Wednesday, August 17, 2005

8/17/05 Wednesday


Peter woke up me early about 6:50 AM. He wanted to know if I wanted to see a early movie with him about a zebra and the stripes. I passed. I was still tired. I tried to go back to sleep. It was hard! Once I am awake, my day begins.

I put my new movie, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, in the DVD. Peter called me during the movie. He wanted to come over for a while. I stopped the DVD. I figured he want to watch the same movie. I had some eggs and toast for breakfast. I smoked outside. Chuck need my last three bank statements; the guy haven't recieve anything from the bank. I found my statements. I looked for Chuck. He saw me from upstairs. I gave him the statements. Chuck needs to make some copies.

Peter scared the living daylights out of me. Peter was in a girlie voice, "How is your day coming along?" I didn't expect him too soon. Chuck returned my statements. I showed Peter The Midnight Mission poem. He asked, "What brought it on?" I mentioned that a neighbor wanted to eat at a mission yesterday for supper. I brought up my ordeal with the homeless shelter. Last night, I did the poem. I sent the shelter my poem! LOL

Peter and I watched Priscilla. He really like the movie. It was his time to see it. Brian haven't see the movie either. He mentioned he want to take the movie home later on today. I smoked again. Peter took a nap. I played Diablo 2 till Peter gave the game a try. He had a name in my account. Hours laters, Peter was getting good.He was getting use to the game.

The mailman knocked on my door. All right! My movies came! I was disappointed. All the movies was there except ONE - Pink Flamigo. I really wanted that movie. Peter mentioned I need to tell Columbia House. Peter continued playing Daiblo 2. Micky called me; he wanted to say hi. I told him that a friend and I was going to watch a movie. Micky hung up the phone; he didn't want to intrude my time with a friend.

I cooked Tuna Helper. Peter was still playing the game. The food was done. I asked, "Do you want some food?" Peter wasn't sure; he may eat out with Brian. I ate my food. Brian called Peter; they were going to eat supper together. Peter went to meet him somewhere. I had another helping of food. I watched The Jeffersons season 1, then Desperate Living. I did my journal. Good night.

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