the time; Hello, I wanted to do something with my life, but never did. I escaped him on the web, my peace from him. I can't handle him any more. I did the Old Journal on the web.

At the end of 2001, he was in a bad car accident; Olga wanted no part of him; she came around. He lost the car, the job and his apartment. I ended up being homeless, thanx to him. He moved in with his sister in Whittier. That wasn't the end of us. :-(

Sweet Tan's email

REM - Losing My Relgion

Sweet Tan sent me this email; i think her opinion of Michael Alig is way off.

Self defense or being a drug addict. Michael Alig used people.

He never use people; he was a club promoter and worked at Limelight.

Just like you read about the murder. Well, you'are reading about him. Michael Alig killed Angel because he felt he was better and didn't have to pay for his drugs.

He never felt better than Angel. He didn't pay Michael rent; he helped himself to his drugs. Angel was the GREEDY one.

Michael Alig a role model. What about Charles Manson, Jack The Ripper? They felit like they didin't belong in society either. They felt out of place.

To their followers, James St James and him are indeed role models unlike them. Those two was beyond sick.

Have you tried of going to Gay/Lesbian Center to improve your life or just waiting till a guy gets out of jail. Oooh, maybe he'll talk to me. I'll pay his bills, let him live with me. Then I'll be popular and people will talk to meet me. It that you're about?

This isn't about me being popular. It's about a sense of belonging.

Some people work on themselves; try to improve themselves.

No one takes me serious, nor they understand me. Therefore, I belong in the Club Kids world.

Other people (Losers) will say to themselves: Ooh, maybe if I hang out with the right people; I will be someone. Their whole existence is based on who their friends with.

The nerve of her; she called me a damn loser! Man, she isn't that sweet! I don't have the need to be somebody if I depends on my friends. I much preferred friends with great personality and love. That's what I count on the most.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Thursday, Oct 9, 2003

REM - It's The End Of The World

Yesterday, I shopped for groceries at Vons. Miguel, my ex, called me; he has mail for me. He told me that I can come over at Noon today.

This morning, I woke up early about 5 AM for some strange reason. I checked my IMs. Vic sent me an IM; "Limelight and Michael Alig." I was about to send him an email; Vic sent me an IM; we talked for a while. He wanted me to meet someone; she knows Michael quite well. We said goodbye.

I watched Lifetime for a while; Designing Women, Golden Girls, Nanny & Mad About You. I felt like crap. I didn't want to wait till Noon. I went straight to Hollywood/Highland. I called Miguel; "Highland." He said I can come over. I knocked on his door. He didn't invite me in; He gave the letter and a bag! That bag mean one thing; our relationship is OFFICALLY over. Good riddance!

I was still feeling sick. The cold weather got to me out of the blue. I checked the bag at the subway; my shoes I left behind one year ago. I went straight home. I turned on the TV for my soaps and checked the IMs; two was from Vic and his friend. I sent them both emails; I will talk to them later. I checked her profile/web site. She is beautiful. I noticed Alien God on her web site. Then I checked out the journal. Hmm, a comment!

"I was part of the scene back in the Disco 2000 era at Limelight and knew Michael Alig. I understand your point about being accepted and I honestly have to say you have stolen my alien/god theory!!! LOL! Michael is supposed to be out in 2006....he wrote me in May and i have just sent him another letter a few days ago. An outlaw party should be given!"

I am interest of knowing her. We have the same theory about God; at least, we aren't alone in this world. Like I said before, our BELIEFS made us to be the person we are today. We will get along fabulous. We had something else in common besides Michael Alig.

I thought this was gonna be a short entry. LOL Well, I am still not feeling well. I am hot, cold, hot, cold and blah. I am heading back to bed. The Golden Girls will keep me company! hehe If I don't get better by tomorrow, I will see the doctors. Laters, guys!

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Michael Alig Obsession

REM - Shiney Happy People

"I admit searching "party monster" on AOL Journals...but you take the the obsession to a new level..." - Swirlywand.

Huh? Where did she got the "obession" ideal about Michael Alig and me? I talked about him in my journal a few times and that's about it. A few times doesn't make me so "obsession" about Michael Alig.

I truly found him fascination as much as James St James. They both brought a new world that didn't exsist before. They and their followers are known as The Club Kids, a world I truly felt I belong to. It was such a shame that I didn't move to NYC; I will have love being a club kid as fondly as being their friend.

Michael and James could have made a differance in my life; I will have felt that I belong somewhere with friends. All my life, I was......still outsider that nobody understand. I didn't have that many friends in school; I didn't belong at all. I am an alien to them; this alien was isolated from the world I lived in.

I was in a strange land that didn't accept me for who I was. The moment I saw Michael and James on Geraldo, I knew I found my place among the club kids. I didn't seek out clubland at all; the mothership transported me to Hollywierd, the land of the freaks. I made a choice of following my long time dream in Hollywood, but my heart remained in clubland.

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I was part of the scene back in the Disco 2000 era at Limelight and knew Michael Alig. I understand your point about being accepted and I honestly have to say you have stolen my alien/god theory!!! LOL!

Michael is supposed to be out in 2006....he wrote me in May and i have just sent him another letter a few days ago. An outlaw party should be given!

Comment from marefrogger - 10/9/03 9:51 AM

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Prison Address

Boy George - The Crying Game

I have such FAGULOUS NEWS to share! Some of you already know from my updated profile! LOL. I find a club kids group; Michael's best friend, Tamkees, put his prison address in the post! Whoopie! I was so darn happy that I finally got the address. I searched all day and finally found it tonight. That shows us that we could do anything on the web!

Michael Alig
Attica Correctional Facility
P. O. Box 149
Attica, NY 14011

Any Michael Alig fan can write to him in prison. Sure, I will sent him a very indept letter about my so called life. I will keep on writing till he agreed to visit me in Los Angeles. I just can't wait to see him in person. After a week with me, Michael would probably take me away from my boredom and teach me how to be a club kid!

I sent Tamkees an email, "Hello, sweetness! Did u know when Michael will get out of prison? I will love to have him to visit me for a week in Los Angeles. I always wanted to meet Michael. Laters"

I hoped Tamkee respond to me soon, I'm dying to know when Michael gets out of prison! I bet he can't wait either! I read that he read all his mail and even respond to all of them. Hey, he will write back! These days, he took up art to pass up time. I have never saw his art yet. Wouldn't you know? Michael and I has something else in common; we are both artists!

For sure, when he gets out of prison, he would be a full time artist. He should be. I bet he had gotten quite good in prison. Sure, lots of people want to buy his art; that's will be a nice living for him. Maybe, he probably stay in NYC to be an artist. LA has nothing much going on for artists. I have been here for 8 years. So far, nothing at all. Oh well, I will always have the web for my art. I was in no hurry to be famous!

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1) unfortunatly, micheal has a limited amount of stamps and envelopes per month so it does take him a while to write back...BUT HE WILL WRITE BACK!! I have been writing to Micheal for about a year now and he has responded to every letter. And so has his mom. We have become a happy little family. Ha Ha.... Ok. Well have a good day!

Comment from bevo1979 - 10/11/03 4:09 PM

2) I admit searching "party monster" on AOL Journals...but you take the the obsession to a new level...

wow. werk!

Comment from swirlywand - 10/7/03 1:48 PM

Monday, October 06, 2003

Why On Earth?

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire

This morning, I stayed in NYC M4M Now chat; I knew someone will IM me about Michael Alig. Hey, I got nothing to lose. Michael lived in NYC; he still know some people in the area. I was bound to talk with someone sooner or later. I got an IM from East4Fun, "why on earth would you want to write to Michael Alig???" We did the email thing for a while.

No special reason. I like him since I saw him on Geraldo. He seems interesting to know. I wished I tape the Geraldo episode with the club kids! I always wanted to be like Michael.

You wanted to be a drug addicted murderer??? I used to be friends with him before he went crazy. I was one of the club kids. He used to be a lot of fun back in the day.

I don't mean a drug addicted murderer, just a club kid. The club kids had so much fun. I heard lots of stories of the Limelight and Michael. I wanted to go clubbing at Limelight, but I have never had a chance for the Limelight or be a club kid. Yesterday, I finally saw Party Monster with a friend. I really like them movie very much. Last month, I saw Mac and Michael on 20/20. Michael's life still interests me after all these years.

The movie was a chronological nightmare - totaly out of order. It really wasn't as much fun as it seems. The free ecstacy was nice through. :) I wish I had an excuse to dress up these days.

Have you ever saw the Party Monster documentary? It came out in 1998. I wanted to see that too. I may get the book by his friend, James St James. Drugs never interest me whatsoever. I reall don't need drugs for a mess up life. hehe. Well, babe, we alwyas have Halloween. LOL. Maybe, I should be a club kid this halloween! Hmm, just call me "Michael's sick tristed twin" for Halloween! lol

Brian Orter

Spice Girls - 2 Becomes 1

This morning, I searched for something to read about Michael Alig, the king of the Club Kids. After the movie I saw yesterday, I wanted to know more about him; some news articles. Damn, it was hard to get information; most web sites was about the movie, Party Monster!

I hoped I could find something with Michael and Geraldo Rivera; even that, I failed miserable! With Geraldo, it could shed some light on Michael! Boy, I was wrong. There wasn't nothing about those two together! Michael got my attention on The Geraldo Show and ever since then, I wanted to be like Michael. It was such a shame that I didn't tape the Club Kids episode. I think I write to Geraldo for a copy of the episode.

What this got to do with Brian Orter? Well, Michael and Brian has a strange connection through Party Monster! It's even stranger with Anne Rice being involved! Got that? LOL The search came up with his website. I clicked on the link. Wow, he was also hired to do publicity stills for the independent film 'Party Monster', the real-life story of New York club kid turned killer Michael Alig. For the shoot, Orter recreated one of Michael Alig's original party promotion posters with the film's stars Maculay Culkin and Chloe Sevigny.

I read that Brian lives with his boyfriend, the best selling novelist Christopher Rice, and divides his time between LA and New York. I was curious about Chris. I clicked on his site. Low and behold, I was way beyond suprised! Anne Rice's web was there too. It dawned on me that Anne Rice is Chris' mother! I knew her son was gay; some friends told me. I sent Chris and Anne an email separately. They won't get back to me anytime soon. They both have busy lifes unlike me.

My Profile

Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do

I changed My AOL Profile a little bit; nothing big, of course. "Does anyone know the fagulous club kid, Michael Alig (Party Monster) address at the prison? I am interesting of writing to him. James St. James will be okay too."

So badly, I want to get in touch with Michael. I had a feeling that he will lightened up my world. He was the only one who CAN do. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't depending on him; just a nudge to get me going - have fun with life - a real club kid I could be proud of.

That's a job for the king of the clubs kids. Hey, James St James helped him to be the club kid that Michael is. I want the same help from Michael! I know he won't let me down! I need Michael in my life. That wasn't too much to ask! If I knew James's email, I will write to him too. With both of them help, I got it made!

Come to think of it, I don't think James want no part of Michael. Yes, James made him to be the king of the club kids. In return, James got himself a book out of his relationship with Michael. If I was Michael and James, I wouldn't be mad at all. They both made each other FAMOUS! That is something I could live with. I wouldn't complain; they both went on the same ride in clubland.

Party Monster 10/5/03

20 Fingers - Short Dick Man

Last month, I mentioned I wanted to see Party Monster with Macaulay Culkin. I wasn't sure about that movie; Brian told me that it wasn't that good unless the movie interest me. The heck it did! I love Michael Alig! I wanted to be just like him! He is what I need in my BORING life.

Yesterday afternoon, Mike called me about Party Monster at ArcLight Cinema; Boy, God gave me another chance! He picked me up during All In The Family after he washed clothes. We took the highway to Sunset. He showed me that the former Fox 11 building was tore down! DAMN! That was new. I didn't know they will do that. A new high school will take its place. We parked on the street by the banks. Double DAMN! I just realized the building is up on Vine/Sunset. Man, they do fast work! Triple DAMN! I need to get out more. I was missing alot in LA! See, my life is so freaking boring!

He got us tickets, popcorn and coke! We sat in the middle, my fave area. Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green was excellant! For sure, I will get it on video, maybe I buy the book too. I still want to see Party Monster documentary some day. I was happy that I finally saw Party Monster. It was, by far, the best return to the movies for Mac. The moment I heard he was coming back, I wanted to see that movie since Day one!

I was really lost touch with the world. I hardly know the happenings in town. That is the story of my life. Last month, I realized on 20/20 that Mac will be Michael Alig, the same guy I haven't hear anything about since the last time I saw him on Geraldo. I don't keep up with the news at all. The news is depressing. I mostly like shady characters like Amy Fisher, Michael Alig and others. I was drawn to those kind of people.

The Date That Wasn't

Ready For The World - Oh Sheila

I supposed to have a date with Sly on 10/4/03. I have no ideal what time he will pick me up. We didn't discuss the time; it was this past Saturday. I assumed it will be after his bike ride in the morning. He needs about 45 minutes to get to LA; he lived in Riverside.

We both agreed to meet on Saturday. I want to get it over with as soon as possible. He wants me to go with him to Big Slur for his bike ride race. I just want to meet him first. Hey, we may not like each other from the get go. I didn't want to go on a trip with an unknown stranger.

Then again, he wasn't a stranger. We met on AOL last month; he was so into this alien species! LOL. I think the trip is fagulous as long we hit it off. I normally don't go on trips with a stranger. Oops, that was a lie! In the early 90's, I met Ralph at a sleazy Dallas club, Big Daddy's. Soon after, he just invited me to go with him to New Orleans for a week. It was my first time to go. I didn't passed up the chance!

I might as well go with Sly to Big Slur. It wasn't any differance between Ralph and Sly. Then another time, I stayed with a black guy for a week after I just met him; no one knew where I was. My roomie filed on missing person report on my ass! Oops!

Damn, I just missed Sly online; played Warcraft 2. I read his email; he took a friend to the ER after the bike accident. He wondered if we were still on. I sent him a email, "I will love to, but I just ate supper an hour ago. I thought u didn't want to eat at a restuarant this evening. The accident changed our plans for this evening. We could do it some other time. It wasn't meant to be."

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Oct 4, 2003, Saturday

Billy Ray Cyrus - Archy Breaky Heart

This morning, I got up early....all lies, Mary,all lies.....really,I woke up at the normal time I always do!I checked my email; "R u up?" from Sly. I was too busy playing Warcraft 2 till 1 AM.I tried to wait up for Sly for a quick chat. I got down and dirty with Warcraft! I missed him online.
So, I send him a few IMs; he was still bike riding. I have no ideal of the time he want to pick me up today. I waited till 10:30 AM then I left for my mail. I got the Being Alive Calender; Hmm, I think I checked out the events. I hardly go to any of them. The last time was with Paul last summer at the picnic in the Weho park.

I got on the 304 bus to Fairfax; I just didn't want to go home. It was early in the day; the weather was great for The Grove. I used the restroom at Barnes & Noble. I saw the sign with Victoria Rowell, Dru from Y&R; she will be there for a Diagnosis Murder book signing this Tuesday. I may go for some pics of her!

I searched for the bag all over the mall. Gap has a pretty good bad. I didn't like the design. So, I went to Rose For Less and Kmart again. No luck whatsoever. I took the bus to the subway then the Latino place across from Union Station for the bag. Still, I had no luck. I mostly saw purses. For a few minutes, I saw the indians danced. I noticed that they danced on their feet, no shoes! Damn, I just couldn't do that. My feet will hurt shortly!

I went home to rest. I was so tired from walking; my feet hurts! Today like yesterday, I got Tetris three times! I was quite good at Tetris now. The Tetris will take me over 30 minutes tops! I played Warcraft 2 as I rested!

Old Journal

Robert Miles - Children

Old Journal is finally on the web since last week. I forgot to mention it! Oops!

The old journal was based on my so called relationship with my ex lover. I did the journal for one sole reason - reaching out for some kind of help. Our love was fading fast which really drove my insanity and happiness up the wall! It gave me an outlook outside of the relationship on the web.

The journal was what I need during the rough times; it was my peace and comfort. I didn't want to bother my friends with the problem. They couldn't do that much for me. Few people online told me that I should move out. I wished I can. I don't have that kind of money to afford an apartment. So, I was stuck with him for the time being.

At the end, Miguel was in a terrible car accident for the upteenth time. He lost the car, his job at Party Staff and the apartment within three months time in late 2001. Thanx to him, I became homeless once again. He moved in with his sister in Whittier.

I was so desperate from getting away from him. I lied to his family that I went to San Diego with a friend, Richard. Sometimes, we need to lie! That is the God honest truth. The hell he put me through, I want no part from him any more. I didn't want to be homeless in LA again; I moved to SanFran for a week. SanFran was tougher than I thought. I went back to LA to start all over.

Beer Coming To Movie Theatres?

Annie Lennox - Sweet Dreams Are Made OF This

What in the world the movie theatres coming to? Up north, Canada's largest movie theatre chain wants to sell beer, wine and coolers in its 18 theatres in British Columbia. The sale of beer and wine is common at movie theatres in Europe and parts of the United States. Say what!?! Child, that is the biggest mistake in movie history. No man wants to hear loud rudeness at the movies. We came there for the movies, not the damn beer.

We know how people get when they drink beer. It will lead to some discomfort for the movie goers. Few years back, My ex boyfriend and me was at the movies. These two obnoxious guys was so freaking drunk that they were loud and noisy. No one had a fun time, some of us even complained. They were a pain throughout the movie. It was very hard to enjoy the movie and keep up with the movie.

I never ever want to go through that again! If people wants to drink, go to the damn clubs. That is what the clubs are for! People come to the movies to relax and have a FUN TIME! The movie goers need to make a stand against selling beer at the movies. Beer will lead to problems, like fights and sexual misbehavior; people will stop going to the movies altogether! One of these days, someone will get kill! You heard it first from me!

Do we really need BEER at the movies? I think not! I am against it. All the movie theatre wants to stay afloat. We all know the snacks, drinks and the tickets are too damn expensive! I really don't think that we need beer at all. They are doing just fine with the refreshments and the tickets.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you left in my journal! You certainly have some thought provoking issues here in your journal . I certainly can't warm up to the idea of what might happen beer, wine etc. available at the movies!

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Thursday, October 02, 2003

October 2, 2003

Annie Lennox - Walking On Broken Glass

I went to see Alex at Path about DWP. I just signed in and waited over an hour. I saw Sam was still working there. Sam didn't saw me. Alex didn't came to the waiting area for the peeps. I wondered what's up with that. I checked things out in the hallway by getting a cup of water. Yes, I was one sneaky fox! LOL I noticed they blocked the window; nobody could see the desks. I went back to the waiting area and asked for Alex. The workers didn't have the slightest ideal who Alex was. It was before their time; they are new.

This friendly black worker (who I forget his name) asked me if I remember him. Yes, I do. He wondered why I was there. I explained that I want to visit Alex; I have no clue she doesn't work there anymore. He confirmed she doesn't. I mentioned I don't need any help. I went on the way to the subway, pondering to pick up the mail or find the bag. The train arrived from downtown; I took it to Vine/Hollywood.

Much to my surprised, I ran into Robert, who picked up his meds. We were happy to see each other. He loked different, goat tee and skinny. We talked for a while - 1) the computer just died; he will take it to Gateway. He had one month left on the service. 2)Taylor has a new boyfriend. His business partner embezzled some money from their company. Huh? Where did Taylor got the money to start his own company? None of his friends have that kind of money. 3) I will finally get new teeth in two weeks; the other dentist didn't do their damn job. I supposed to get it last year. They are so lazy! 4) Sean was still moving. He was being hateful to Robert; Sean wants to fool around with other men behind Robert's back. Robert doesn't care; he knew that for a while! 5) Robert mentioned he print out the DWP email, I explained i won't get credit. He will do his best to fix the problem for me. Seven months will help me in the long run!

I picked up my mail; cashed the check, paid the gas bill; Kmart for shaving cream and something to remain bald - I forget what to get! Then I got a money order at Lucy's for rent and finally home! I just found out in the mail that my rent went down. Oops! There was nothing I can do about the money order! LOL I was too tired from Today's runarounds! I mostly relax and watched TV! That was my day! So, how was your day?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Discipline Dream

Crucified - Army Of Lovers

Yesterday - I was on the way to the bus stop. Yes, I was that poor that I don't even buy my own monthly bus pass! LOL I noticed that two guys was cleaning the street, both wearing a "discipline" Dream Center black shirt! I found that very odd; "discipline" shirt. That doesn't make any sense at all.

What prompt the guys to be discipline by the Dream Center? It couldn't be volunteer work. No other church I know of does that to the other Christians! I hoped I didn't get into something bad with that place. Damn, what if they discipline me too? Dear Lord! It can't happen. I don't cause any trouble to anyone or trouble attracts me. I stay out of trouble and mostly kept to myself.

I found being discipline by Dream Center very disturbng. It was kinda like a cult of some sort! With the discipline, the center can control the people. I don't think that too much freedom. We all know what cults can do. David Koresh was a perfect example. He controlled his people in Waco; they even died for him! That was so sickening!

If I "volunteer" at the center, I won't wear the damn discipline thirt. I won't give them control over my life. God doesn't control his peeps, he gave us choices! I won't be trap by them. I will be my own man. At least, everyone can read this entry. Hmm, hey, I could go undercover and spill the beans on that "cult" Dream Center! Discipline is some kind of punishment!

I just realized that I saw the same "discipline" people cleaning the streets every few weeks. The next time, I think i will talk to one of them about the discipline shirt. I won't let them sweet talk me into joining the cult. I will play it smoothly and keep my guard up at all times! The main question, "Why do they have Discipline on their shirt?"